Five Things the most Productive People do Each Day

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We get so caught up in checking emails, spending time on the phone texting…that we cannot find enough time to be productive. Years ago we did not have these types of problems. Check out what happens below in this video.



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4 Responses

  1. Gary


    I really appreciate this video. It helps to solidify in my mind what I try to do most days as I am working from home.

    All 5 points are key and I have found that this is pretty much how I have taught myself to work over the years of self-employment.

    So much has to do with simple organization and self control. While this may not be for everyone, I live it every day.

    Great information and I love your whole site, keep up the great work keeping folks safe online.
    My best,


    • Rick

      yES A GREAT VIDEO. I needed it myself so I try to watch it every now and then. I also set my email checking to 10-2-4 like the coca cola ad years ago. wait til ten, and then check,,,wait til 2 and do a check,
      wait til 4 and get all there is and more! Thanks, hope to see you stop by again soon. Glad I could share something with someone here on the site.


  2. Dr. Susie Dillon

    I like the way you are welcoming all who failed at anything online!

    That was me until I found Wealthy Affiliate. I have been working with Rick for a few months and I can honestly say that he CAN put you to the test and show you how to be successful too.

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