Funnelize Review – 8 Massively Effective Funnels, Cheat-Sheets, Case Studies, And More…

Product Name: Funnelize
Product Founder: JAYKAY DOWDALL
Kind Of Product: Funnel System 
Price: $37.00 – $169.00
Rating: 9 out of 10



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Build Yourself A Marketing Email List Like Pros!


Funnelize certainly seems to be a newbie friendly training program. It comes with 8 highly profitable funnels all ready made for your use in marketing. These funnels have been tested and are done with case studies backing their results.

Anyone from a newbie to an advanced marketer can now get the kind of conversion results that six-figure earners are getting. Or so JayKay Dowdall says…

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JayKay Dowdall has quite possibly over delivered. I mean 8 funnels that will help your buisness convert and allow you to earn more money? All for less than $40 bucks?

If these are email Funnels that help you build your list…It would be an amazing find. Similar email funnel set ups could cost hundreds and even thousands to have someone create for your business.

But you get 8 top funnels for just $37 bucks? Super great deal and so far I’m liking it.

Because I myself struggle with large ticket items…like $1500.00 sales. And I know thousands of new marketers every day are struggling to convert simple products that cost just a few bucks. But what if all that could change for us?

That means Funnelize is able to step in and allow marketers to create your own niche perfect funnel system that gets you more new subscribers and more conversions at the same time. Now that would change the game for many.


His training says this will help you to understand something normally complex. and turn it into a simple, easy to follow and profitable blueprint. 

These top 8 new profit funnels suggest you can now grow a huge email list of subscribers…As many as you want. Along with showing you how to inspire them to buy and continue to buy from you at the same time. 

Funnelize comes with a 30-day money back guarantee: Why not try it? I’m going to! Just click on the video above and see if it is something that will help you within your niche business.


Having repeat sales is a huge chore to try and do daily. But to have a perfect funnel multiply your earnings over night? That would indeed be a super achievement. 
if you’ve had problems with traffic, conversions, email lists, and have had trouble making sales on low to mid-ticket products, even affiliate products, this is a program you won’t want to miss out on. 

One thing I see right off is that JayKay has really put together one extensive package deal for a very low price. And it appears to be much of the information people have trouble with. Funnels that Work! Funnelize, if it does work, will be one of the greatest training and informational products to come up in all of 2018! 

As review writers, and marketers ourselves we try to help millions of people find the best products they need to have success. The problem is very few of these ever are ever created or found. Funnelize is the exception!



What is Funnelize About?


The Funnelize training includes hours upon hours of information on email type funnels, along with top profit software funnels that have been already pretested. It appears that Ccase studies have been included with the education to show you their success potential.

The funnelize program also gives you free training on how to get the traffic to these funnels as well as making them your own. So no matter what niche you’re in, this is a solution that would be of major help to anyone promoting affiliate products or even there on products.

Funnelize will work for you as long as you’re within the market price range of what these funnels best convert at…Which JayKay says you want to be promoting products that have a low to a medium price range.

JayKay does include specialized training on how to use these templates effectively.

Also how funnelize will help you solve the conversion problems you may be having. There is plenty of education to be able to process the given formulas included within the package.

He also talks about creating special high ticket formulas as well, which he shares with those doing high ticket sales. 


What You Get:

  • Complete Free Traffic Training 
  • Intermediate Paid Traffic Training
  • Advanced Retargeting Training
  • Complete White Hat Training
  • Beginner Friendly, Expert Potential Training for Newbies
  • Actionable Content That Gets Results
  • 8 Massively Effective Funnels, Cheat Sheets, Case Studies
  • Action Based; Set up a range of funnels to build your list make sales”
    and more…
  • Over 30 Videos Cheat Sheets and More…


What About Funnelize’s Upsales & Bonuses?

Do I Need These? Will They Help?

Now if you are a marketer who plans to be here earning a living, then yes. The reason being; The first offer sounds like an incredible value in itself. OTO1 Offer-Funnelize Black Book for $37 dollars… I talk about it below…But this is some super powerful funnels that JayKay discusses, hacked and even reinvented and refurbished to really work to earn big six figure paydays!

Next is his second offer, OTO2, Funnelize University, which you pay $47 one time for an incredible LIFETIME Membership. It is going up for sure…and may cost this every month. But what you get is a life time membership to Facebook, where you can get even more value, education, and communicate with other like minded individuals.

Last but not least is his 3rd offer, OTO3, The DFY High Ticket Funnel for $197.00 I feel if you any of you have failed up until now to earn money online, this may be the very thing you need. It is a completed customized funnel that will be YOURS. And the results should have you earning commissions instantly…At least once they build it for you. May take 30 days. But, you will be on your way to earning rather large commissions.

Here’s why, and also more detail about what all you’ll be getting…If You Go All IN!

The first thing you will want to have is the ability to be able to duplicate what many other top marketers have done in the past. You will be able to do that with the 8 profit funnels that JayKay gives you for just $37 bucks.

But why would you pass up on something just as incredible like the Black Book? He called it a brown book as the color of it was not quite black. So do we get a book? Or is it a digital product. Regarldess we get whats in it…


Funnelize Black Book 

You will now have the top guru Black Book that Jay has himself gone created using the top marketing gurus expert copy. He has gone in and hacked by reverse engineering and masterminding to show you why they will work for you. How and why they work, and many other reasons you can use this same formated proven, top marketing funnels yourself.

Not sure if you’ve heard of some of these top marketers but Brunson, Anik and many more are present who do make large paychecks from their digital information and training. 

Why would anyone not want to see these re-engineered proven top paying funnels? And have them dissected right in front of us?

You get 10 Guru Funnels in all. And you will now forever have your very own workshop of top headlines that have pulled millions of dollars from the pockets of visitors. If I had this I would call it… My New Blueprint To My New Life Style Of Living!


Funnelize University

What more could you want then a community of like-minded students and even advanced marketers who are moving forward with daily sales? The group is on Facebook and offers free membership for just a one time fee of $47 bucks. 

It is believed that this cost will be about $37 monthly once the launch is over and done with. Reason being is Jay will be adding so much more training to this platform and community that you will surely miss if you don’t become a part of this.

What do you get inside the group?

  • One on One Feedback
  • Live Training
  • Reverse Engineering Training
  • Advanced Tutorials and Much More…




Glad you asked. The cost is $197 one time payment. But what you get is an incredible value of you yourself being put on the webinar that Jay creates and sales high ticket items. 

It is probably the most helpful part of the whole package for someone of you who have not ever created a successful funnel, webinar, or have yet to have success with product sales. Especially those of you who have not been able to sell high ticket items such as this one.

Which means they do all the work for you to add your name and information to a webinar that they build up on your behalf. It is their product of course so you have to abide by some strict guidelines, But it is essentially a money-making funnel in which they build and customize for you.

If you’re a good fit for the whole process they will go to work and spend the next 30 days preparing a webinar that includes you yourself in which you get half the commissions. The product is $1000 dollars. So when the sales come in you get $497. 00.



Is Funnelize A Scam?


Funnelize in itself appears to have plenty of value arranged around the desire for marketers to convert from sales of product. To convert you have to be able to make people believe in your product. Is Funnelize a scam then? Of course, it wouldn’t be a scam. 

Funnelize is not a scam. But an education and training platform full of important information.

I do not think that the products JayKay has been putting out recently through warrior plus are ever scams. They seem to have great value and these educational programs do help people with marketing in some way. Which means he is delivering value for what the price he charges. 

And for me, anyone doing that is working way harder than you might ever believe. Not to just make money, but to deliver more value than the money is actually worth. That is how you get results and have success with marketing.


Are You Tired Of Trying To Convert And Earn Income?


Tired? Exhausted? Failing? Or,  are you just tired of spinning your wheels and hitting dead ends too much? Perhaps you’ve spent more money on Facebook Advertising then you’ve earned back of late. Well, Funnelize, Funnelize Black Book, Funnelize Univerity and Funnelize DFY High Ticket Funnel could be your solution.

Sometimes marketing is a group effort. Like building a house. Have you ever wanted to build a house and then just thought about having to do it all by yourself?

Shoot! Too much to even think about…And, way too difficult. And would take you years. But with the help of contractors to do the things you don’t want to do, you can move much faster and get the house built in a week or even a few months.

As a marketer myself here online for the last five years. I myself will take advantage of using this training of JayKay’s Funnelize Helper.

We never ever get too good at what we do!

That’s just a fact. As the industry is always and forever changing. We have to keep updating what works and what is working now. 

  • I recommend if you buy nothing else, Get the Funnelize Program.
  • Then get the membership so you can get the help you need. The Funnelized University.

The reason why I recommend the University is, is you are a part of something bigger than yourself. And you will always be able to ask questions pertaining to funnels and conversions, show your funnel, get help from other members, and get special help even from Jay himself.

This I could have used years ago when I first got my start. Also, I’m about to start promoting super high ticket items in which I’ve had little practice thus far. This will be a huge asset!


My Conclusion To Funnelize


Regardless of your selection today. Or whether you are just interested to find out what is being offered. I do recommend checking out the product. It sounds like it will help lots of marketers. And it is guaranteed or your money back. That gives you permission to try it, test it, and even save some of the things you find out.

I will also be one of the members within the Facebook Group Who Will Help You Anytime You Need It. Just for taking into consideration my recommendation today!

Buy it from this page and you will get plenty of help when you need it. Funnelize Your Way To Success Starting Today


Believe this much: Many people pass up great opportunities in life. Whether too busy, too broke, or just too uncertain..Most the time, they are just not convinced enough at the time to pull out their wallet and spend money.

But if you are someone wanting to earn a living online? I recommend following those that know what they are talking about. Because in my opinion, JayKay Dowdall and his Funnelize Program will be a big help to you.


Now if perhaps you’ve been interested in earning online but you don’t really know what all I’ve been talking about, or not sure where to start. Hold off on this! The answer to your problems you are looking for is right here. Just read My #1 Recommended Course Outline to get your marketing education and training you need.

It is where I got my start and now earn a full time income from home. Working just a few hours each day.

I fully recommend checking out the review as it has helped tens of thousands of newbies, already. 

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