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Enjoy Cash Freebies & Earning Online?


I started reviewing Cash Freebies two days ago and researched what all was going on inside by signing up and learning what to do myself. What I found with Express My Cash Freebies was really only one guy out there who has bought into the program and is promoting it and showing his financial records. He has confirmed all the facts and information I have for you here today. 

I’ve researched lots of information by watching Michael Pruiksma’s videos where he explains all about My Cash Freebies. He really works hard at gaining, the all his illusive referrals needed to get paid. In other words even if you want to earn a little bit, you will have to learn marketing techniques in order to get the traffic needed. You need some serious skill!

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What is Express My Cash Freebies?


My Cash Freebies is a way for Fortune 500 companies to advertise products online with the help of people like you and me who are sitting at home with little to do, and looking for ways to make money. The program itself was started back in 2009 and has paid out millions of advertising dollars to consumers  who register and order products online. More about this later.


express my cash freebies
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Who is MCF For & What Are Their Requirements?


To be honest, MCF better known as My Cash Freebies, is for anyone sitting at home bored to death of life in general! For one thing it will take up a very large portion of your day as it requires many things. So if you are wanting to mess around online and beat the boring day back, register and take a look at the program. Be advised, you will not earn very much from it though. More on this later.

About the best review video on EMCF is Michael Pruiksma. He explains a few things about the program and how much you can earn here.



Express My Cash Freebies Requirements.


  1. You need to be either a resident of US, UK, or Canada
  2. You will need an email address and a computer with internet access
  3. You must be of age, which is 18 years old
  4. They will allow only one account per household, and they use your ip address to make sure of this.



How Much Can You Earn Working the Program Express My Cash Freebies?


Here is an image of what Michael shows his earnings to be. Now mind you this is from a part time effort as he says, and he does speak of having to work a regular job on the side in his video. He does explain you could earn more if you did this ten hours a day though.

And if you were able to market to perhaps thousands in traffic each week connecting with others to get more referrals. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the chance or opportunity to try and talk someone into joining a group or a program online, but doing this is what is needed to earn more money here. It seems the only way to get paid actually is getting others to sign up.




 The Pros To MCF are:

You can earn a little extra money on the side if diligent


The Cons To MCF are:

You have to give out highly private information on your credit cards to unknown companies to order their product trials.

You have to stay enrolled in these companies for over 30 days, which means you will have to make the first monthly payment they charge to get credit.

You will end up spending some of your own money to get started, and even thereafter. And it will cut into any profits drastically.

Once you sign up for the trials you will have to keep a record of all this and keep track of your outgoing expenses. Bookkeeping.

You will need a credit card or PayPal account and use your own money. Giving private information to everyone!

I did not see anything that was FREE!


my cash order


This is an offer I signed up for on the program and found out later I had to stay with them and pay the $29.95 one time to get the credit. As Cash Freebies is no longer free, really. You will definitely want the service you sign up for as to get credit for most all the trials you will be warned to subscribe to them longer than a 3o day period or loose your credit given for them.


Michael Pruiksma & Express My Cash Freebies


Please understand as I researched I found that there were very few free offers you can sign up to without some requirements you will not want to involve yourself with. There are plenty of catches. Now Michael says you can make lots of money here, but if you look at his balance below you will see there is about 100 dollars per month he shows. But yet, Michael explains this as being a great deal of income. 

 mycash results


So we see pretty quickly that one man’s thoughts on just how much money is enough can be way different than others thoughts. For instance when I saw the balance I laughed. For me it is not enough to pay my dinner bill each week. But then for some an extra one hundred dollars a month coming in could actually give them some relief.

Because of this some consider Expresss My Cash Freebies to be a scam. When in reality it is what it is. In the beginning the advertisers had easier requirements. You did not have to wait past 30 days to cancel your agreement so you could  get cash from them. Now days the requirements mean you can no longer get something for free for seven days, have it count as a credit and then cancel. You will really have to pay!




Conclusion to Express My Cash Freebies


This is certainly not for everyone. In fact very few will ever consider even signing up and going through it to even see what its about. There really is no way to make a lot of money here. Now if you want to order things online and get a free trial to try them out, well that is totally different and could work in your favor.

Cash Freebies is not so free, and I do not recommend even bothering to sign up. There are much better opportunities out there to make real money online if you are willing to learn a skill. That skill is called, “Marketing.”


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    I solely agree with you that mycashfreebies is not no longer free as it used to be. I have quitted from the program because it seems like a waste of time.
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    • Rick

      Survey sites are mostly just a way to get advertising done. Not so much to make us money. Stay away from all survey sites and at least join Wealthy Affiliate so you can learn to market and make real money as an affiliate!

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