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Why are you wanting to Blog? Financial Success? People have more than one reason to blog, nowadays. But finding free blog sites may not be the real question being asked. There is a fundamental division in the blogosphere today. Amateurs and people who need to run a blog for professional purposes. Regardless of the reason, it is possible to get started blogging for free. The difficult part would be trying to do it all for free. Or on a limited budget. It can be done however, with the right training platform.

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Learn How to Blog For Free


Here are a few tips for absolute beginners:  There are many free blog places that traing and get you started. However many of them tie you in to where you cannot get free except for leaving! So to get you started at the right place means finding the right place. Many of the free blogs operate within a closed circuit. You can see this as being in a free park or in the same classroom with another group of people.  You can interact with them, and those are the only people you can reach. For a lot of people this is enough, but for those trying to run a business or make a good income from it, you are in for a big surprise.

Self-expression and reaching out on the Internet to find people who may not live in your neighborhood are the main reasons for starting a blog.  A free blog can also be a great way to stay in touch with relatives and friends who are not immediately available to you anymore – perhaps you moved to take a job, for example. 




Why Do You Want To Blog in the First Place? a Free Place to Blog

Free blogging can help with business, but mostly it is a slow method for building a network and finding customers, akin to using public transport, a bike or rides from others in contrast to driving oneself someplace. So why you want a free blog site probably has little to do with why you may want to blog. If you are blogging for to increase traffic, free is not the way to be.

Sometimes, people invest a lot of energy and time into creating everything that underpins being able to blog. They want to at least earn back what they put into it, time wise. Most free blog companies have long since earned their original investment back, but we can’t tell that from where we are. 




Problems with FREE Blogging


 How to Start Your Blog

The biggest problems with free blogging is that it’s limited. The layout of your blog will be very plain. The audience that the blog can reach will be much smaller. One normally has to read and reply to the blogs of others to get even one response at their own blog. 

To give a real world example: I blogged for free for one year and who read my blog more than once during that year?  My father, one Facebook friend who is a woman, and one woman who I actually also spent time with socially a few times a month.  

As it is now, that blog is very plain and can still be read by some people but mostly, unless I make a big enough fuss or drama about it, no one even notices it more than a few times a year – except my father who lives thousands of miles from where I live. I am old enough for that to be considered acceptable in many families. 


 More to Blogging Than Meets the Eye


Now that we have covered the concepts, let’s go into the procedures. To have your blog reach a wider market, you will end up having to buy a Domain Name or use one you already own. Domain Names and web hosting are not expensive but if this is really your first time, these additional expenses may come as quite a surprise. All this is FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.

A catchy name, or your own name with matching Domain Name is vital. The next big expenditure for your blog will be the theme and then however you customize the blog site. There are many pre-packaged blog designs which are good enough for many, but may start to feel embarrassing – like if you go to school or work and everyone is wearing the same skirt or blouse even when there is no school uniform. Now and then that’s cute, but not too much. 



The total monthly cost of maintaining a low cost, but snazzy and professional blog can be as low $30/month or as much as $140/month, especially when you get into using photos you need to pay for, plug ins and getting buttons installed to send your readers to social networks and so on. 

There are several ways to advertise with your blog. You can put ads into your blog and you can spend to promote it.  Google Adwords, and Adsense are examples of names of advertising features for your blog. 

WordPress and Blogger are 2 of the most dominant names in blogging in 2015. 

Like so much in life, people do not get all the same results when they try the same things. There are basic standards that most people can reach and there are outlaws who cannot do what is normal or who excel to varying degrees. When everyone sees the rich pro blogger is like having the kid who grows up to be an NFL football star in your physical education class at school.

There is a difference and you can tell – but you should not expect yourself and all the other kids to get the same results at every level. There really are people who go online to play around and start astounding businesses or they get rich from their blog that they are the exception rather than the rule. It is wise to know that going into it.


Things People do not Know About Blogging


In order to earn huge amounts of money blogging (this means you) You are going to have to work 8 to 10 hours each day, even when you don’t want to, and blog your buns off. The great bloggers of our time have such a passion for blogging they would choose to die doing this at 30 than to live and not do it to become the ripe old age of 150! That’s correct. Live, eat, think, and write… All day long, even when you are sick and don’t feel like it.





I say this because I’ve heard it many times. You may hear everyone tell you it is easy and anyone can do it, true. But to become wealthy or even earn a decent living at it one will be working at this trade just like a real job that starts out paying minimum wage and with someone cracking the whip over your back!

Without this sense of what it takes, you will have a rude awakening later on when you wonder why after three months… Or years, you are not earning any money. You will ask, “What am I doing Wrong!”

What you are doing wrong is everything! A blogger takes to blogging like a cow would take to pasture. A cow will chew their cud and eat all day long. This is what makes them a cow. To become a real live honest to goodness blogger, you will have to do the same. Live in exile! Nothing will be as it should be. You will be with ball and chain for possibly the rest of your life. Just because blogging is a full time job!

No Passion, No Blogger.




Learn a Skill that Teaches You How to Blog


Wealthy Affiliate/Blogger Training

Many times I hear someone wanting to Blog. I ask them if they know anything about blogging. They say no. I talk to them and find out all they really want to do is make money online. Making money with blogging is tough to do unless you build a skill in marketing your blog. You can be a great blogger and never make money, because you haven’t learned the skill of marketing. To learn this skill in a few days, turn to a well known free training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Once you learn you will be able to sell anything online, either through your blog, or just through a website such as this. 

You will be taught to put in text links like this one. Wealthy Affiliate Review. This program teaches you to Blog, Write Articles, Advertise Products/Services, and sell ourselves by reaching thousands of interested people on the internet today. Meaning how to get traffic to your blog. The trick to marketing are the strategies you use to connect with all these hungry people. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that teaches how to do this, and it is FREE. They will also teach you how to be a huge Blogger!

Sign up today and check them out to see if it the training you need to get your blogging off the ground. This Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of would be Bloggers you can communicate with every day and talk back and forth in live chat. Get your answers you seek by this time tomorrow! 

One thing I ask you to do. Stop trying to do all your learning for FREE! Our time is not free and holds a great value. A few dollars spent for the right tools will get you much further than slowing down the process and getting free stuff!



The answer to how to learn to blog for free is right here at your fingertips! click on Wealthy Affiliate and start your journey of Blogging to the World!


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  1. Randy


    Sure wish I’d have read this a few years back! When I started blogging it was totally to share little corners of my life with the world. I didn’t have a plan and had no idea how to make money at it… didn’t even consider making money at it.

    If I had of read this, I’d have been light years ahead in my blogging and direction. What an awesome tool box of info ya’ have here. I’m really liking this WA thing!

    Thank ya’ partner,


    • Rick

      Thanks Randy. I am wishing you well, as well. Thanks for the comments to the article. I see you have made much progress yourself at Wealthy Affiliate and I know you are busy helping ohters as I am. Let’s keep the momentum rolling!


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