eCom Profit Sniper Review – Totally “Honest Inside Look!”

This eCom Profits Sniper Review comes to you because I did set up a Shopify Account for myself two years ago.

Take a look at the eCom Profit Sniper program in the video below. Before you buy  eCom Profits Sniper.

Inside the eCom Profits program you won’t find but a brief over view of the hundreds of details you will need to know before creating your Shopify account and store. 

If you are wanting great information on setting up your shopify store. See the link below that will help you do it all for FREE. 

Inside the program you’ll see why this product won’t work as well as described and why it won’t be profitable for you at all.

I can base an honest review here on my past experience of knowing exactly what it takes to create a shopify store and why Profit Sniper will not help much. But it is only $37 bucks. 

So you could perhaps get it the return it once you find out the training inside is just not as helpful an asset to have as they insist.

Product Summary:

There is many reasons to trust my reviews here. I have students who rely on me to be honest within any training module I find. 

By telling the truth about what works and what doesn’t, you can see that by saving your money you can now invest it more wisely into the few products that do work and that I recommend. 


Tom Parker-Robin Mac 



What Is eCom Profit Sniper About?

The training inside the program is done in video. Ecom Profit Sniper is a brief outline of what the steps are to set up your eCom Profits Sniper Account. 

You’ll end up being a big confused as to the details that are left out in which you do need to know and understand to fully set up an accurate Shopify Store. 

However the programs sales pages are inaccurate in that they are stats that do not take into account the costs of doing such a drop shipping business. So heavily inflated. 

I think I earned only $45.00 my first month with my Shopify store and I spent $200 on Facebook ads trying to sell my one product I had listed. So I see misleading numbers here within the advertisements. 

Don’t allow yourself to be mislead. Keep researching and even subscribe to a couple of review writes YouTube channels so you can get the inside scoop!

eCom-Profit-Sniper-sales-invoice-$44,000 dollars

Trust me on this. These figures are inflated for sure. Especially for a new store opening as they suggest it is. Even so you cannot justify this is all profit. As most spend money to run Facebook ads so they can get visitors to their stores. 

Where do you think the traffic comes from. That means even if these figures were correct…They didn’t reduce any amount from this number which would be cost to run the store, paid ads and other expenses incurred in shipping costs. 

What’s Inside eCom Profit Sniper

The Training is segmented into 4 parts

Part 1 – Introduction:

  • Lesson 1: Shopify Setup
  • Lesson 2: Image Hunting
  • Lesson 3: Settings Note Slides
  • Lesson 4: Shopify Settings in Action
  • Lesson 5: Theme Notes Slides
  • Lesson 6: Theme Settings in Action

Part 3 – Adding Collections & Products:

  • Lesson 1: Adding Oberlo Extension
  • Lesson 2: AliPay and Oberlo
  • Lesson 3: Collection Creation
  • Lesson 4: Adding Products

Part 2 – Categories & Products:

  • Lesson 1: Category Selection Slide
  • Lesson 2: Product Finding

Part 4 – Facebook:

  • ​​​​Lesson 1: Facebook Page
  • Lesson 2: Facebook Post
  • Lesson 3: Facebook Pixel

eCom profit sniper sales stats

Is eCom Profit Sniper A Scam?

The program does not appear to be that they are trying to scam anyone here. If eCom Profit Sniper were labeled a scam it would be because of the  over exaggerated stats being shown.

Which it should be illegal to post such unless you could prove that it was a real store earning real revenue.

But in internet marketing you are always going to get people exaggerating their claims. It is a selling point.

Even so it is being fake, or lying about your results. Which should be against the law even here on the internet.

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How Much Does eCom Profit Sniper Cost?

The course put together for setting up a Shopify store is only $37 dollars. Yet even still, you can get this same information below where I posted the link for ShopAFree below. 

Certainly the money is not much to spend on training that you need. The only problem is there is limited training. 

To get legit and real eCom Shopify store training can cost you upwards to ten thousand dollars. I myself paid a mentor $4500 dollars to help me set up my store. 

And I did all the work! You will find that spending more money than just $37 is advisable. As you will need a better understanding of selling with a Shopify store than is given here in ecom Profit Sniper.

What I Thought About The Training

The training over all was just okay. The problem with it lies in not having enough of it to even get started. It is why I recommend to you to go to ShopAFree.ME


As a ex Shopify owner and store seller. I find this to be very limited training. You will need a bundle of everything that is offered today to help you run your store. 

Set up is quite easy and you can learn that just by going to Shopify and signing up for their least amount monthly payment option. 

What I Did Like About The Training

The information within this program training is very easy to understand, yet it is limited in its entirety. There’s plenty of instruction for just going over the basics.

However you will need more than just the basics to set up a correct Shopify store and to understand all the added software tools you will also need.

The training shows very few of the extensions one truly needs with Shopify. And many of these are monthly paid extensions you cannot do without.

Find products for your store in minutes?

The do talk about Oberlo, however it is a necessity extension to be able to move your product listings from your distributor to your store. 

However you can only move products using Oberlo that has been set up within a distribution store. You cannot use it at all distribution centers. 

Oberlo lets you find products for your Shopify store. It is a free extension. Or was.  Used to copy and paste product to your Shopify store.

But there are many extensions you will be needing that cost you/Some or free. Get 20 or so apps to help you in Shopify

Also get the training you need for FREE AT SHOPAFREE.ME

You’ll also need a cart app that lets you know when someone has visited their shopping cart but has not yet purchased.

Sending a reminder to empty their cart or finish check out is a plus!

You do get some instruction on how and why you need Oberlo. I used it and it does work. Yet it is free. 

And more instruction that skims the surface of other aps and how to use Alipay and AliExpress.

Lots of training on how to use Facebook as well, and set up your account. Yet Facebook is a whole new animal you will need to learn so it can be effective. 

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

Anytime your education is limited or you don’t have everything under one roof you will find it very frustrating to have to go find the added information that wasn’t added.

They do not cover everything you need to be aware of. Nor do they show you where to get the added knowledge you will need to make Shopify work. 

It is why I chose to get a mentor that helped me get my store set up, showed me just which extensions were needed and then how I was to use Facebook to do paid ads so I could easily see which products were getting the most clicks and sales on my Shopify.

eCom profit sniper sales stats

Before you jump into Shopify. Consider yourself as a refund personal sitting at your computer all day. Consider yourself not making any profit for six months. 

Also consider that you will need to put lots of money into the business for it to ever have visitors. And then figure at least a year to start earning $100 dollars per week profits. 

Then ask yourself if you are sure you want to work 7 day weeks for the next year? I’ve done this. I know.

Will eCom Profit Sniper Help Make Money?

I must add here that I had difficulty even with a mentor and made very few sales even with a mentor. If you think you can do it with just eCom Profit Sniper you will be sadly mistaken. 

Setting up and running a Shopify store is a ton of work just to get things right. If you don’t get things right, Com Profit will not help you fix your mistakes. 

The product may even cause you to make mistakes that can costs you hundreds. Perhaps thousands of dollars. 

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Would I Recommend You Buy eCom Profit Sniper?

This product would be much better if it was had more advance material for you to learn. The basics is okay to learn, but just be certain you will need much much more information. 

Please try and get that information for free at before you continue your learning and yearning.

Is Drop shipping is Legit

However I would not recommend using eCom Profit Sniper. Remember, I’ve had a Shopify account and failed at making it work. 

I also had lost of refunds that I had to process. So you really do need added extensions to help you do all the work involved.

Which is the very things that are left out of the training in eCom Profit Sniper.

Conclusion: Don’t think just because somebody tells you they are earning $40k a month at Shopify, that they really are.

It is easy to fake stats such as these. In fact these didn’t add up to what I know is true earnings from having a store. 

Even if this shopify store was legit. You could not base the results on someone just now starting one. Not at all. It is nothing buy hype from what we detect and the information inside is limited. 

Stay far away from this product: eCom Profit Sniper. You’ve been Sniped if you buy it!

See my #1 product below and you will be well on your way to earning income long before you are losing money with a new Shopify store.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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