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The A to Z Cash System — Is It a Scam or Legit?


When you are reading a promotion for the latest Internet marketing system, do you ever get the feeling right from that start that you are being spoon-fed a scam? One of the oldest tricks in the Internet marketing game — and the history of marketing in general — is to reassure you right up front of what the offer is NOT.

For instance, in with the A to Z Cash system scam, the creators tell you right up front what the system is not:


  • This is Not an MLM or pyramid scheme
  • This NOT a bogus data entry scam
  • This is NOT an envelope stuffing rip-off
  • This is NOT a rebate processing scam


If This Cash System Isn’t One Of These Scams, Then What Is It?


Easy Money with A to Z Cash System -- NOT!
Easy Money with A to Z Cash System — NOT!

According to the marketing info, the system is gives you a work-from-home tool kit for helping you make untold amounts of money with no work on your end. Sound familiar? Right, sounds like another scam. Beyond that, there isn’t really a lot of information offered up front. Just the fact you’ll get an automated website tells you something. There is no such thing. Ok, let’s delve a little deeper. What specifically do you get?


  • A phone consultation from a so-called “business expert” — whatever that means
  • Four training guides plus six video lessons
  • The website — of course it doesn’t mention the domain and hosting
  • “Instant Start Activation”. Again, what does that mean?
  • Phone call
  • A 24 hour support phone line that never worked when I tried it.


What’s Included In Our A to Z Cash Program?

 So, I went ahead and signed up for the basics and sent in my name with the necessary info requested.

I then went to the their page, and was told I was eligible for the 95 percent discount and a money back offer. If accepted, I would pay $4.95–  a price that would change multiple times in just a few moments. So, I tried but could not leave, and another prompt came up saying that the priced  had been dropped to just $1 for the 7-day trial period. Well, that sounded reasonable, so I went ahead and signed. The next page then gave me the details:


  • After 3 days, it would cost  around $75 bucks for A to Z Cash scam and another $57each ensuing month. Wait a minute, the screen before said I would have a trial period of seven days, and now they slashed it to three. Which is it?
  • Bizarrely, they also requested my number. I quickly found out this is so they can call and harass you into paying for more of their products.


Bottom line — Can you really trust this A to Z Crap?


Enough Said
Enough Said

Not very much at all is my resounding answer. Just that fact that they did a bait and switch on the trial period from seven to three days is enough for me to count them as swindlers. Additionally, they initially give PayPal for the option, but when it was time to settle up, Visa or Mastercard are all that’s accepted. Again, very bizarre. Here’s a wrap-up of their other deceitful tactics:


  • Completely fake testimonials
  • You get a call– It’s not a call with an expert at all. It’s just a sales session to sell you more of their junk.
  • Complete cost is very murky
  • Company is reported on scam message boards for unauthorized credit card charges
  • The original name of this company is impossible to discern. Apparently, they used to operate under the brand “EZ Cash on Demand.” A quick search of that term combined with the word “Scam” will show you dozens of complaints filed against the company.


A System I Do Trust


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My name is Rick and I’m here to help you and others get started in the online success game.  Let me know if I can help you by commenting below.  I will always be here to talk to, question, and assist you in any way I can.  Please feel free to ask about my clic clone cash review. I’ve helped hundreds of new marketeers on their way to success, and also how to avoid the programs out that are scams.

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Rick Bell



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    I completely agree with Stacia, this is great information and I appreciate coming on the site to find the information I need. Thank you.

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    I am not sure where you’re getting your info, but great topic.
    I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.
    Thanks for excellent information I was looking
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    • Rick

      You are welcome. I get the information from joining the programs and trying them out. I find that most will not give you much of anything, even when paying absurd amounts of money.
      Stop by anytime. Come on over to WA and read a while. I want to show you a way to make extra money for you and your friends.

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