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What Is FounderFly? Average Video Training Lacking On Substance!


founderfly review
Ryan Lee – Creator/Owner of FounderFly

Product Name: FounderFly

Product Owner: Ryan Lee

Price: $19.95/month ($1 trial)

Upsells: None


Rating: 50/100



Imagine having an all-in-one course or program that taught everything you needed to know about internet marketing and how to make money online? That is exactly the claim made by the Founder Fly course. This Ryan Lee FounderFly Review will focus on exactly what is included with the membership and whether or not it is a legitimate program that can help? So as yourself after reading this review…what is Founderfly? You will easily be able to answer that question.


what is founderfly?


Ryan Lee FounderFly Review


You may have heard the name of Ryan Lee before. After all, he has been around the internet marketing game for quite some time. An ex-school teacher who made it big online, now he wants tot each you how to become a big success with internet marketing. This Ryan Lee FounderFly review is going to focus only on the FounderFly membership site he has created.

Overall, I think you can find some decent information at this site about internet marketing. Having said that, I also think the site tries to do too much. Way too much. Instead of taking a more narrow focus on some aspect of internet marketing, it proposes to teach you everything.

That is quite an ambitious goal for www founderfly com. So the question then becomes does the program live up to this claim or is it another Founder Fly scam?


what is founderfly


What Comes With FounderFly – The Founder Fly Membership


You will find only video training available here at the membership site. Unfortunately, it is not even a lot of FounderFly membership video training. With just about 40 videos, there is no way you are going to learn all there is to know about internet marketing from this site.

On top of this, the training is not as good as it could be since there really is no logical pattern to the videos themselves. It can even be quite confusing to a seasoned internet marketer. I can only imagine the new person taking a look at this site and being simply overwhelmed. Then, not having any type of layout or direction to follow would be simply scary for someone just getting started.


what is founderfly


Is Founder Fly A Scam?


On the other hand, it was nice to see there were NO UPSELLS with this training program. That is pretty rare in the online world of today filled with scam artists and overhyped videos. I also did not find the initial sales presentation overly hyped or using too much sales pressure. In fact, it was pretty easy and smooth to go through. To answer the question of is Founder Fly a scam, I would have to say it is a legitimate program.

The price is also not going to be a stumbling block. In fact, you will find that they even offer a $1 trial. However, I don’t like the fact that it is only a 3 day trial. Normally, this would not be a big concern with the Founder Fly course, but it can actually take a few days for Clickbank to process a refund or cancellation request. Which means that this trial is almost worthless. At which point, your FounderFly membership will go up to the price of $19.95 per month.


What About Other Ryan Lee FounderFly Reviews?


One of the biggest complaints about this program, other than not really being able to cancel within the 3 day time limit, is the fact that the course is not updated regularly. Many of the Ryan Lee FounderFly reviews online mention this fact, noting that with only 40 videos it is updated very rarely. Another big sticking point for people new to internet marketing is that the online forum and community here is not very active either.

You will also find a lot of old tactics discussed within those 40 videos. A close look at these FounderFly reviews shows there is still content on the site from all the way back in 2012. Sadly, either Ryan Lee or the folks behind the www founderfly com site really don’t care a whole lot about making sure their customers have only the best and most up-to-date information.

Find programs that are being updated regularly if you want the best bang for the buck or a system that is proven to work. Check this program out. Wealthy Affiliate. At least they update it each week!

Sure, there are many things from a few years ago that still work very effectively. But many of the techniques used even just a few months ago have been replaced. A training site that claims to show you how to make an online income yet doesn’t stay ahead of the curve on these things really should not be trusted.

I suppose the biggest issue is that it can be a challenge to update videos. You really can’t pull out a piece and replace it with something else; instead, they need to be redone. With some of his videos being over an hour long, it’s easy to see why the site doesn’t remain as updated as it should be. Which means that the customers who purchase Founder Fly end up suffering for their decision to get training in the wrong place.

 founder flys review

Is Founder Fly Legit?


The main question is whether or not this training can help you. Is Founder Fly legit as a program and as a business help or tool? Sure, it is legit since the company is above board and they don’t simply take your money and run away. However, they also do everything possible to make sure you at least make it to the first regular billing cycle and they don’t bother to see if you are given updated information.

On top of this, there are some stylistic problems with the videos as well. Many sites will give you the option of downloading a transcript or some of type of text based training in addition to video. But FounderFly by Ryan Lee sticks doggedly to only video training. No pdf files, no text, nothing else. The video is also rather low quality in some instances and it is even difficult to follow. There really is no logical progression or any decent starting point.


Bottom Line – Who Should Purchase FounderFly?


This is clearly not for those new to the world of internet marketing. If you purchase FounderFly, you will see the videos (many of them anyway) actually assume you already have a fair amount of knowledge in website creation and making money online. I think some of the more experienced internet marketers out there might benefit a little from this, but even they will still need to search through 40+ videos to pick out those golden knowledge of online income creation.


Final Words About FounderFly


Ryan Lee’s FounderFly is a legitimate product which contains a lot of content but lacks substance; particularly missing are substantial updates. Some of the teachings are grossly out dated and could lead to severe penalties by Google.

Those of you looking to actually get started, learn what to do, and make money online should stay away from FounderFly by Ryan Lee. Instead, focus on a course like our top recommendation. It teaches a much easier method and all of the training is regularly updated. You will get only those tactics and techniques working online TODAY, not what worked 3 years ago and could get your website slapped by Google today.

founders fly review
See what everyone is shouting about!


What Next?


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