Freedom Profits Review – EASY Money Making System?

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Product Type: Video Freelance Training

Owners: Mosh Bari, Jason Fulton, Abdullah Ashraf


Price: $12.95 + 5 Upsells to $197 

freedom profits is legit

In my Freedom Profits Review we discover another product that may help you if you enjoy freelancing. We didn’t have to buy this product to research it as we already know what it is about. Freedom Profits.

Freedom Profits is training which teaches you all about ways to leverage your own skill set. Then teaches you how to us 25 different platforms so you can get the word out of your new service. Providing them with your own portfolio of skill sets.

Since you are buying a bit of training you then learn and spend your free time creating your own freelance business while building a unique portfolio of your services.

Product Summary:

Freedom Profits says it will have you making 3 figures daily like clock worth without risk. So you earn a minimum of $100 per day. Again, Without Risk. The program was opened up to Beta Testers and the proof shows us it can work. 

The problem is you trade your time at first and do not get paid right away. Depending on your varied skill set will depend on your payday. No skills, no pay. 

Yet the program says you don’t need any skills?

Freedom Profits is all about Leveraging platforms here on the internet. Do you have the skill, though?


Mosh Bari, Jason Fulton, Abdullah Ashraf



What Is Freedom Profits About?

Freedom Profits teaches you the long game of becoming your own company and professional money machine.

It teaches you how to scale a long term plan into long term business that will grow as you grow.

Spend less time to make more money? Not so fast. It means learning the long game where they teach you to leverage other companies using your growing skills as a marketer.

Cloud based software allows you to make money faster, and of course risk free from anywhere in the world. 

We’ve not seen any software other than Upwork at work but the whole nut in the nutshell is training on how to become a freelancer and get jobs from the Upwork Software

If you take the time to watch the video you will understand more about how Freedom Profits covers and how it works. 

Is Freedom Profit A Scam?

So is Freedom Profit a Scam? 

We don’t agree with the super hype sales content of the sales page exactly but the training would actually work if you had some sales skills and you could leverage people who are looking for freelancers like yourself. 

You pitch to get the work, then you do the work, then you get paid for the work. 

Is this not something you can do anywhere at any time? Well, it helps that you have the online presense of Upwork Software platform and you are willing to use it daily.

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How Much Does It Cost?

its basically cheap. $12.95. We think the low price is relative since no one is going to want to pay more for training that has no guarantee listed for it. 

There are also upsells which they recommend buying:

The Upsells:

OTO 1: $37 Done For You Freedom Profits System – Down Sell $17.00

OTO 2: $197 Freedom Profits Guaranteed Success

OTO 3: $47 Freedom Profits Secret Strategy – Down Sell $27.00

OTO 4: $77 Set This Up On Autopilot – Down Sell $47.00

OTO 5: $97 License rights – Down Sell $47.00

What I Liked About The Training

It’s very good training in fact. Yet this product training is not for the feint of heart. It means you have your own special skills that you can put to work once you find someone that needs them. 

The steps included in the training are:

1. What is Freedom Profits System

2. How does it work?

3. Why Follow Freedom Profits?

4. Anatomy of a product display

5. Identify your skills…see I told you about needing some skill!

6. Creative work

7. Mass Exposure

8. Test your skills

9. Expand Your Portfolio

10. 35 Shots

11. The perfect proposal

Using platforms like Upload, fiverr, Freelancer, to host your new services. 

There is even more training and coaching if you get inside the Freedom Profits Guaranteed Success Group. As they mention more strategies there, and also some of their secrets which you will learn. Yet it is $197 with no guarantee or refund.

Freedom Profits Lead Gen Software

The software you will be using is a basic yellow page scraper. You can use any scraper you like but the one they have inside is basically a free scraper for Yellow Pages. (Scraper Software Included)

You simply get good at doing one thing, then paste your portfolio over to 25 different such type platforms. Multiplying your chances to be able to find someone wanting this service. As you work this you get better at finding more skills of yours you can freelance.

freedom profits upsells/down sells

What I Liked About The Training

The training is really spot on about this leveraging business. And there is enough of it there to help you along to becoming a freelancer with skills. 

Once you know your skills. Or even if you have to find them, you will then be able to publish yourself and your services to enough online platforms that you can earn money doing what you like doing, and working from anywhere in the world you have an internet and a laptop.

Why The Training Is Not Good Enough

Even though you are taken by the hand and led to become your own freelancer. This is not for everyone. Most people will find the information here is just a snippet of what all information is really needed to began to ply ones trade as a freelancer on the internet.

It is a beginning though so I approve of the price and the training as a starter member seeking to become a freelancer.

owners: Mosh Bari, Jason Fulton, Abdullah Ashraf

These 3 are listed as the ones who came up with this, yet: Mosh Bari, Jason Fulton, Abdullah Ashraf .

Yet Abdullah Ashraf  is the real imput behind the system and the training. He is in the case study showing you his results after doing this for some odd years. 

He shows proof of himself even back in 2016 making $5000 dollars and said he did it in only 6 months. However, if you do not have these same skill sets you would not ever earn that much money your first year.

Will Freedom Profit Help You Make Money?

It is likely no. Not unless you are already skilled in some way which you can sell your services via a freelance platform. 

By buying this product you our team does not think you would be able to pull it off. Not really. Perhaps it is why they suggest you get the up-sells. Which you can buy even after you are in with the main profit Freedom Profits.

If you already have a SKILL!

They will help you find your skill if you don’t know if you have one. Check these areas to see where yours may lie.

Logo Designs

Content Writing

Graphic Design

Marketing & Public relations


Teaching & Tutoring

Virtual Call Centers

Video production

Website design

Web Research

3D Modelling

SEO (Search Engine Optimizing)


and then some more

Anything? Have you recently even thought that you might already be skilled at something? The above list is just some basic stuff. You could really be somewhere in-between.

Do you have the skills it would take to become a freelancer? If not then pass up on this product!

freedom profits case study

There is certainly Risk involved in learning new things. If you aren’t able to master a skill that you can provide others that you really do like doing, you risk all the time and effort up until you decide to quit. 

5 figures per month is not uncommon here online. However if you trade your time and you never succeed, you never can get that time back. So you lose.

Would I Recommend You Buy Freedom Profits?

I certainly know why you would ask us this. Would I recommend buying the Freedom Profits? Honestly if I thought you were really interested in this way of work, yes, I would have you buy it so that you can get a glimpse of what it entails. 

Even if it is not the entire training of becoming a freelancer. You will need to read many books on the subject of being a freelancer before ever writing out proposals to list on the 25 platforms Freedom Profits show you to list your work on.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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