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“Let’s not waste any more time…”


First of all, you need up-to-date-training that works. Not old material from the 80’s or stuff like that. 

What is doable today has changed compared to the years before. Information age is upon us all. What was working  just a few years ago does not work today.

As an experienced SEO & Paid Ads Marketeer I know there is NO one solution that fits your niche when it comes to begin able to capitalize on earning big revenue. But there maybe two or three strategies or more that would be best for any one type of business. And there are few affiliate marketing courses and training that reflect this.


This Training at Wealthy Affiliate is just that–A place where you can learn what works for you.

The First Law Of Success — Get Started ASAP> Do you see the sign below? Is it Your Calling? Could it be? Is it?

If you want to earn about $10,000.00 per month you can easily do it. But first you must build a certain set of skills. Doctors don’t just start operating before they get their education right?

And neither will you make money or even earn money before you understand the advanced formula for Online Marketing. While here at WA you can even earn income while you learn !

Are you ready to see how it all works? 



Dream Big Or Go HOME


It’s great to dream about living a stress-free, debt-free life. And online learning products can  play a part in realizing this dream. But you have to take action. Good advice is one thing, but taking good action is certainly another. Here are some tips to get you moving and keep you moving:


✓ Make a good and ongoing list of content ideas. As an online marketer, you will need to create lots of words to conquer your corner of the Internet. And ideas are the cornerstone.


✓ The more you focus on ideas, the more they’ll come to you at all hours of the day and night. You can keep a reminder in different areas of your home or office to keep focused on building your dream.


✓ Work every day of the week.  But get one day of rest!

No, this doesn’t mean you have to become an absolute slave to your dreama. But it does mean that by working each day, even on days you can only devote 20 minutes or so to your project, that you’ll keep the momentum going. Break the day up. Or work straight through for several hours at a time. Do whatever works best for you. But just do it.


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Take Action Today!


Of course, taking action is great — and essential. But without thoughtful and well-planned out work, you’re really just spinning your wheels. Like the hamster in a cage who’s doing a lot of work but not really going anywhere.  Here are some ideas to make a good plan and keep it on track.


✓ Find partners with strengths that complement yours. Are you a great technologist and take naturally to learning new technical concepts for implementing your site? Great, but you might not be so great at marketing or writing. Find someone who can help you get your ideas across. And vice verse, you may be great at “telling the story”, but not so great at manipulating code. Don’t spend countless hours trying to learn everything about CSS or HTML. Leverage the knowledge of those in the know.


✓ Don’t make Too Many Plans — You should keep your plan small. Any by small plan, I don’t mean small dreams. But it is important to express your plans in simple and direct ways that give you a clearly defined path to success. Otherwise, you are likely to fail. After all, wouldn’t it be better to have a $1000 goal and plan that you complete than a $1 million goal that is so complex you never really get started?


Third Law of Success: You are Part of Your Success



The support you need is here!
The support you need is here!

There are free online training courses that will give you advice on all the strategies, techniques and tactics. But of the three secrets of essential

learning, the most important is what? 

You. Of Course! That’s right, there are millions of content marketers on the internet, and if you are going to stand out, you have to really stand out.

Develop Your Online Personality — Whether you are providing information on the latest electronic gadgets or essential learning online, you should have a unique and compelling voice. Make your content fun. Make it unique.
Make it whatever fits your personality. But always make it your own. By doing so, you’ll get folks subscribing to your RSS feeds, reading your newsletters and bookmarking your sites. They want to get to know you.
Have A Unique Perspective — No one wants to read the same old rehashed material over and over again. So, even if you are writing on a well-known topic, take the time to digest the material thoroughly and present it in a new and fresh way.  Make it your own.


Are you ready for “YOUR Very OWN” Internet Success?

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Most of the advice in this article is really just common sense. But it bears repeating, like all good life insights. Get moving on a plan, have a workable plan and throw your whole self into the project.

Work on your new business every day until it starts to pay you for your efforts!

Visit The Wealthy Affiliate for more great ideas and a great community for helping you achieve your online goals.  There are 200 ways to make money there, and they offer the support and the training you need.

Conclusion To People Having Success On The Internet

My name is Rick Bell and I created the website Downhill Money for you.  DHM, or Downhill Money is an internet Affiliate Marketing Review website that teaches newbies where and how to make money online starting when starting out even without cash, experience, or requirements!

I help people save money so they cannot get ripped off by the many of the thousands  of program scams on the market today. If you have a question you would like to ask please do so by leaving a comment in box.  I will get back to with an answer.

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To Our Success!

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12 Responses

  1. Jim Coffey II

    Hey Rick,
    Just wanted to stop by from WA and check out your site. Great Job! You certainly know what you’re doing. Your website looks great and you certainly have a very interesting audience.
    I love how you lay out the process for everyone. You’re passion shows and you handle things like a Pro over here. I’m taking notes and learning.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to following your amazing journey at WA.

    • Rick

      Thanks for the thumbs up. Marketing takes very little effort once things are set up. Then mostly stuff runs on autopilot and the money starts to flow. Rick

  2. Nathaniell

    Hey Rick, FYI You are using my images on this page and you do not have permission to use them.

  3. Mark

    Hi Rick – Your Free Online Learning Course should be a must for anyone starting out on the internet marketing journey. The points you have covered are so straight forward and so accurate that they don’t seem real.
    It all boils down to a two simple facts acquire the knowledge and take consistent action.
    Really enjoyed reading your post

    • Rick

      Thank you for the comment. Anyone wanting to learn online marketing can connect with me asap. I help others for free in my spare time now. Boy what I would have given for this opportunity when I got my start!
      Thanks again Mark!


  4. Patrick

    Hi Rick,
    You have done a wonderful job here with all this information on how to get started.
    I am sure that I may go back and make many improvements to my efforts in my website that runs along similar lines…?
    I am curious as to how long it took you to get this far with the large number of products you have written about.
    But hell’ this is great work, and very well done.

    • Rick

      This particular website is 14 months old and growing. I have others I work on as well. So this is a part time endeaver here with this one. Thank you for the compliments and hope your site is gaining momentum as we speak. Let me know if you need anything, or even advise.


  5. Jen Langley

    Hi Rick. I really like the points you make in this article, especially about having a unique perspective. It’s good to be your own self if that makes sense, and have your own point of view. That will set you apart from all the other online marketers. People want YOU and not just some online figure telling them how to make money. You are very personable and relate well which is one reason I decided to comment and ask some questions.

    How long does it take to typically create a website, and do you need many technical skills? Is Wealthy Affiliate good for newbies and experienced people as well?

    May I also ask about how much time a person should devote to starting and running their own online business? If it takes most of your free time at the beginning, does that ever slow down, once the money starts coming in?

    Thank you!

    Jen Langley

    • Rick

      Actually to create a website is the easy part. If you go to the program wealthy affiliate or Six figure Mentors. You will see you can do this in under a few minutes. Sure affiliate marketing, What I do, is definitely easy to get started with, and one of the most sought after online marketing ways where you do the least amount of work and get the most for it! Reviewing others products and programs leaves you with nothing to handle, ship or deal with. You are selling others products for a commission so you never deal with any of the things they have to go through.
      I think a person starting out would be best suited to work at least 10 hours a week. Just to see some headway each time they sit down in front of the computer. One thing about building a business is that it takes time and energy on your part. But, once you get all the work done initially you can work less in the future and maintain an automatic system that is practically working for you.
      thanks for stopping by.
      I would suggest signing with Wealthy Affiliate if I were you.
      Talk to you when you sign in!

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