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Is get.paid social legit




What is this? Is Get.Paid Social Non-sense? Everything that sounds too good to be true, normally is, and with the case of GetPaid.Social it appears the same thing is true. Nothing to sneeze about. 

Ouch! Spend hours doing tasks each day just to make back? The money you paid to sign up each month? Not my cup of tea! Shares and Likes to your website or url is not targeted traffic and will never result in people buying your product or program offer! What is Get Paid Social? 

Come on guys get serious here!

Members of GetPaid.Social post, simply pay others to do tasks of which other members get paid pennies for doing. Jeff Long is the creator with this Facebook Sub-group and asks each of us to become premium members to help boos the value and the payouts. 

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My GetPaid.Social review is based on years of my own experience with Social Groups being merely a false since of marketing numbers. There is no real help here unless you use Facebook for paid ads.



what is get paid social


In other words, GetPaid.Social is a task orientated group where you pay others to like and share your post, url, or videos. It also uses a referral system to recruit others. Yet, it appears Jeff Long is the one in the position to be making the real money. Everyone else has to spend all their time and effort just to  get paid pennies and awards…Even if your referral gets a referral, you only get paid about $2.00.

You can be a free member yet, what for? You get nothing but limitations. So the group is set up to run on putting money into the system by those who want to advertise using social media. Trouble is if you are having people click on your ad or url you’ve paid to have tasked.

You end up spending your money to have your url clicked on by hundreds of members just doing it for the money. Not because of value you share with others. People clicking on tasks are not going to care what your product or service is. That means your ads or videos do not reach a targeted market and you’ve just wasted any money you’ve spent trying to market this way.

The Tasks Performed on GetPaid.Social

These tasks are simple to do and take very little time, Sharing a post, liking a page, linking a website or content to Facebook. Even filling out forms, watching videos or following someone on Twitter.

Instantly Earn A FEW CENTS. Get your referrals to do tasks and create more rewards.

You instantly earn the reward after doing a task, yet these tasks are limited. If you are a free member you will only be allowed to perform a certain amount of tasks per day. So the group is designed to work and pay more out as long as you are paying your money to be a premium member.

is a scam?





Facebook Account Needed

The problem with Facebook and other social networks is the exposure people get from these type groups is only an ego builder. These are not real targeted leads you can use for a legit business.

You call them friends? They are just names. Not linked to you or available to promote to. I would rather have 100 subscribers that I got for my product line, then 1000 FB subscribers, or friends! 

This platform works on a very small percentage of money. Pennies for tasks. The system is set up to remove anyone trying to defraud the system or take advantage of someone going through it and liking everything just to get their pennies to earn.


Is Get Paid Social A Scam or Legit?

Just to get likes and shares. You can spend a hundred dollars to get 5000 likes and shares, but that doesn’t mean these people are interested in your product or business. This is not a targeted group! Maybe not an out right scam, but if you cannot make money…What is the point?

Reputation that you have thousands of likes or shares? Who cares. Reputation on Facebook, is not something that makes a hell of beans in the real world.Facebook makes it look like the more shares we have the more important we are. Quite the contrary. These numbers are just an artificial ego builder for those not knowing any better. They will not help you market a product or make more money online.


Conclusion to GetPaid.Social

Time and Money is all you need to get likes and shares! Join right away and become a member of this group. If you have nothing better today during the day then to click on this membership site and count pennies, you are a long way from earning real money online. If you’ve ever wanted to really make money, like $3000 to $10,000 per month??? 

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