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Pyramid Schemes Aren’t All About The Egyptians – Empower Network Pyramid Scam Exposed



empower network pyramid scheme
Many “All-In’s” went “all broke”

Name: Empower Network

Website: www.empowernetwork.com

Price: $25 big ones a month – and the price is rising every day

The Head Honchos: David Wood and David Sharpe

Overall Rating: Bring Out The Rotten Tomatoes – 10 out of 100


Is Empower Network A Scam? – What It’s All About


At lot of folks don’t know it, but there was a real person behind the all-too-often-used pejorative in the business world. The Ponzi scheme. Charles Ponzi was an Italian business man and con artist that set up an illegal investment structure around the buying and selling of United States postage in the early 1900’s.

The new investor money in the classic Ponzi scheme goes not back to investing in the company but into paying off previous investors. As we all know, it’s a house of cards.

is empower network a scam
Empower Network questions

And again, as we are all to aware of, the Internet and electronic marketing have made modern-day Ponzi schemes the every day norm.

Many, if not most, aren’t technically illegal, but do feature the basic structure of the pyramid scheme, where most of the value flows upward to the top.

 So, back to Empower Network. What exactly is it and does Empower Network work? Is it a product? Well, yes and no. It is a product in the sense that it is something you pay for. And by “pay for”, I do mean dearly. It is very expensive to join, and it might be worth the hefty costs if were something truly useful.


Empower Network review.


An Empower Network Deal?
An Empower Network Deal?

But beyond the cost, the key thing to remember is that it is primarily a pyramid scheme, which means once you pay the big entry ticket, the only way you can derive value from Empower Network is by recruiting other suckers below you to pay their entry fees And so on and so on.


Alarm bells! That’s the very definition of a pyramid scheme.

Think of the gals who hold makeup parties and hope to drive a pink Cadillac someday. The only difference is that that party is held in cyberspace instead of your living room. The company’s credibility speaks for itself:

  • Merchant account folks like Paypal and major credit cards won’t touch them.

  • Google won’t rank them for even their most prized key words.

With that said, let’s try to be objective about Empower Network. This article is designed as a comprehensive Empower Network Review.


A Few Pros And Cons


Pros –

  • Well, the pros are few and far between, but the truth is that you can learn a good deal about internet marketing. You’ll pay dearly for it with the Empower Network ripoff, and you’ll mostly learn what not to do.


Cons –

  • PYRAMID SCHEME – You only make money by recruiting other well-intended marketers

  • Virtually impossible to figure out the business scheme. When you do, it’s too late. You’ve already forked over the hard-earned money

  • The only way to succeed is to relentlessly recruit new members and terrify those in your downline. Not a real honest or enjoyable way to live.

  • You may find your self spending up to $5 grand on the whole program – with no chance of success. Remember, most of that money is flowing up and out of your pocket.

  • Want to contact the owners? Good luck on that one. Virtually unreachable – unlike the guys at my favorite program here.


Bottom line – you’ll most likely never recover your money, unlike with one of my favorite internet marketing programs. Get more info on that here. At the Wealthy Affiliate Review News.


So Who Can Benefit From Empower Network?


The short answer is very few. Remember that it is first and foremost a pyramid scheme. The only “marketing system” about it is in recruiting others in your downline. And you can do that with any system in the real world – selling cosmetics, herbal products, sports equipment. You name it! It’s all about pressuring people to join and selling them on “the dream”. That’s the essence of the Empower Network scam.



Training And Tools – What Are They And Do They Even Exist?


pyramid scheme
Empower Network Levels you!

There are various training tools in the Empower Network. And they will all cost you dearly as they all come at increasing price points.

The really strange thing about this part of the program is that you have to bring in more people in your downline to get access to the “training”.

Again, this reeks of a pyramid scheme. Doesn’t it make sense for any reputable program to have the tools and training available up front to offer its members the best chance of success?

It’s very different from one of the most open and successful online programs you’ll find here.



Support – Just Like Training — $$$


So how much does Empower Network cost? As with Empower Network’s training, if you want support, you’ll have to pay extra. And most of the time you cannot even get it. There’s no access to the owners and there’s no community to get advice from and tips.

Again, a big RED FLAG.


And Last But Not Least….Price


If you’ve read this far, I think you definitely get the idea regarding price. But here’s the rundown:

  • Blogging — $25/month

  • E-wallet — $19.99/month

  • Inner Circle — $100/month

  • Costa Rica Session — $500/one-time payment

  • The 15K Formula — $1000/one-time payment

  • Monsters Retreat — $3500/one-time payment

WHEW!!!! That’s a lot of bread.


Let’s compare a real program that is legit with Empower Network.



There is No comparison. Wealthy Affiliate Wins.
There is No comparison.
Wealthy Affiliate Wins.


Or you can jump over to the Review on Wealthy Affiliate to see the difference in black and white.



Bottom Line – Empower Network Review – It’s Still A Scam


Stay away from Empower Network for lots of reasons. A recap:

  • It is a pyramid scheme. Simply and Plainly

  • Unethical and underhanded

  • No support unless you willing to put a second mortgage on the home




Name: Empower Network

Website: www.empowernetwork.com

Price: $25 big ones a month – and the price is rising every day

The Head Honchos: David Wood and David Sharpe

Overall Rating: Bring Out The Rotten Tomatoes – 10 out of 100


Get the Real Truth about online programs where you can build real wealth!



If you would like to share a question or comment about online marketing, feel free to leave one below and I will get back with you shortly.


Rick Bell founder and Internet Marketeer with Downhill Money


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  1. Randy

    Rick, as always… love the jam packed information that you provide here. You provided some details that I hadn’t heard of yet and gave me some great comparisons to ponder. Thanks for providing a ton of info in a small, easy-to-read package!


    • Rick

      Hey buddy!
      I appreciate the comment. Yep just another scam artist we need to help people stay away from.

  2. cyndi lu

    i think you blue links look fine, you found a way to make it work. also found your site very to the point. i almost got involved with those dogs once upon a time. had a bad feeling, didn’t do it. you can feel good about offering the perfect direction for people who want to stay at home and make money. nice. 🙂

  3. Kary

    Great review of Enpower Network. I was one minute from joining and forking over the big check and found Wealthy Affiliate. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I landed at a great place with a friendly, helpful community. Look forward to your future posts.

  4. David Snodgrass

    Great post I think you should do a review on Money Machines

    • Rick

      Great idea David. I will definitely try to fit it into my schedule. Thanks.

  5. catherine

    Hey Rick,
    Great comparison here. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for over seven years. I meant to stay fro eight weeks to get the training, but the community and help is so fantastic, I can’t imagine ever leaving. If anyone is serious about making a living online there is no better training.

    • Rick

      That is right! It is a great place to work, and the group is outstanding!
      I wasn’t aware you were here for that long! Good for you!
      Thanks! To your success!

  6. Garth Oellermann

    I really like the way you write Rick. Straight and to the point, you are left in don’t doubt about what you think of this program.
    If anyone even thinks of joining they are just plain daft.
    At the same time you give valuable information about the product you are reviewing.
    I think this review is very well put together.
    Keep it up. Garth

  7. Prince Smith

    Hello Rick,
    I visited your site today and like your comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Empower Network. Your point was very clear and put together well. Keep up the excellent blogging. Take care.

  8. Burnzy

    Hey Rick,
    Great job exposing those pigs at Empower Network. I have heard of them doing bad biz. Im glad someone out there will expose biz that are not to honest. Keep up the good work

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