Finding a Niche for a Business

finding your niche for a business

I’ve helped hundreds to find their new niche for their new online business. Many become successful because they took niche research to heart.  A friend of mine, James,  now runs a successful online business selling, door mats online.

That’s right. Door Mats with football logos. His business is booming and he is expanding his line to basketball, volleyball, soccer and baseball. I had a chance to help him pick a niche the right way.

Need I say more about finding the right niche for a business? It needs to be the right one for YOU. Let me show you how to find yours by reading my #1 review… Wealthy Affiliate – Basic Niche Training


Money Making Niche

Don’t let money get in the way. A Money Making Niche is important for sure, but don’t do anything for the money alone! You are on the wrong path if you are just after making money. Failure is eminent!

First of all you cannot expect to get lucky and just pick a niche that sounds good, looks good, or gets you excited suddenly. Nor can you suddenly expect to be in the money. It doesn’t work that way. Years ago when I got my start online I was able to ask a group of 1000 members to assist me with my niche. That program, and those members along with 52 hours of research, worked.

n2That is to say I got the needed feedback and learned just how important picking my money making niche, really was. Choosing your correct Money Making Niche may mean the difference between success or failure right out of the gate.

Basically, at first I was thinking about the commissions I would earn on a new Submariner Rolex Watch! But it didn’t pan out as my niche, and I took a beating from dozens of members about it. The questions rolled in as to why high priced watches? Well, I like them. But the questions being asked were enough to make me rethink my decision.

Rick, do you like them enough to work 3 to 5 years against high odds, and without any pay, all in order to one day have a top niche site on Rolex’s? My answer… NO. I didn’t want to wait two years, much less 5!


Best Money Making Niche

Creating a niche in order to make money is totally the wrong way to go about picking a niche. I had to learn that the hard way. Everyone is starting off wrong by looking for the best money making niche out there. And you may be doing this as well… But it is wrong. Don’t do it.

Unless you are smart and have cash on hand, take my advice, don’t start off with chasing money! Let me show you what works and why you need to do about picking a niche the correct way. Because, the best money making niches could be very bad for you, competitively speaking, and there are thousands and thousands trying to be profitable with these, each day and not having much luck.

You are almost guaranteed to fail at picking the a good niche, unless you understand that you need plenty of research in determining your own interests and passion first, in this area. There is plenty on the topic, but you might as well also learn how to professionally promote your niche once you discover it. Read it all here inside this #1 recommended program.

It is not the Best Money Making Niche you need to find. It is a lucrative niche that you can enjoy working within. But one you where you also have a chance of reaching page one of google! That is the key to promotion of any niche, and the success behind one. Because if you pick iPhones, guess what? No one will see your advertisement, ever. Because there are 10 million websites listed before yours!

But if you picked something like Door Mats… You would have room to grow your business, and be on top in your category! This example is the very thing you need to understand when working online. Competition is a huge factor that you will have to deal with.


Top Money Making Niche Categories




Some may agree to disagree here, but this is where the competition is grouping up. Multiple millions! These top money making niches require plenty of work. Meaning, if you want a slice of this pie it will take you time to do some marketing strategies and work on promoting these type products. Read my #1 recommended review on a program that will teach you how. Wealthy Affiliate.

Now one thing about lesser competitive niches is you can get in and get some cash in your pocket in a very short time. As long as you know what you are doing. These niche markets are based on Affiliate Marketing. The selling of other peoples products by companies already set up who are naturally in the game of selling someone else’s products already, which you can promote. You can promote these products while you discover where your passion really lies.

Warrior Forum   Many Affiliate Marketers choose to promote smaller priced products and lots of them…this niche is digital information, tools, training to promote or software to make money online.   My number one place to find great products to promote. This company promotes digital information products, software and money opportunities.

Profitable niche markets require niche research. And lots of it. Look, everyone is different in what interests them. No two people will ever be able to work side by side on the same niche and get the same results. It’s just not going to happen. So you have to fit your niche to yourself like a well worn and comfortable glove.

Oh, and don’t fall for buying someone’s list of niches! Or pay anyone to help you! This is just going to distract you and you will end up all over the place and indecisive about what niche to put your heart into! Never allow someone else to choose your niche for you. This is a solo act and all on you.


Finding a niche for a website

Now the key here is to base a niche on either your biggest passion or hobby…or your biggest pain or problem. At the end of the day, finding the right niche for your website depends on you and if you are totally interested, or passionate about it. Building a website is ten minutes work. Creating a great niche that works and you enjoy, will take you weeks, if done properly. Research as much as you have time for.

What do you spend all your time thinking about…Or most of your time on? What type of books do you read, what stations on tv do you watch, what magazines attract you to the racks? What is that hobby of yours?


helping you find your niche market for your businessa. What is it you are passion about?
b. What are you skilled at?
c. What do you want to be a professional at?
d. What kind of growth do you personally want?
e. Leave money out of it for God’s sake! At least for now.


What if you could turn your passion into that business? Now you are on the right track! It took me weeks to justify my own passion and interest of working online and from home. Did I have what it takes? Seems so.

Whatever you are an expert on, is probably where your niche should come from, first and foremost. I mean for me it was a desire to make money online. So I had the passion! But I also ran into a road block of competition. So basically I started off wrong. And almost gave up long before I started earning an income. I didn’t want to work by the hour or base my time on an hourly wage, but I wanted to create a product that sold 24/7, whether I was sitting in front of the computer at my desk, or out on vacation! That took some work!

A Niche for Your Business

Now, even if you aren’t really knowledgeable in the niche you decide on, that doesn’t mean you cannot have success by learning. The road is merely a longer one traveled. It is exactly what I did online.

And, it is working for me. Finding the right Niche for an online business is merely going to take you some discovery sessions to learn more about yourself, and what you are all about. One great way to determine how passionate you are about something is asking this question. Would I be willing to do this for free, if I were already wealthy?

Would I be willing to work within this niche if I did not make money right away? If the answer is no, then you are thinking in terms of money and may choose the wrong niche because of this. Due to lack of interest, or only wanting to make money, that, changes everything.

A business becomes successful because people are happy to do their business without making much up front or in the beginning. Many online businesses fail because the owner chooses to work in a niche for the large commission checks or for the reason of wealth, alone. Focus on money and fail miserably! Pick a niche that you are unsure of, and basically cause frustration and disappointment. 

Ask yourself. Are you wanting to make a personal transformation? Could you benefit from being in the health niche? Maybe your health is not where you want it to be and you would like to do something about it. A good place to do it, is online. Documenting everything that you do as you go along puts you in the spot light. You can set up a website in about 30 minutes and begin your business today! Go here and learn how to create a Back to Health website>>> Build My Niche Website.

It’s not just the material you work on that could be exciting. In fact, the real freedom of freelancing is this: you are free to find excitement in any (and every) aspect of your work, from having complete creative control no matter what the subject matter, to the thrill of depositing the biggest check of your career. Ilise Benun

top money making niche

Want to Create a Completely New Niche?

Maybe you are interested in something new and different and you are excited to journey far out into the unknown and find a new niche galaxy! I got my start like this… And so can you. But I warn you…Taking off into a world of the unknown can take a number of years, normally to build traction online and gain the success you wished were there from the start. You will need marketing skills a plenty! Are you ready for real work and real challenges? Most are not.You have to be committed to break away from the pack. But your fortune could end up being, awesome!

What I recommend is getting the right training, in which to learn all about the different niches and how to promote them effectively. Knowing the best way to promote a niche will keep you in the business longer. If you will start out understanding how important it is to create the right niche and market it properly, everything else will fall into place. With dedication and effort.

Skip this important step of researching your niche thoroughly, and you are headed for an uncharted and choppy ocean, in a dingy with no map! I mean to say you cannot become a brain surgeon without first learning a little about the basics of how the brain works, right? And if you don’t like brain? Please don’t create a niche site about it just because it pays well.


Your Niche Conclusion:

Whether a passion or a new interest, or just an area of life where you are totally frustrated, fed-up and need or want a change. Your new Niche is Key. You can find your perfect niche below… Just follow the natural training steps provided in this super great program, below by Kyle and Carson. First ten lessons are free. Join thousands of us who have already started this journey. Get advice from experts while your there. We are here inside the program waiting to help you conquer your new niche website business!

Wealthy Affiliate University – How to Find my Proper Niche! 

Happy Learning and Earning…If you don’t agree with the article, please leave a comment  or suggestions. We are here to help newbies and anyone questioning the importance of niche site marketing. 



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