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Supposedly, Facebook has begun a “Work From Home Program“, hiring ordinary users to write content, generate links, and ultimately increase advertising profits. This sounds plausible and might even happen, but it hasn’t. Listen if you are wanting to generate income online be wary of the Facebook Millionaire Scam. There’s an easy way to earn income online. Read the #1 reviewed Online Training Program

According to the spambots, thousands of South Africans have already been employed, and your country is next! If you qualify (everyone qualifies), all you need to do is pay $4 for your Millionaire Kit (RED FLAG: you shouldn’t need to purchase anything in order to generate internet content), and provide your home address to mail you spam! Buy now, because this kit is on sale for a limited time (forever)! Before long, you will won’t be blogging right alongside Mark Zuckerberg!





Who Wants To Be A Facebook Millionaire?


If this scam sounds familiar, that’s because these are the same con-artists that previously claimed Google was running a similar program. As you can see here, the scammers were sued in US Federal Court, but that hasn’t stopped them.

Specifically, this program is a violation of the Lanham Act, involving trademark infringement, dilution, unfair competition, and cyber-piracy. Yes, piracy, because if you aren’t careful, the scammers will hijack your Facebook page, and use it to spam all of your friends. Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire?

This is especially likely to happen if you accept the wrong app, because (frankly) Facebook doesn’t do a very good job of securing their website from unscrupulous hackers. Think before you click!




Who Are The Culprits?


Who is behind this nefarious scheme? Even Google’s lawyers haven’t figured it out, but the culprit appears to be Pacific Webworks, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s an absolute mystery who is running this scheme (does the CEO even know what’s going on?), but I suppose the FBI will be visiting their office.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been so foolish as to give them your credit card information (to buy your precious Millionaire Kit)… you’ve got a problem. You see, Pacific Webworks purchased Intellipay in 2000, which was a credit card payment processor.

That means you haven’t just given your credit card to a complete stranger, you’ve given it to a company which specializes in credit transactions. By now, your information has long since passed into the hands of unscrupulous partners hidden away in some nice part of the world, like Nigeria or inner-city Moscow.

And don’t feel safe just because you never gave your card to a representative of Pacific Webworks. As the Google suit states, “This network includes an ever-changing coterie of websites that utilize the same templates to generate the same fake news stories, fake testimonials, fake blogs and pressure tactics to drive unsuspecting consumers to credit card processing sites.”


Millionaire Kit: Join the Secret Millionaires Club!


What will you receive within your long-awaited Millionaire Kit? Typically, nothing. Did you really think that YOU were going to become a secret millionaire? If you are lucky, you might actually receive a CD or DVD, but don’t put it in!

Sorry, that disc is infected with viruses and malware, which will turn your computer into your own personal spambox. Afterward, you can expect to receive monthly charges to your credit card, which won’t stop no matter how often you request, and eventually some guy in Poland will just max the damn thing out with fictitious internet porn charges. You’d better call your bank, now.





Facebook Millionaire System


Would you believe there is ANOTHER Facebook Millionaire scam? Yep, someone claiming to be Mark Anastasis (probably not a real name) claims you can make $300 $500 $4000 $5000 a day! All you have to do is click the big yellow button for INSTANT ACCESS to the Millionaire System.

I summoned my courage and clicked, just to see what was waiting, and was amused at the immediate popup:

“You have ten seconds to decide!”

Wow, talk about a pressure sale! You don’t even have time to read all the reasons you should join, but I noticed his emphasis upon how easy all this free money would be: “You don’t need any knowledge or experience… You don’t need a product… You don’t have to deal with people...”

So where does all the free money come from??? I don’t know, but if you want to learn the secret, just send one easy payment of $75 and he’ll send you a DVD (probably corrupted with viruses).


Before you sign up for anything, read the financial disclaimer:

“You must accept all risk…There is no guarantee… We have no responsibility… You could earn no money at all… You completely agree that our company is not responsible for your failure…”



Final Thoughts About Facebook Millionaire Systems


Social Networks like Facebook, Google+ and others are good locations to interact with family, friends and like minded folks from all over the world. But beware, there are a lot of shady characters that use these open forums for their scams. If you think everyone there is “a friend”, think twice. Learn how I earn over $3000.00 per month at home. Wealthy Affiliate

You don’t know most people you “befriend” personally and it’s quite simple to create a phony profile. Untold fortunes are being made by scammers and lots of unsuspecting people are losing money falling for these scams.


Be smart and simply ignore these offers. None of these will make you a millionaire and none of them will make you a livable income.

If you are interested in making money online, I recommend you look at a program that will teach you everything you need to know to start your own business. You will not become rich overnight, but you will be able to build a sustainable and thriving online business that will make you a decent income even starting out…

Follow this link to my Wealthy Affiliate Review and find out what people are screaming in JOY about. You can join for free and decide at a later point if this program is indeed right for you. Once you decide to stay you will have my help and thousands of others ready to mentor you!


To Your Success!

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