Employment is a Trick!


Employment is a Trick, but there are Easy Ways-Make Money


earth globeToday in the world of worker bees, you will find mostly, worker bees. Not bees really, but huge numbers of human beings working their little pants off in the pursuit of survival, only. But there are easy ways to make money.  Keep reading.

 Not the pursuit of happiness. Heavens no. Today we call it merely survival and it has been that way for a very long time. Generations have lived to work,  to survive in a human rat race all the way to their very grave.  Serving up sweat from the brow and pain from birth.

 Literally millions and millions of these human workers spend most of their waking hours, working to make a living, (survival). The majority live pay check to pay check and from pay check to pay check, and so on.  I think you know where we are headed with this.


Our Life Is Over


When we finally stop long enough to look up from our hard labor of which we have been serving up for years, we see an extremely ugly video playing over and over again.  A black and white tail of our existance which has no color. The video becomes one of you, I and everyone else with their mouths full open at the realization we’ve been scammed in a worldly way.

 Yes, Scammed for no better word. We have some how gotten ourselves into this routine of constantly having to work.  Not because we want to, but we see now, with our minds eye that we have been set up with a continual cycle of nothing but work.


Don't get Burned.
Don’t get Burned.

Someone has delivered us to the labor pits of hell, only to grant us a meagor pay scale for our trouble, which will never quench our desire of the heart, much less earning a decent living.   Companies all over the world know how to arrange it so all of us will be back on Monday.  They have this down to a science now.  From the very first generations this deceptive plan has been to create the human rate race.  Worker bee’s for an eternity, plus.

 How does it work you ask? When you get up to go in to work on a Monday, you’ve told yourself all weekend that you didn’t want to return. However we realize we have to work in order to pay the bills.  Because, just last week our pay check was the perfect amount in which to satisfy most of our bills and expenses.   Leaving only enough gas money to get back to work, starting the process all over again.

Our checks are never enough, never ever, never ever…Of course not.  These checks are never enough, that is their key.  Never quite enough, just almost.  They never are enough and they never will be enough.  Not as long as we continue watching the same life video.   So therefore Monday comes again for everyone because they are needing more money, and off to work we go.

That is their system! Anyone can see how this system would not work if in fact our weekly pay check took care of everything we needed and desired that week, and for a few days more. If that were the case, would we be at work first thing Monday morning?


The System Works Well… Like a Machine


Life has a hold on us.
Life has a hold on us.

The system has been worked out where an employer pays you enough to barely get by for one week at a time. Thus the dreaded Monday. Can you picture coming up on a Monday and having several thousands of dollars in your pocket?

Would Monday be a dread suddenly, or would it become an extended weekend? Or possibly a pleasure cruise.  So, we dread Mondays because we have to go back to work, whether we want to or not. And that continues the dreaded cycle for the rest of our life. Until death do we part.

 Everyone knows about this system.  We are paid just enough to keep us working.  That’s it.  But what if we could manage to change the system, reverse it somehow? Or just suddenly change directions which would take us down a different path with a different, more acceptable system? What if there was a way to break away from our destined course completely? Is it even possible? Should we dare intertain such a thought?


Easy Ways-Make Money




Yes it is possible today. There is a better way down life’s path.  And easier ways to make money. You can start by making money online like I do.  I myself broke away from the path I was on and so can you.  Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate.

Go here to read this review on the Wealthy Affiliate Program. It is only one of a few programs that will enable you to break this work routine you are in.  The Wealthy Affiliate Program is a guiding light beckoning in the darkness with opportunity of financial freedom from the rat race we’ve been stuck in for years.  Or should I say all our lives.


So, if you are worn out, and tired of going no where.  You can change your way of thinking and become successful today.  You obviously cannot expect your life to change if you continue working in this same routine, right?  So, do you really have anything to lose by making a quick change to better your self today?


Check out Wealthy Affiliate today.  Change your stars!  Thousands of members cannot be wrong.

My name is Rick Bell, the founder of Downhill Money and here to help others become online success’s!  Change your starts today.  Join US!

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  1. Cindy

    I recently retired after almost 40 years in health care. I certainly liked many parts of my career. I experienced much self-satisfaction from helping others. It wasn’t until I retired, that I realized the toll that I paid. I was always under stress even though I practiced various techniques to protect myself. My life pretty much consisted of working, getting chores done, and sleeping. For my last job, I received a 2% raise per year which did not cover the increases in the cost of living. I had no true power to make changes within the system.

    Now that I am retired, I am free! It is a most miraculous experience! I am filled with job, relaxed, and enjoy.

    • Rick

      I think we have all been scammed to a point with employment in our lives.
      Let us get passed this problem and do what we wish, instead!

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