Favor Review – Is Being A Favor Runner Worth The Tips?

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Company: Favor.com
Founders: Zac Mauraiz, CMO
& Ben Doherty, CEO
Website: www.favordelivery.com
Headquarters: Austin, TX

Founded: 2013
Type Company: Service
Industry: Food Delivery/Internet
Drivers Earn: Below Minimum 


What Is Favor?

Favor is an establishment somewhat like other type services which enable sub-contractors to do deliveries using their own vehicles, just like Uber and Entrees-on-Trays.  

Favor Headquarters are located in Austin Texas and the company is represented by franchise-like subdivisions in many cities across Texas. 

Favor offers part & full-time jobs for individuals as independent delivery runners 



How To Become A Favor Runner:

The delivery personnel or drivers are called ‘Runners‘. The requirements are simple:

At this time, you must have an iPhone or Android. You should have reliable transportation and have a clean driving and criminal record. You must be 18 years or older to apply.

Favor operates in TEXAS ONLY, and you can apply online or call to set up and schedule your orientation. Here is the link if you are interested in becoming a Favor Runner.Favor Sign In Form


Example of a typical Favor run: 

Orders where you make $2.10 from Favor and $5 tip from the customer, netting you $7,10 in tips altogether. It takes you an hour to complete the order. Ordering, picking it up, finding the place, etc.

Time is money. For about 3 deliveries on average, you could make about $20 bucks. So less than minimum wage. Take gas out of that. Results are meager once you start thinking about wear and tear on your auto, gas, and such.

But you can get an app that takes down mileage so perhaps at the end of the year, you could get some discounts.


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How Does The Favor Delivery App Work?

In promoting Favor the company wants to be more than a food delivery service. It wants to be able to deliver many other types of items within one hour as well. So the Favor App is their best-utilized tool. It keeps track of orders, money, time and many other things.

When ordering you can use the app and it will then notify a runner of the order, within minutes. Hopefully, some driver takes it that is close to your location or restaurant. 

Due to traffic, however, some incidents can occur. The runners may not make it within the hour. But the app makes the order taking much quicker and can usually process one within 35 minutes. 

The favor delivery app allows you to see a map of where your destination is and where you are currently located. So it does work just like a GPS. With added features allowing you to receive and send texts to the customer.


For Favor Runners: App Works Like A GPS

So it shows the runner where the restaurant is, the directions to the restaurant and the house that you are going to be delivering the food to, and the best route to take. Once you accept the order it gives you the customers name, the address, and even their phone number. 

The app allows the person ordering to even make changes in the order and even add tips during the process. Now the Favor driver does have to call the orders into the restaurants that they receive on the app. 

You have to call the order in yourself, which in my opinion it really shouldn’t be the driver calling it in. You then talk to the restaurant and make sure they get the order down correctly. 

Once you head toward the restaurant you then let the app know you’ve arrived. And you go in and purchase the order with the credit card you are issued. After that at the bottom of the app, you will see the order amount, and the icon APPLY. Press apply and it shows payment sent. 

You take a picture image of your receipt you get from the store and then save it to your phone. You verify the item, and then click “Leaving”.

Once you arrive you click “Arrive”. Many drivers will text the customers during this process to let them know they have the package. And when they will be arriving with order.


url to get app installed




Customers Can Get The Favor App at Google Play

They can then contact Favor within seconds. Place their order and start the entire process of their delivery. You can get the app on Google Play.

With the Favor App you can order just about anything you want and get it to your house in under an hour. Drivers do depend on tips to pay their gas for delivery.

Favors’ mantra is get anything you want within an hour or sooner. Does it always work that way? Do deliveries just take an hour or less? Most will if it is a restaurant order. But some things may take longer.

The driver is being asked to go get merchandise from many locations and some could be clear across town. I think it only fair today that not everything will be delivered in under an hour. In some cases, it can take as much as half an hour to process the order itself and get it to a nearby driver. 



Good Customer Service Gets You Bigger Tips!

To understand your pay. It is that you will receive only a $2 dollar tip from Favor for each delivery. Not much.  Now if you really do good customer service you can usually expect a tip from the customer just because you got their order right and there on time.

But even though you do everything right, expect lots of orders that are under 20 bucks so you get your $2 dollar tip from Favor and a small tip from the customer.

Netting you a small payment. You then are clear to take the next order and repeat the process per your scheduled times. Keep moving. 

Hopefully, you’ve not driven clear across town for each delivery for a burger and fries.

If your fortunate enough to live close to Plano or highland park in Dallas you can usually get better tips from nicer neighborhoods.

Also, I hear Houston is the best tipping city of them all here in TX. The problem is usually the amount of purchase. If the order and amount is high.

Say $50 dollars and up, you can expect to get paid much bigger tips. 

I think people still think a 10 percent tip is good. But really for someone that just spent their gas and time, a driver, they need to think more on doubling what they would give to a waiter at a restaurant after eating there.

20% Should be the going rate.

But isn’t. As 15% percent is the going tip gratuity for eating out nowadays.

Most will generally tip you extra from just the minimum. Especially if the order is higher priced. Expect to be running your tires off at times and be ready to eat your lunch and dinner in your car.

Or call it in and pick it up to go wherever you get your next order to go at.

You don’t want to spend time off the grid. 



How Much Money Can Favor Runners Make?

The company advertised earnings across the board as high as $9 to $14 per hour. Which after paying for a tank of fuel each week would cut down on that average immensely? Agree.

Since they don’t pay for your gasoline or give you an allowance as Entrees-on-trays does…You’ll find that averaging out your weekly payment will be considerably below a minimum hourly wage in almost all cases.

You could be the exception however and be Favored! Stick around to read the comments from other Favor Drivers.

Realistically, the typical Favor Runner makes about $7.50 per hour.


The Pros & Cons of Favor


Favor Pros

  1. The word from plenty of comments being made by drivers is you can be fortunate and earn about $10 bucks an hour overall.
  2. One day you may make pretty darn good money. But the rest of the week may really be down. 
  3. Flexible schedule, daily deposits, and you get to learn about some hot restaurants. Specifically, lots of restaurants as most delivers are made to and from these type establishments.
  4. There are Favor runners who have been working with Favor since they’ve opened. So that tells you it is right for some. Even if just a few.
  5. Ex-employees say pay was decent and work easy.
  6. You can work your own schedule if you like and whenever you’d like, and you keep all your tips. 
  7. You can choose your own schedule as well. But it does eat into making even minimum wage.


Favor Cons

  1. To date, there is not a customer service number you can contact if in needing assistance.  
  2. Email is the only way to communicate with Favor.
  3. You will get $2 tips for driving 10 miles or more to deliver just a burger.
  4. And the algorithm of the app may send you in the opposite direction you are driving.
  5. Your acceptance percentage suffers when you turn down even one order. 
  6. Expect to work for way under the minimum wage after paying for gas. 
  7. You place the order yourself from the restaurants. If a mistake is made…It is on you.
  8. Customers can text you wanting something different after you have picked up your order.
  9. If you don’t have a 4 cylinder compact and it be small, you cannot make enough for it to be worthwhile.


What Are The Complaints About Favor?

Surprisingly, during my research, I did NOT come across any complaints from Favor Customers, which can be looked at as a big compliment to the Favor fleet of Runners. 

However, I was able to find a rather large number (over 300) of reports/reviews from Favor Runners on Glassdoor Reviews. They are almost evenly divided between POSITIVE and Negative. 

Here is what some Favor Runners had to say:


Favor Runner Positive Reports

Click on images to enlarge




Favor Runner Negative Reports



NOT ENOUGH MONEY is the most mentioned single item in negative reports but also listed by those that give FAVOR an overall positive review as well.


Can You Make Full-Time Income As A Favor Employee?

Depending upon your location will determine your overall average of income. Most will earn way less than minimum wage.

Sorry to say. And even less once they add up their cost for gas. The tips seem to be a bit below average themselves. Specifically, the company paying out only $2.10 per order.  A minimum amount which has to be made up for by the customers tipping. 

Normally speaking you can expect to work a full-time shift as long as Favor is busy with calls. But your wages will look a bit less than you might imagine from a part-time job.

In fact, there is no guarantee that there going to even call you more than a few times per shift. Trying to give everyone as many orders as possible. Seems too many drivers are there now and not enough orders to go around. 

Pay is below minimum wage due to the nature of the job and depending on your location unless you schedule your self for a shift. Much like ride-shares in the sense, it’s more of a side job..


Difficult To Schedule Fixed Shifts 

I am not completely sure what this often mentioned complaint really means, but it seems like it is almost impossible to schedule a full shift and make a full-time income. Those wanting to drive each and every day may find that not to be the case. 

Many drivers mention it is like a gig, not necessarily something you can depend on full time or as a career. Favor does have employment within the company however. And that possibly can be considered full time work and a career. 

Drivers also mention sometimes it is difficult to get continued orders one right after the other. They also mention sometimes before getting done with their most recent order they are already given more orders which you have to either deny or accept. 

More or less it could be abit much for some. Either getting too more work than you can handle. All the way to not enough orders coming in. Meaning you would either have to sit there at your last local, go shopping, go eat your lunch or do errands, or go home. 


Conclusion of my Favor Review:

My Favor Review might come over a bit negative after completing my research. Averaging out all the comments taken from Favor I diligently found that many runners make under the standard minimum wage, along with an ongoing and recurring gasoline bill at the end of each week.  Sometimes needing a full tank of fuel weekly. Which can eat into your earnings quite easily.

Favor provides no benefits and does not guarantee a minimum wage. You are paid as a sub-contractor or third party and you have to established health insurance, auto insurance, or any type of benefits yourself. However, they explain in the hiring that there is a minimum wage being paid. I think they mean that drivers are sometimes averaging between $9 and up…so some do earn minimum wage with their tip totals.

You do get $2.10 dollars per each delivery. And you get added tips from the customers. Some tip and some don’t. Most do. So perhaps $4 dollars is enough for you to be paid for delivering. If it is clear across town you may be doing it for free. Or making far less than minimum wage for that one hour.

There are always going to be delivery jobs. Mostly college students take advantage of these situations. If you are out of work and need food to just live on.

You could possibly stay alive working as a Favor runner. However, if you are trying to make a profit and wanting to be able to save part of your check, it is doubtful this would be a career move. 

Most join the Favor group to make extra money. But they soon find out that it is not as lucrative as it leads people to believe.


What’s The Alternative?

If you are content with just making some extra bucks in your spare time, FAVOR may be a good place to do so. However, if you are interested in making real money, be your own boss, and in charge of HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO EARN, check it out…

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Find out how I escaped the 9-to-5 rat race and became my own boss.

You can do the same…and the best thing is, you can get started at absolutely no cost.

I hope you enjoyed my FAVOR Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, or anything to add or share with my readers, please leave a comment on your way out.


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