George Brown’s Predator another great Scam?

 George Brown’s Predator Scam Review!


gearge brown's predator
Who is this Predator?


Product Name: Predator 

Product Owner: George Brown

Advertised Price: $795 

Upsells: ???

Rating: 2/100




What is it? George Brown promoting his “famous” Predator Software!


Collecting email addresses and sending automatic unsolicited promotional emails? Sound boring? Well, I’m not at all impressed. In short it is an email contractor that can also send emails in bulk. This system is no better than Google Sniper, its just another quick way George has of selling people cheap ways to make himself money and making you think you will make millions in the process.




Could possibly send out mass amount of emails for you, without you having to do each one single handily.  It’s easy to get your money back from this program if you bought a support ticket with the program, if you bought it through Clickbank then you most likely will not be receiving your money.





 Believe it? Or NOT! Click on video to watch




The predator software program actually does the opposite of what it is marketed to do, it does not collect email addresses and sendsthem automatically without  unsolicited promotional emails.

In fact it collects the sites, but not the emails, and it sends out emails with the solicited offers. Which means you are not getting what you paid for. The software he uses is screwed up something terrible and he admits this as it is a first draft he says! ha!

Let’s also not forget that by using this program you are also doing something illegal, this program is made to be a professional spammer, something which is illegal. Using this program can get your email account frozen and get your IP address banned from ISP (Internet Service Provider). 


George Brown’s Predator Cost What? $800 Big Ones?


The advertised price of the George Brown Predator is $795, but that’s only the advertised price. Let’s not forget that once you purchase the program, you have to pay another $1,200 to get access to the program once you set it up. Even after you pay for the access to the program, there is still no way of using the program.  It is technically illegal.


Can You Say Illegal?


S0 are you wanting to do something illegal for a little bit of money now? You may be sitting in prison for a while! Or would you like to make good money now, excellent money later, and even retire to the Bahamas in less then 5 or 10 years? If so, check out the program review below which is my number one rated program so far.


Help from the Team and George Brown’s Predator Scam


You might as well forget about emailing, or even calling customer service to help you with the program. They don’t reply to the emails. If you try to call you will end up on an all day mission trying to locate the right number for George Brown and his associates. At least for this program. I’ve always said that support makes the difference between a real program and a fraudulent one.  Anytime you can talk to the person you bought the program from, and he is there on the other end of the phone, you have a much better chance of succeeding!


closed predator

D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y A Predator To Stay Away From–Can You Say Predator Scam Review?


I have to agree with all the rumors around town, and I have to go with all the information I’ve found. Along with all the disappointment and anger coming from the program Google Sniper, I will say that George Brown’s Predator is a scam and not only that it is illegal. He just came up with another way to take people’s money. Don’t let him take your money again

My name is Rick and I’ve been writing and reviewing online articles for a while now. I am trying to help those of you so you won’t fall victim to such frauds and cheats. That is the purpose of this website and my others sites. Helping others with the help I needed ten years ago. 

I like to say better later then never. And of course it is never to late to start making money online. Check out the number one review on this site and see for yourself. Wealthy Affiliate Review….a one time program needed to generate income for the rest of your life.


5 Responses

  1. DR Richard

    This guy is a crook–report to FTC–they will investigate him

    • Rick

      Well there are many more just like him. And if we spend time reporting people like this we would never have time to make real money online! Forget him and move on. The reviews are out there to warn people. Rick

  2. Richard

    Hi Rick

    I came across your site whilst looking for people who have suffered the same fate as me. I purchased George Brown’s Predator on 24th September 2014, after attending his webinar, and not thinking to look for any reviews, as George said the software had only been used by him and was in beta.

    After watching all the videos which took me about 5 days, I soon discovered that quite a number of the search elements did not work. After sending in support ticket after support ticket and not getting any replies I soon realized that I had been scammed. Just wondering how to get a refund as I paid with a debit card and not paypal. Expensive mistake!

    • Rick

      Paying with a debit card you would have to go through your bank and file a complaint that way…I believe.
      Some times we are not able to get refunded from these types of programs. So it is always buyer beware of course.
      That is what we do here though is try to catch people before they pay. Direct them to a program that does work,
      and a program that you can enjoy building and working with. Wealthy Affiliate of course is the one I use.

  3. Mikayla Cannon

    This one is definitely a big one, and its illegal. Staying away from this at all cost!. George Brown is all over the place these days.

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