How to Advertise & Earn with PPC

Earning With A PPC Campaign

There are many strategies you can use to get your message out using PPC. What most people don’t often know is just how well you need to know this particular strategy to make it work. Lots of internet marketers out there struggle daily building up their traffic using free advertising, and SEO. Free to join Wealthy Affiliate Our content marketing for the most part is grown organically, and of course that takes time. Even more so than many are willing to allow. So of course, why not try PPC? 

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Many realize the question of time is a valid one. Just a few years back it seemed everyone had a little more time. Now days, no one has time, and it is why PPC has grown in popularity. Many today just do not want to spend ten hour days behind the computer growing a business organically. And it is for this very reason that I am showing you about PPC here today.


how to earn with ppcWhat is PPC?

PPC of course is Pay Per Click. It’s an amount spent to get an advertisement clicked on. Or a way to advertise by paying for the clicks which sends traffic to your website or landing page. You are basically buying visits to your website each time someone clicks on your ad. So instead of getting visits organically using SEO, and it taking you months to push yourway up toward position one organically, you pay for the results of being in position one rather quickly. You get ahead of the pack, but you pay the price for it each day your ad is being clicked.

You may have seen these ads at the upper top portion of search pages. As shown in the image below…The first two ads are PPC. These sponsored ads are costing someone cash every time they are clicked on. A visitor searching for “”, will inevitably click on this first position ad long before feeling their way down a long page of ads. 

An example of the cost can run anywhere from .30 cents per click to $50 dollars and even higher depending on the type ad, and it’s relvancy in the search engine. This PayDay ad is probably not costing them much as it is not even listed under a relevant search . So very few would even click on this link if they are busy searching for real ways to earn money online free. 


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how to earn with ppc
The two ads in the top positions are sponsored ads or ppc.


The Need To Create A Winning Campaign

You will definitly want to read up on PPC in order to not lose your Piggy Bank! You must research and use the right keywords to attract the right customers. You will want your product to have high conversions if you are going to advertise this way. Because you can put up your ad, send traffic to your article, or landing page, but if you cannot convert this traffic to sales, then you have a campaign problem. And a lot of cost for nothing.

If you are wanting to start an advertising campaign using PPC, learn as much as you can! Even a small mistake or two here could cost you hundreds perhaps thousands of dollars before you even catch it. So word of advise, study and be prepared.


how ppc works The Key… is Relevant Keywords!

PPC is used more on selling products and services more so than promotios in other online programs as I do myself. We often advertise others peoples products and are willing to spend a little to make a little more. If wanting to grow and expand your business, you will want to invest some of your profits into PPC advertising as it is a great strategy to use and make more money. Smart investing is a must!

Many people are searching for services or products, and if you are at the top of the page under their keyword search, you have a great chance they will click on your sponsord ad before going down the page to any others, as long as you are in a good position on the search page. And PPC will help you be in that good position if done right.

As far as position goes you get top billing the more you list on the account you are willing to pay. And also Bing looks at relevancy often as well. Just being their in one of the four first positions is best. Number one is better still.

Keywords are the most important part of ppc as these need to be relevant. If you run an ad and you mention Fishing… You need to have a landing page or review you have written about fishing that you want to send traffic to. So your ads, keywords must help tell what your product is and be relevant to it. You don’t want to say one thing in an ad and then it be something else altogether in the post or landing page you direct them to.

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To Your New Found Success with PPC


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