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Whether you’ve seen reviews for 5 Minute Profit Sites Or Five Minute Profit Sites you can best believe their are plenty more of these type programs on the market today. Relying on having a long list of affiliate programs to choose from, many programs such as 5 Minute Profit Sites use Click Bank as their affiliation.

All they do is have you sign up as an affiliate to Click Bank and you have tons of cheap product and programs to sell. Would you like to be shown how to do this for free? No cost? Take a Look at How I did It.

Then they teach you how to get traffic to your website they sell you, and Presto! And you have a business. Which is finding buyers for Five Minute Profit Sites!

 About Five Minute Profit Sites

One of many ways review researchers are able to continue flagging programs that are more of a scam is experience. That means what I tell you comes with years of knowledge and skill. The results of reviewing this program is that they sell you information you can get for free online. 

But there is more. You could do this on your own once you learn how to promote your website. Via getting traffic to it. Look below to find out how you can do everything this program offers, for free! Only you can learn to chose higher priced products so you can earn a legit income. Not just Pennies, Nichols and Dimes.

Is 5 Minute Profit Sites-Legit?

After you buy in as a member for $37 bucks, you then find out you are going to become an affiliate of Click Bank. Where many of their products people do buy are only a few bucks. Basically the program helps you set up a sub domain website that you end up paying $497.00 dollars for. That means they are targeting first time marketers or newbies. Because as we all know you can build your own website today for FREE.

How To Build A Free Website.

Basically one of the keys to earning income online is to have a website that has your offer and your name on it. Not someone else’s. Never use a sub-domain type site. FREE WEBSITE

That said, the 5 Minute Profit Sites also make mention of an algorithm that finds the best product for you so that you can capitalize on these situations. Sure you can always find things to buy online and then resale. But the big problem is. No traffic.


They don’t get that for you. The money you pay them is basically so you can learn from their videos how to get traffic. 

Traffic issues. Not having traffic while trying to promote something online is the big FAILURE most people have.

No one knows your website or even how to access it. And due to that, no one will be able to find you. Unless you already know about Marketing. Or you try to learn it through their short videos.

How To Be A Top Affiliate Marketing Genus-See How!

Now with the 5 Minute Profit Sites you are going to be making only pennies at a time. And so it means you will have to do much more work than just 5 minutes. In fact you would need to work about 8 hours each day to make up it. 

The key is to make a larger weekly payday all at once or in about a day or two. Then you can really dig in and make huge profits. But most all programs where they show you how to make just a few cents for an hour of work–I don’t care how easy it is, you are now stuck behind a computer screen forever.

Become A Partner For 5 Minute Profit Sites 

Many scam programs call this type site set up partnering. As they make so much money they are able to help others get on board and share the profits. However, ask yourself this. 

If you were making $1000.00 per day and you wanted to make more…

You would not give away your secret success formula. Yes you might charge people to join and do the labor which nets you more.

But listen. You would never help the whole world if it mean making less money. 

5 Minute Profit Sites Free License Offer

What do you call a free license offer that is given to you at a cost of $37 dollars? And then say well the money goes toward server costs? Actually this is the money they pocket and use for more advertising to get more members to sign up. So they can give out more free licenses.

You don’t need a license to sell Click Bank Products. Just a sales page or website. Here is where I learned how to get my own free website to start earning income online a few years ago.

Five Minute Profit Sites-Other Offers

Why oh why does a company offer such a great first option of making all the money you ever wanted, keep trying to continue by selling you on more offers? Because that is who marketing is done.

They figure if you are dumb enough to sign up for something you know nothing about and have no idea what it is…You will inevitably sign up for just about anything.

So that is why you will see not one, not two, but 3 up-sell offers resting inside. Do not purchase any of these!

First Offer: $197.00– Faster profits with unique articles and product reviews. Affiliate links to Click bank products.

Second Offer: Double Your Profits $187.00 They give you a niche website where you can start working on promoting one of their niches.

Third Offer: Traffic Tsunami Product. $97.00. You might actually need this to help you find traffic to the website you buy from them on the 5 Minute Profit Sites. You will need it. They say it is a step by step program on targeting traffic for your website.  Really?

Become A Member Of Five Minute Profit Sites?

What Five Minute Profit Sites Really About

Your website you get is actually just a sales page and it will be listed as a subdomain. You don’t get a real dot come but a dot live url. You won’t be able to generate anywhere near $519 per day. Trust me on this.

First they have you join Click Bank. Once you get an ID you will put it on your website.

Once you are all set up you will start watching the first of many short videos. Which are basic information which includes stuff like:

Article marketing (4 videos), Guest posting (3 videos), Forum marketing (2 videos)
Blog commenting (2 videos), Press release (4 videos), Solo Ads (6 videos)

Most of these posting jobs you will now have will take plenty of time to do. Lots of time. There is no way just five minutes a day that you could profit anything close to what they suggest.

Also as an ex-solo ads businessman, I know first hand that solos are a way to get some of the worst traffic ever online. And it can cost you upwards of $33.00 dollars on up for each click for each visitor that sees your ad or sales page. (website)

Is The Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam?

No. It is someone who has made some videos on training. And allows you to become a partner so to speak. All the talk about having license is just a way for them to say you are helping them. When in fact they are selling you info that you have to learn to make work. 

It is just a terrible way to try and make enough money for groceries, even. Reason being is, the Click Bank products you will be trying to sell are just awful! Their system is based on teaching you some fundamentals about marketing and having you try to sell click bank products which pay very little to begin with.

Not a great way to begin here online.

All the info they sell you is free here online at this place I mention in my number one rated review: 

Wealthy Affiliate Review-2019-How To Earn Serious Cash Flows

When and if you ever do get a sale it will be very small earnings. $3 dollars for working most of the day. You will be getting small commissions on what you do promote. Some say a small slice of the pie is better than no slice at all. But not really. Not if you have to work your ass off for it and it is not enough to buy groceries each week!

Basically you are on your own. They will not help get you the traffic you need. There is no support help. There is no coach. 

Charging You To Learn Basic Marketing 

The 5 Minute Profit Sites Target is YOU

They are advertising and getting traffic to sell you on their information that teaches you a bit of basics about marketing. A skill which can take years to master. So, if I were you and I wanted to earn income online, enough to live on, I would take what money I have and invest in MYSELF! Yes!

You can promote yourself and any product you like just by learning the simple steps to do just that. Below is a free of cost link to a review that will help you decide on what business you should start.

Read My #1 Review On Legit Ways To Earn A Great Income–Go click Here Now

The conclusion to Five Minute Profit Sites

Many people fail to make money online because they spend their money chasing the dream of being able to do nothing and still have money flow-in. There is no freeway or even a paid way to sit back and collect cash from any such program online today. It will never happen, also. But you can earn huge profits by learning to become a top-notch marketing affiliate.

Today information is key. But also you need to learn more advanced training that puts you in the drivers seat. Not just the basics. Why promote someone else when you can learn to earn for yourself starting out? Learn where to find FREE TRAINING So You Can Master Affiliate Skills!

Don’t be tied down to some program. The big bucks if you are willing to spend the time and the effort to make it happen are within reach!

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