How Do I Create A Business Page On Facebook?

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Facebook is Huge. There are a Billion People sharing and interacting with each other, family and friends each day and about the things they care about. So, How do I create a Business page on Facebook? Let me show you. First go here to listen to this short video.

Publishing and Creating Your Facebook Page

Once published, people will be able to find you and quickly see your page. Very important if you have a product you are promoting. I assume it is why you want a business Facebook Page. 

You will be asked for a code once you type in your email address and phone number. You first have to create an account at 


how do i create a business page on facebook


Why a Business Page on FACEBOOK May Not Work (Click Here)


It is easier to create your own free website that you send targeted traffic to. Because, everyone on FACEBOOK is so consumed and busy with Family and Friends that no one there is responding to REAL BUSINESS!

Before you consider building a business page. Check the lesson above and then you will see what Kyle says, and he is been doing marketing for 12 years! Yes you can reach some people, but its a better way to scale up a business you already have, then to create a business on Facebook.


When I got started online marketing on Facebook, I spent thousands of dollars trying to reach potential customers for my growing business. Thousands I spent wanting to connect with thousands. But I failed to connect with a targeted group and increase sales. Facebook is a social platform and has a billion people. But, these billion people don’t interact on Facebook to buy or visit business. They interact with family and friends.

Sure, you can sell stuff there, but like I said, you can create a website here. You can read my review on this top rank course that will help you understand that just because everyone is there on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that having a business page will work for you. Learn how I created a website in 30 minutes and built my own business from scratch. Read the Review on How To.

And even promote it with SEO which will get you more daily visitors for free, than you can do it with paid ads on FB! If you have not yet built a page, stop! Consider what I’ve said here and even join the course I recommend so you can understand more how Facebook is not for you.

So How do you Create a Business Page On Facebook? You don’t. They do not work that well in the first place. Build your own business website and do it here for free: Wealthy Affiliate



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