Facebook Group Profits Review – Ultimate Profits Or A Tough Sale?

Product: Facebook Group Profits 
Founder: Johnny Joseph 
Price: $197.00 U.S.
Audience: Facebook 2.2 Billion Members
 Hear From #1 FB Expert: Claire Perry Louis
Value: 10 out of 10

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What’s Inside:

Claire Perry Louis’s Facebook Profits Group Training Videos…
Many people who have wanted to advertise and promote their products within a social media platform such as Facebook have consulted with Claire Perry Louise. Today we find out
why she is the leading expert on Facebook Groups and is rated top in her class on building FB groups that reach all-time sales records.
Facebook Profits Group Training Works So Well…you will more than likely want to join here daily routine yourself;

Cover Claire Louis’ inside this Facebook Group Products Review…

Today’s she’s the recognized community leader and expert who’s talking about Marketing within Facebook Groups. Does it Work? 


  • Find out if it’s a legit business model or more fluff
  • Get A Closer Look Inside Facebook Profits Group Training With Claire
  • Find out if it’s easy to build a group or just more hype
  • We Show You the Intro Video Of FPG with Claire, below…

What Is The Facebook Profits Group?

Easy enough. It appears Claire has put together 15 videos that cover training and education she herself has seen work within her own group efforts. 

Claire is THE TOP GURU When it comes to knowing her business. She is the authority behind the very training and skills you will hear about today.

But, no matter if you are promoting a Fishing Business, or you need traffic and sales within your How To Grow Earth Worms business, the Facebook Profits Group has your answers.

Has the Internet revived the most powerful but ancient way to create wealth, power and influence? 


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How To Build A Profitable Facebook Group


It’s easy once you understand just how big Facebook is and how it will help you with your business clients. 

Worldwide there’s way over 2 billion monthly Facebook members online on any given day. Many times much of the day…And most days of the week. 

The mobile users are right behind the desktop users at 1.5 billion. And in Foreign countries, there are perhaps hundreds of millions tagging along.

With every second seeing at least 5 new profiles being created.

I myself advertise using paid ads, and also have a small following which I sell various products to on occasion. But even I could ramp up, even more,

using this experts skills you’ll get within the Facebook Group Profits Video Program.


Facebook Groups Create More Profit

Facebook group marketing has long since been in vogue. And to date, it is a stronger force than most ever imagine. What I mean is it is never too late or too early to have Facebook assist us in our business.

Even Facebook has training inside that helps its members learn the right versus the wrong way to promote within varying niches of its #1 platform.

Why do they do it? They earn revenue.

It’s as if Facebook gives you your own business within its own group. A subgroup if you will.  Facebook did it and it believes you can too. In fact, there are many groups within the Facebook Community

that are earning huge profits. 

There’s More…

World famous entrepreneur and speaker, Daniel Priestley says Claire Perry is the only person I trust with my online community

The founder of Facebook Group Profits shows it’s super easy and very possible to create a life-changing Facebook Group. And I say this based on the inside information I have on seeing this in action. Awarding Claire as a community leader and expert is only inspiring if you hear about it. 

However, if you are interested in building your business, having her expertize and skill level would help you overcome anything standing in your way at your current position. That means she can have you become successful almost overnight once you learn her strategies and secrets of creating such a group on Facebook.

Is Facebook Profits Group A Scam?


Claire Perry Louise’s Formula, a very successful member who uses Facebook and is at the top of her game…clues us in on what it takes to use group markets to earn huge incomes.

No, Facebook Profits Group is nothing like a scam nor is it illegal.  It is, in fact, some of the best information given, via video training education, to gain the upper hand in business.
Are you into helping others? Sharing value and getting paid? If so you need a group of people that helps you share your message!


Why So Many Fail Using Facebook Groups?


All you have to do to see why so many fail is to take a look at just a few of the top reasons: But, there are also literally dozens of reasons why people still fail with Facebook Groups.

Despite Facebook being on our side, people continue to build their Facebook Groups the wrong way.

Not getting engagement? Many times the wrong people are added and it becomes clear they success rate will also fail to your group once this happens.

Claire’s training fixes that problem quickly.

No leaders? If you don’t have a real leader in your group your not going to get people to follow, or people to commit.

Most people do not ask the right questions when it comes to starting a group in the first place. So they will definitely end up with the wrong answers.

The Facebook Profits Group shows you why the question you ask must first be the correct one. 


Claire Perry Louise: Is She Your Success Answer?

Claire obviously would be the first choice of mine after doing research on her and learning of her Facebook skills. After all, she started back in 2013 and wrote one of her best books on membership sites.

She’s gone on to speak at big Facebook events where people have paid her generously for her advice and knowledge.

Sharing the stage with people like Michael Coulson (a giant in internet marketing). She ranks at the top and has been given awards by Facebook.


What’s In YOUR Future?


She speaks about the future of all business conducted within communities. And she says the future of any new business today will have their start within such community groups.

The future she says is having your own business group or tribe. Click Here To Get INSIDE Facebook Group Profits! 

She says the future of business is a community.


More Sales Using Facebook Groups

Facebook is, of course, a really large community. A huge group of people all working as one. But to be in profits today with any business niche, you don’t have to compete with the likes of Facebook.

However to become a group you will find that it is much easier these days to have success utilizing the power from one.

Like Apple said, “We are a close-knit group and we believe our success and future success rely on our ability to maintain our great group of people.


What’s Is The Facebook Profits Group?


You get everything you need to be successful within any FACEBOOK GROUP you can create. And by creating a group. You become more successful because your trust is built from the ground up. Those members and clients that trust you have no issues buying products from you. Ever.

Your sales go through the roof! Within time that is. Success is an ongoing path of increased resistance. Running a business, or starting one will tax the best-equipped entrepreneurs. I do recommend the training if you are using Facebook or any type of group as a client base. 

So what is it you get that changes the game for you? Take a look at the information packed within this individuals coaching product.


facebook profits group training video

Module 1

6 HUGE reasons why Claire is the only person you should be listening to when it comes to building a profitable Facebook group. No other trainer has her credentials.

The single critical key you need to grow a successful Facebook group that no one is teaching out there on the market.

Module 2

Exactly why this is the best time in history to build a Facebook group and how to set the stage for a profitable group from the get-go.

Most people get this wrong because they are NOT told what they should do at the start.

Why Facebook groups and community will be the core of all business in the future and how it will beat out any advertising platform for growing your business.

Live examples of successful groups and how to copy them for success.

The 9 kinds of business that can benefit most from Facebook groups.

Module 3

The BIGGEST QUESTION you need to ask yourself before you set up a Facebook group if you want to make money with it. Other Facebook group courses don’t teach this because the teachers simply don’t know it.

The vital importance of knowing WHY behind your group and how it will affect its monetary value later on. And EXACTLY how to find this ‘why’.

How repelling certain people from your group will actually make your group dynamic, stronger and more profitable.

How to dig into the mind of your Avatar’s psyche and pull out the pain points that would compel them to join your group and grow your membership and profits.

Module 4

The critical value element you need to focus on for your Facebook group to thrive and become lucrative.

Why you need to focus on a picture of what success looks like for you in order for you to succeed at building profitable Facebook groups.

Very simple tracking techniques for increasing the success of your Facebook group.

How to monitor the success of your group as it arises. Vital if you are serious about scaling your profits from your Facebook group.

Why knowing the ways you are in your own way will have a massive bearing on the money your group brings in, and how to find those inner blocks to Facebook group profits.

8 highly profitable functions your Facebook group could perform for your audience.

11 ways to know you are moving in the right profitable direction with your group.

Module 5

The insider secrets of what your role is as a community leader and how to use this role to boost your Facebook group profits.

Key little-known resources to help you in your role as a community leader.

How to create your vision and mission for your group. Essential if you want to make any money from your Facebook group.

The secret to uncovering the values behind your group. Most people never do this and never make a penny from their Facebook group.

Module 6

The often overlooked essential element to the success of your group. Creating the right group culture and how to use it to build the engagement and growth you need.
How to speak directly to your members and build trust. Most people never do this.

How to create a unique voice for your Facebook groups to attract your ideal member.

Why you need a ‘community’ and NOT an audience.

How to name your group to attract your ideal audience.

Module 7

How to set up your Facebook group for success by doing the opposite of what most people do.

A complete description of how to monetize your group.

Make sure your group has a real business impact. No course out there is teaching this right now.

7 different types of business impact your group can have. These ideas will blow your mind and boost your profits – no end.

Module 8

The secret sauce to engagement only Claire can show you. It’s the no.1 reason why she is behind some of the most successful Facebook groups online today.

The most certain way to understand what your members really need.

Quick and simple ways to create engagement that your members are going to love.

The 5 types of members in your group and how to profit from each one of them.

4 powerful ways to make people super users and get more profits from each member.

5 ways to develop the trust you need your members to have to grow a sustainable profitable community.

Module 9

The single critical key to engaging members from the start of their membership. Vital for any profitable Facebook group.

Claire’s secrets for helping your members stay engaged.

Powerful Welcome posts ideas to make your group stand out and set the ground rules for success.

What to do with members who do not engage. Do you delete them?

Moving people through the commitment curve to grow your profits.

Module 10

The great secret of Growth Hacks for more engagement and Facebook group profits.

How to grow your Facebook group for free.

How to get your group in front of new audiences and explode your membership.

How to grow your group offline  – no one else is teaching this strategy right now.

Why you never join people up without asking first. If you want a profitable Facebook group that is.

10 simple ways to grow your group rapidly.

Module 11

The little-known software you can use to create amazing content for more profits.

How to get members engaged in your group the easy way and spending money.

The content questions you must ask to ensure more engagement.

How to map out your content in advance to get more engagement. (and more profits)

Module 12

Monetising your group made easy.

How to indirectly monetize your community.

How to make money from paid events.

How e-commerce on your site can grow your profits.

How to use your Facebook page to support a membership site.

The barn raising style of Facebook group growth.

The field of dreams style of group growth.

Module 13

The vital importance of controlling and managing your group the right way.

How to get free help to run your community

How to monitor the successes of your group.

Little known resources to help you run your group.

The dangers of employing a VA

Module 14

What you need to remember is the core of your business.

How this Facebook group building method will outperform any advertising you will ever do.

Module 15

Essential thoughts for moving ahead and growing your business.


When I think of having all this knowledge and knowhow and then knowing that I gain a great deal by implementing it all; It becomes a no-brainer.

But if you are skeptical of getting great value then you need not be. 

Claire offers to give your money back even after you have seen the information she shares with you. It usually means that the information they present is very powerful! 
They are also more likely to want to help you, instead of just making money or getting rich off some product;



Conclusion To Claire’s Facebook Profits Group Education

Unlike most ways to make money online, this skill Claire teaches is something specially designed to move marketers to the top. In fact, before now it was not something she would give out to anyone who was making less than 6 figure, already.

And she says there is no limit to how many different types or business niches can reside within such Facebook groups. And even though these videos use to be reserved for her top people…Not any longer!

Clients who have Claire on 5 figure monthly retainers.

And Johnny tells us there is no real reason we cannot have the same results since we are going to be learning the very secrets that have made Claire herself such a success.

There is also a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee to go along with all this. So with no risk. Why would you not be interested in learning such incredible MARKETING STRATEGIES?

Especially if your someone wanting to create success for yourself online?


Click the Video To SEE what all you GET!


If you were able to spend one afternoon with Claire…


  • You would be shown how to set up one profitable Facebook group after another
  • You would have the exclusive knowledge to cash in on building your own Facebook group
  • You’ll be the only one you know earning regular income day by day from your fans
  • You’ll be the one taking the vacation, working as little or as much as you wish
  • You will be the one who is in the middle of making the most money online right now
  • You’ll have the only community-based knowledge which you can apply to any profitable niche business



An Education Such As This Costs Money…
But, For What You Get–Not much!


But maybe a fortunate turn of events? Or just luck on the part of ever finding this information. Claire is offering you easy video steps to the top of your own groups Success Ladder.
Price is $197.00. With that you get everything. You get it all. Everything you will ever need to see financial earning numbers like she is taking in herself. Take a look inside…

Are you ready to become Super Successful? 
Click Here: To Access Facebook Profits Videos


Do you want worldwide fame and fortune?

Could it be this easy? We don’t really know if you are someone wanting to work hard and utilize this educational information? Or expect to just be handed the golden key to success? 

But I can tell you this. I got to where I am today as a marketer by only one means. And that was gaining knowledge through personal coaches and training such as within Claire Perry Louis’s Facebook Profits Group Educational Videos.

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