Guaranteed Wealth Review: Is Guaranteed Wealth A Scam?


Product Name: Guaranteed Wealth

Product Owner: Victor Lambert

Advertised Price: FREE

Real Price: $250+

Rating: 0/100

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Have you ever thought about getting into the wild and wacky world of internet or online stock, forex or options trading? No, well most people haven’t either. But yet, this so-called Victor Lambert character has decided that the best way for you to be wealthy is by learning how to trade something called binary options.

And best of all, he is ready and willing to give you this incredible system for free! But is Guaranteed Wealthy Legit? Or is it just another program scam. Keep reading to find out what Vic Lambert is up to. But before you start your happy dance and rejoice at the chance to make untold millions, sit tight and find out exactly why this is perhaps one of the most insidious scams sweeping the internet today.

Binary Option Trading Facts–Let’s Find the Sweep!

Trading binary options is risky unto itself. Not even the professionals are able to do this correctly at a consistently high percentage all the time. Really, what you are doing when trading such a vehicle is placing an estimated guess. It is the equivalent of putting your money down on red or black. At least in a casino, you get some sort of value (entertainment or otherwise) out of watching your money go down the drain. With the Guaranteed Wealth program you don’t even get that much satisfaction.

A binary option is also known as a digital option. It is not really backed by any underlying stock or other asset. Normally, you can either bet that your option (or really the asset to which it has been magically connected) will go either up or down by a certain time. If you are right, you will typically receive a certain percentage of your wager (70 to 80 percent is common). If your guess is wrong, you lose the entire bet. Incidentally, the remainder of your win is taking by the brokerage firm in commissions. That’s a HUGE bite to swallow as well. You essentially lose more when you lose then when you win. But even winning you loose a percentage of your winnings.


Guaranteed Wealth Back Story:


If you have been around the internet for more than about a day and a half, the story used to try and convince you as to the authenticity of the Guaranteed Wealth scam should sound very familiar. A little too familiar, in fact. Allow me to offer you the highlights:

For starters, the creator of this program, the elusive Victor Lambert supposedly was a computer repair service person. He traveled about fixing computers and installing networks for some of the biggest companies around. The sales pitch throws around names just to try and catch your attention. Then, one day, just by chance (sure!), he found something. This was an amazing discovery, an anomaly in the deep recesses of the internet world that allowed him to come up with some trading idea or software bot. This led to the birth of the….


Binary Options Trading Scam:


The creation of this binary options trading bot led this man to amass huge amounts of wealth. Together with a track team of other computer programmers and coding geeks, they tweaked this bot and system to the point where it is right 91.4% of the time. All of those pictures of mansions and yachts and the bank account with $1.14 million inside can’t be fake, right?

After all, the system is guaranteed because good ole Victor and his team are going to do everything for you. Just join (for FREE, no less) and then turn out the bot and off you go. Everything is automated and you can begin making $10,000 every week for the rest of your life. Or maybe not.


Free…Or Not So Free–Is Anything Really Free Anymore?


The next major promise you are told is that Mr. Lambert is giving this system away. That’s right, out of the sheer kindness of his heart, you can have this binary options trading bot for nothing. Of course, he also says this offer is only open to the next 90 people. No more and no less.

Friends, please don’t fall for this hype. First of all, it’s not free. Sure, you can use this silly little software trading bot without cost. But the real rub is that in order to use it you must be connected to an actual account at one of his ‘recommended’ brokers. Of course, this broker focuses solely on binary options. You cannot even get a free test, since the bot will only work if there is real money in your account. The bear minimum opening amount is $250…the real price of the system. Should you be so unlucky as to actually talk with anyone as these brokers, they are going to try and pressure you into depositing a lot more money. Promises of fake bonuses are common.


Who Is This Mr. Lambert–A Super Nice Guy?


Honestly, no one seems to know the real identity of Mr. Lambert. One thing is almost certain, though. He is not some mysterious computer network guy who found an anomaly while connecting companies like Coca Cola and Google! Chances are, he is simply some hired voice artist used to try and fool people into falling for an otherwise very silly back story.

Sadly, this is a very common scenario for an internet scam these days. Create a story that is seemingly rags to riches. You know, the lowly worker who is down on his luck (and yes, they are largely men) and then either meets a mysterious older stranger or discovers on his own somehow an amazing bit of knowledge or an anomaly in this case. That secret information is something so amazing that it changes the very course of this person’s life.


Customer Service:

As with anything else, a real easy way to test the veracity of the Guaranteed Wealth program is by looking at its customer service. In this case, you need to look at the brokers used, since they are most likely connected. There are a huge number of complaints about all of these brokers, In fact, the whole industry of binary options brokers has an incredibly bad reputation, not just the ones associated with this fake Mr. Lambert.

If you make any kind of deposit into these brokers, chances are you will lose your money. So many people have reported not being able to withdrawal their deposit and just outright being scammed. Unfortunately, in most cases there is no recourse with something like this since most brokers are located offshore in unregulated districts like Cyprus.


Bottom Line—Is Guaranteed Wealth A Scam?


In a word, yes. Guaranteed Wealth is a scam. You should run, not walk, away from this one as fast as possible. Don’t give them any of your money. Not only is this an out and out scam, they do very little to hide the fact that it is a scam. Just a little bit of research should show you everything needed to come to this conclusion on your own.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.08.11 AMAnother really funny thing that reveals the whole game is how they market the scam. Guaranteed Wealth affiliates (people who have signed up to promote the program for a commission) actually make $250 per sale. Is it any coincidence that the minimum deposit you must make is $250? I think not. This also explains why the ‘brokers’ will then use high pressure sales tactics with you to get even more of your money into the scam. If you do, its gone. All of it. Bottom line, a scam that doesn’t even merit a single star or point.


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