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 Create successful Content Marketing Plan


I can get you there quickly.
I can get you there quickly.

If you’ve ever dipped your toe in the waters of search engine optimization, I probably don’t need to tell you how maddening, confusing and utterly discouraging the whole endeavor can be. Right now as I write this article on growing a site successfully with content, there are literally thousands of online marketers trying to figure out the SEO game. So you will need to create a successful content marketing plan.

If you ask someone on the streets who the most powerful person in the world is, most would probably give an answer like “the president of The United States.”

Me personally, though, I think it might be Matt Cutts, the guy at Google that heads the team of folks always tweaking the company’s search algorithm, policies and practices.

When you think about it — and the fact that Google controls around 80 percent of the search market — it is a little scary. One company and one guy’s team effectively control billions and billions of dollars of commerce in the form of the gateway that produces natural search results.


“How to learn SEO Tricks, Usage, and create revenue is all in the program below.”


Planning to Succeed helps Create Success



Getting Traffic with SEO
Getting Traffic with SEO

It’s great, and it is important, to use best practices with your SEO. On-page and off-page elements are critical.  Write down all the things that will give you a better chance of success and implement then in your daily writing.

✓ Page titles

✓ Good use of headlines

✓ Proper use of keywords and internal and external linking

✓ Backlinking from sites with high page rank

✓ Linking from Internet 2.0 sites like and

✓ All of these should be strategies that are built into everything you do.


BUT — As important as these are, good content will ultimately determine your success or failure!


imagewGood content keeps your readers interested in what they are seeing, more likely to come back to your site, subscribe to your RSS feed and give you free backlinks or click your affiliate links. Good content builds trust, and trust builds revenue.

SEO Marketing Companies USA


Don’t pay huge fees for this when you can easily do SEO yourself implementing the right programs.  Seo Marketig companies suffer from a history of some  taking advantage of others in the industry.  For a long time companies charge for submissions to 1,000 search engines, then call it SEO.  Really bad an unethical practices can get your website banned!


The right platform is one of the primary keys to building a successful site with content. You should pick a dependable serving company with a reputation for fast page loads and miniscule downtime. Do a little research and you can find a dedicated hosting for very inexpensive monthly rates.

Also, if you are creating an affiliate marketing article or just a content blog in general, you’ll want to pick the right content management system. I use Word Press for many of my websites including site. As you probably know, Word Press is far and away the leading blog publishing platform.

It’s easy to use. Has good SEO right out of the box and literally thousands and thousands of free plug-ins you can use to do just about any type of site you wish. I’m using a premium theme from, so you might look into purchasing a theme. But you don’t even have to do that. You can build a great looking site for free if you like.

Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Program for free training on SEO, Content Writing, and Using WordPress.


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 Wealthy Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate Program

In the early days of SEO, many site builders simply used trick strategies to get their pages and sites to the top of the SERPs. Repeating key words over and over, reciprocal links and and thousands of bogus backlinks from so-called “backlink farms” — getting to the top of the search engines this way is not a possibility anymore.

Take a moment and do a Google search.  Type in “what SEO tricks and I use?” Today, Google and other search engines look increasingly for quality content — and lots of it on a regular basis. Here are some guidelines regarding content:

  • Aim for somewhere around a 1000 words per article. You don’t need to go more than 2000, however. Google wants in-depth and informative content.
  • Keep your focus tight. And by this I mean both your topic and your keywords. This helps both your readers and the search engines understand the ideas you are trying to communicate.
  • Perfect English — I know that mistakes are going to creep into your writing. They do with everyone’s. But you should strive for perfection. No typos and proper grammar.
  • Publish Regularly — I strive to write at least an article per day. It’s not always easy, but it is really imperative if you seek to be seen as an authority on your topics. And regular content is big in the eyes of the search engines.  Google is the place.

If you are ready to take the next step in your online marketing experience, you can learn how to do the above all under one program!  How to learn SEO. How to write. How to rank with content. Also, over 100 ways to bring success to your own computer while you train!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Click on the Key Above to check out your new future! That is if you want to Grow A Site Successfully using SEO Content.

My name is Rick Bell and I’m the founder of Downhill Money.  My my career path is showing newbies in the internet marketing world, just how easy it is to be successful in this day and age.  Please leave a comment below, or any questions you need me to answer for you.


Rick Bell

6 Responses

  1. Jonathan (Writer Dude)

    Content definitely plays a major role in the internet as we know it today.

    Those sites who have quality, unique content generally tend to rank better in search engines then those who have little or no content.

    But not only is quality content important but you must also have compelling content, content that makes people want to share it, content that has the potential to go viral.

    • Rick

      You are certainly right about content and there is nothing better. I have tried many ways to get the job done but always go back to content, content, content. Rank is Rank is Rank of course and for sure.
      Take my Wealthy Affiliate site for instance. It is here to stay and help all who dwell there! See ya later and thanks!

  2. Tia Scott

    Thank you for giving so much great info in this article! I’ve been researching online marketing and how to get more visitors and potential clients to my website and this post answered all of my questions and more. I like how you made SEO seem simple and easy. The sites I visited before tried to break the whole SEO concept down but I just couldn’t grasp it. And I definitely agree with providing quality content to your site, we need more of this online for sure!

    • Rick

      Yes, there are many things you have to think about when building a website. Here at WA it is all in steps and can easily be learned in a few weeks. The basics that is, and to have a site up and running. You will see this when you arrive at Wealthy Affiliate when you join up. It is all the support you need. And will ever want.

  3. Dawn Brotherton

    Good information about SEO writing. But 1000 words may be too long in some cases. Some of the companies I work for recommend no more than 550.

    • Rick

      This is a good bit missunderstood as it is not the length of the articles or post, blog, but the relevent content within.
      Many people are just mouthy and enjoy rattling their gums! The message should only be as long as it takes to get the point across, no more no less.
      Thanks for the reply.

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