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What I do to Make Money with the Internet.


how make money with the internet


I started learning first…just like you need to do. What you need to do is plan ahead, find your passion, and build a website. Of course I didn’t have a plan I just jumped in wanting to make money, so what I did was start slow without any costs. That way if nothing worked I would have no losses! And I knew if I just started doing this as a hobby there would be no failure rate. So basically,  how I learned to make money on the internet is a simple keyword presentation using Search Engine Optimization. Go read about it here. SEO. Take for instance the phrase “How? Make Money with the Internet”. It has huge traffic to it! So let’s continue…

There are almost 700,000 people looking up this phrase on the internet each month. So if you had a way to make money on the internet, you would write a article about it, and BAM! You will start receiving traffic. Or course there are a few more things involved. Like Domain authority, great content, a website, a product or program, something valuable to offer others. As this value is what you have to have to convert from an advertisement to selling a product. Like this banner below….7 free videos on List Building and Growing A Business! Give away products that will help your customers!

The banner below helps me to send messages to you later with free training and information on what I do here now. So sign up. I teach the exact process you learn here using SEO. And with a very fantastic program called Wealthy Affiliate.


Tools you need to make money on the internet


Jaxxy is one key word tools I really enjoy using! If you are going to use SEO you can go to and sign up for a free search. You will see that this phrase has an unbelievably high amount of people searching for this keyword phrase, “how make money with the internet.” I can show you a screen shot below. Click on it to enlarge the details. This keyword phrase allows me to get this article to page one very quickly and take advantage of the traffic all these customers wanting to know more about how to make money online. If not for my training in this you would never be reading this article in the first place. I would write it for no reason and no one would ever see it. Unless I created an eBook on How I make money with the internet, and sold it on Amazon, and knew this was a very high traffic key word.  Read about Search Engine Optimization.


how make money with the internet
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How to make money with the internet

Using Just About Anything!


What I do mainly is write articles and try to reach page one of google search. That gives us the best chance of traffic when promoting either a product, or any digital informational type program. So for instance this website, is showing you all kinds of reviews on other programs, some good some bad. We promote, a program like Wealthy Affiliate, and  help others learn how to start their business as well. This helps everyone.


Writing Reviews


When we do reviews and we find a bad one we quickly show this and also tell them about the programs we have tried and  used which are proven to work. Which in this case would be Wealthy Affiliate. We then link this program to our review site, and have the traffic take a look to see if this is something of interest to them or not. Many people advertising on the internet are involved in many different things. Exercise, health, Learning, Training, many different types of products, etc. You can learn how to market any of these niches from the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Like this website of mine where I sell flashlights.  I wouldn’t have ever been able to create it without help, training and much learning about eCommerce. I write reviews about flashlights that people read on the internet. I then link them to social networks to show off my products. They see that my product called Olite Maxim, and find it is much cheaper, or brighter or better in some way then the one they were looking at in the first place. So I’m able to sell them this product which they just read about. I then make a 30 percent profit. I do not even have the products at home. I pay others to ship them to the customer! Hands free in other words.

Internet Marketing is advertising. There are dozens of ways to do it without cost, and dozens of ways to do it that will cost you plenty. Large companies spend millions advertising on the net. We working at home do not. Although once we find something that is working, we most certainly will spend more, because we get that money back! Anytime we can cover our cost of advertising and then see a profit we will continually do more and more and more of this. That is how we build a business from home, and become successful!-

It is how I got started. Even though I spent more money than I made, I eventually managed to find what works for me and I started making money. Everyone online tells you that you can make money. Wrong. If you do not find something you are passionate about and something you really want to do each day…then no, you will not make any money at all. In fact you could spend your life savings trying to make something work.


How to Make Money Off the Internet-Be Passionate!


Be passionate about what it is you want to spend time doing online. Because if you are not…nothing I can tell you will help you convert a sale. In most cases if you are selling someone elses products online, you will want to buy them and try them out. Because if you sell something that does not bring value and help others, then they will not follow you and buy from you again. So there you create yourself a big problem. You will have to start over and market to more people and get them to trust you over again! You lose the person you gained access to.


how make money with the internet


Only by selling great products and programs will you be successful online. Trust me…I’ve learned this the hard way. Thankfully I was in the position to start out not needing money in the first place. And I’m not saying you cannot make money starting out without spending it, I’m saying it is hard to do. So it is better to have some money you can spend to help you advertise with. I started out at Wealthy Affiliate and it was a very small price to pay for what all I learned there.

If you are looking for a way to make money online…you’ve come to the right page. Comment below and I can help steer you onto the path of success just by finding out what it is you are wanting to do. Learn from those who already know what they are doing. In fact it is better to pay someone to help teach you then it is to take the time to learn everything yourself. Mentors make top dollar for a reason, just like a brain surgeon does. 


How to make money from the internet on….

…And Using Paid Advertising.

The most talked about and controversial subject on the net today. Campaigns to sell something on the internet are won and lost by the selection of words, pictures, the group you are marketing to and the very product or program you are promoting. There are a number of ways to advertise using money. Check out the diagram below.


how make money with the internet

An iphone for instance would be an easy sell right? Wrong. There are thousands of people out there set up to sell iphones, android phones and any kind of hand held device that you can talk on play games on or interact in some way on. These devices sell like hotcakes, but the ones making the money are the distributors. Not the sales people. Sure they make a few bucks here and there but what is happening here is the competition is so fierce you will never specialize in this item.

However if you have a smaller niche product you have an interest in like for instance, fishing lures, certain types of hunting gear, some clothing, shoes, pocket knives, clocks, rugs, solar energy devices, and products on the way in and increasing in sales…yes! By all means. Do not try to sell something that millions are already selling. Reach down deep for a product or program that has something interestingly special about it. Promote yourself even if you have the ability to teach or train others on the internet.  Now I started a flashlight store myself. Knowing many people will be shopping online more and more and more. Sure you can pick this up at any store just about. But, not the special ones that go for hundreds of dollars and really brighten up your world!  So this may sound as if it is a product that is not going to do well, but, you would be wrong. My Lighted Beam Store does very well.


wealthy affiliate 

Before you jump into the online world give it some thought about what you want to use as your product, program or service. What are you passionate about? Let me know below in comments! I will steer you in the right direction. Learn how to advertise and build your business online like others have. In fact the best way to learn online is to use reverse engineering. Find what works for others and do the same thing. Only adding your flair and peronality to it.


Learn How to Make More Dough


Many start out becoming online marketers using affiliate marketing and promoting other programs and making super commissions online. It is where most of my revenue comes from. Here are two of the programs I have learned a great deal from and use today. I also learned enough to create my first store site as well. Or you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and get started learning! You can do this. I am here to help and support you on your journey.

Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a quick look inside Wealthy Affiliate:


Inside Wealthy Affiliate
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  1. John

    Understanding online programs are the key to becoming successful, but knowing which ones will work for you is a question I cannot answer unless I tried them all. Cannot afford that. So is Wealthy Affiliate a good one? Or is Six figure
    mentors a better one. Which one?

    I found your website and I’ve looked the programs up…

    I could not find anything negative about them. I myself am wanting to enroll in one of them. Which would you recommend.

    I have no skill so far as you say in online marketing. But I feel I am passionate about helping others.
    If you would recommend one which would it be and why?


    • Rick

      Thank you for the information and reply. The best basic training course is Wealthy Affiliate. Once you have learned the basics and you want to move even higher in the ranks of online marketeer, Six Figure Mentors is where I am today. They teach you much more about branding and building your own products and building yourself up as the brand. Which later on you will need others to see you as YOU. Not just a product. Like Bill Gates, or any other big name out there. Donald Trump, Hugh Heffner. And many many more. They advertised themselves along with their product so we see them naturally in the spotlight and know they are realy and substantial. And also their products are timeless, trustworthy and much wanted and searched for.

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