If you are like most us who are getting started you want to earn money while working from home and working on the internet, right? 

Many people today are searching for the right online program that will make them a success over night. Literally 100,000 people are joining the online marketing rush each and every month. So if you are here to earn money online from home, listen up!

Spend the biggest part of your time doing research. Keep notes. Pay attention!

A great place to get educated as I did is with the program link below.

Become an Affiliate Marketer in order to get paid while you learn…


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I’m sure you are in a hurry and willing to pay plenty if you were guaranteed to make $5,000 the first week you start right? But, a program that offers you $5,000 dollars your first two weeks, even if it costs you $1,900.00 is not only pulling your leg…they are probably not going to offer you any substantial training to help you at all. So don’t waste your time. These are called Scam Programs, and this is what my site shows you. How to avoid them!

The only program you are going to succeed at and make money with, are  programs where they tell you it will take work, and effort. Like the one #1 Rated Program I speak of here on the website. Anything less then this you are probably being scammed by the pros who tell you they made $50,000.00 their first month. So don’t listen to these people!

If you have made a decision today to become successful… then you can, and you have a right to be successful. It is your right to learn and earn on the internet, to work at home, and to make upwards of $6,000.00 each month just within your first two years! And you probably deserve it more then many other people do.  So what are you waiting for? 🙂

Let’s strengthen your knowledge, bolster your attitude, fortify your mindset and get you leaning what you need first and foremost.  Let’s get started.

Things To Watch Out for Right Out of the Gate

img17✓ Scam programs by the thousands out there with some Guru suckering you into his program where he offers very little money/value, training, or support.  That is why this site is here, to warn you!
✓ Or you have been told you can make instant cash.  Like $1000’s your first week?  And are also told it is super easy to make money online…and anyone can do it! Not so easy, but yes, you can do it.
✓ People never want to spend their down time working. Even if it is a new business.  And they do not make headway on programs because of this.  Building a business takes plenty of effort, and lots of it.  You need motivation! Your conscience fails to hold your will power. But you will succeed.
✓ Naturally we are attracted to shiny objects dangled in front of us and fall for the most unrealistic programs available.  Like hungry fish falling victim to the shiny lure cast in front of us.
✓ Many folk are just not able to conceive working for nothing until their business starts bringing in money.  We are geared to get paid the same week we work. Or the same day.  But we can learn to work at first with no income, knowing it will follow later. 


Key To Success: Join One Program And Work One Program Only!

One of my students was lagging behind one week and I questioned him about it by asking him why he was not getting the work done.  He proudly proclaimed he had found a second website training program where all he had to do was put in some links in his new blogs, and he would make huge amounts of money instantly. 

So he had been busy creating a second website and writing articles using the time he would normally have used on the one program I was helping him with.

Needless to say I explained what was going to happen in about 1 month with his program, as I was aware of what it was, and I talked him into cancelling it and getting back to work on his lessons.

Later on he thanked me and told me he had done some more research on this program and that I had been right about the outcome.  Really? 🙂

Make sure you choose the right training program or you are wasting your time.

Why I believe you will Succeed and Build Your Own Successful Work At Home Business 

Many of you are living day to day and pay check to paycheck.  And it is time to change that…..Today envision yourself sitting comfortably in front of a computer working on your first website to Success!

What are you willing to do without in order to succeed starting now? Anything? Nothing?

Can you quit the trips to fast food, coffee, restaurants, and movies?  Because if you can, you just paid for a yearly memberships to the finest online program available today. A program to get you making money in real time, each and every day.

We need to become focused.  Starting a small business online from home can be daunting especially if you already have a day job.  But, it is something thousands do every day. If you ever want the relief a successful business can provide.  When you set your mind to something you will prosper! Now, think how you feel.  Do you feel successful?

Sure, we are going to be a little busy at first, and not have a lot of spare time if we want to succeed. But it is only for a short while. Would it be worth bringing home $6,000.00 dollars each month? A figure that can double almost yearly from there?


Did you know that instead of starting a business first and learning to be successful second, many save up for their entire lives only to put all of their savings into a business they do not know how to run, and they fail. 

For you starting for free and learning as you go will put you 95 percent ahead of anyone doing it the old fashioned way!  It costs you nothing to start.  Of course, if I were you and you are wanting success? I’d pay for the program membership.  You get everything you will ever need.


Make Money Online Today!

 Writing, Grammar, and Arithmetic.  Or should I said Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  Most people do not think they have the ability to write reviews online or, create ads or research information about products, or even learn SEO, Marketing, or the terms used in affiliates. These are merely things everyone starts out learning.  Just like a regular job…you had to go over it with someone, right?

Affiliate Marketing will allow you to start bringing cash

Everyone always asks this…How long does it take and how much can I make? I always tell them the same thing.  It depends on how much tenacity one has, and how much they want success.  I know members making over $6,000.00 per month, and on their way to even more! I will be their myself  in a year, maybe two. Depending on how hard I work myself.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 6.12.39 PM
Click on this membership block to JOIN

If you start out with a free program, or one that is dirt cheap.  You start off much slower then if you were able to invest. Many programs like WA allow you to sign other members enabling you to pay for their programs best premium package, and move much faster to the top. You can become an affiliate and earn income right away!

So, once you sign some others up to do what you do,  they pay your fee so you really have no cost to when you become premium.

Many of us have naturally been trained in society to expect pay as soon as we finish a job, or by the hour.  And even get paid to train in some cases.  Here with starting your own business you are going to be stepping out in faith, for weeks sometimes.

Maybe even a month or two. Of course the time frame depends on how hard you work, how many hours you put in, and how good you are at managing it all. Just like in a real business.

I’ve witnessed many members quickly rise to the top and end up being able to tell their boss that he was no longer needed as their employer. It works!


Do You Believe That YOU Will Succeed?

I’m going to ask you to go read My About Me Page now.  Because, even if you have what it takes skill wise, you are going to have to believe in yourself also.  I found this out the hard way and it cost me time, money, and many failures along the way.

Starting out I failed because I didn’t know I needed a Positive Mind Set just to build a business. I help many of my students to learn self hypnosis in order to gain the needed mindset to tackle such a task as a new business.

Going through life I always thought I was smart enough to figure stuff out. And I was…but what this really comes down to is believing in yourself first, even when you take the wrong turn, or you fail to get something right the first time.  As in life, if we do not try and try again, or believe we can, failure is our end result.  Each and every time. You best believe that. I’m a living example! :)Don’t forget to click on the link above and read my story.

Here Is How I Became Successful With Online Marketing…I found the right program that has everything a person needs to succeed.

  • I learned and took my time making sure I learned the training correctly as I went.  No rushing or hurrying.
  • I asked questions even if I was just a little unsure.  Did all the tasks I was asked to do.
  • I worked the program with the belief the money would come, regardless. As long as I completed each step along the way.
  • I told myself it would be a hobbie starting out, and if I didn’t like it I would not continue.
  • I made a decision to not worry or think about the money each day, only my progress with the lessons. Focusing on the enjoyment of the work itself and my accomplishments each day.
  • I believed I could be successful, and used self hypnosis as my guide to making my tasks effortless and easy.
  • I have the all the motivation anyone would need to be successful.
  • And, I never give up or quit just because some little thing does not go right for me.

When Life throws Curves

Life is going to throw us curves similar to the learning curve I had to over come by learning about affiliate marketing. Click Here the blue link for the program called…The

Wealthy Affiliate

When I started I could do very little computer stuff.  I could not cut, copy or even paste.  And I did not know what JPG meant, or any of the other initials used online. 

This is why I know you can succeed as well. WA now has one of the best programs available for newbies.  So before you go think about starting your online business. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people become successful. Read the program review written on the Wealthy Affiliate before deciding anything.  You will see how thousands of members help each other as they move forward.

Before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was successful at many things in life.  But not online marketing.  And I had never made any money online, other then eBay where I sold some of my closet items years ago.

Before You Run Off…At Least Run Off With This Super Affiliate Marketing Guide!

This guide will give you the step by step reasons and skill building tools to break into the affiliate marketing arena and crush the competition! Most new online marketers never realize just how many jump into trying to earn money online and end up failing. 

The reasons are first of all, Impatients. They think that if they work a few hours they deserve to make $20 bucks an hour. Show me any job willing to pay you that much without an education? huh? Any? NO!


Leave me a comment with questions on becoming successful. I will be glad to help.

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    • Rick

      Certainly. We need to build a foundation of marketing and even be skilled and good at it before we attempt it. Otherwise the ability for one to make money online will fail for them very quickly. Let me know if you have any questions later on! I’m here to help.

    • Rick

      Yes this is the way to begin. First build your skill level up and then once you have the basics…Decide where you want to go..What is your path? What is your passion?
      contact me and I will help you earn income online in no time…! Thanks

    • Rick

      Thank you very much. I too believe this has helped many to save their hard earn dollars and sign up with the programs I suggest. Like Wealthy Affiliate Program. Very good program indeedhttp://downhillmoney.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/.

      Hope you find what it is you are looking for and you are on your way to success as I am.
      Rick Bell

  1. Jen Langley

    How do you start an eCommerce store, and do you have to join more than one affiliate program to start a store?

    Thanks so much.

    • Rick

      Actually you get the training you need to work online here at Wealthy Affiliate. I then help you to get started with an eCommerce set up giving you the best information out there, for free.
      As I also do eCommerce and have done extensive research in the field.
      But joining an affiliate program like Wealthy Affiliate is essential to learn the knowledge you need to do anything online.

  2. Pio

    Your website is full of very useful information for building an online business. I will also look into Wealthy Affiliate for more details as it sounds like a good programme, as most other programmes found online are only scams. I look forward to reading more posts coming out from your site. Thanks.

    • Rick

      Great to have you stop by. Yes, you have got to be careful these days. Lot’s of Hype out there to week through. Hopefully I can help those that are heading in the wrong direction and get them to programs that actually work! Like WA.

  3. Randy

    Wow Rick, absolutely great information here with options. Not only do you provide options but directions to go for each one. Totally love the layout of your website. Very clean, very crisp. I also like how you provide lessons for someone just starting out in this arena. Great job here… a great read!!!


    • Rick

      Thanks Randy, glad you could stop by. I look forward to helping others here as well. Talk to you soon!

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