How To Find A Niche For Affiliate Marketing-That Works

The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do Online…Is Choose The Correct Niche & Market

Selecting your niche IS Very Important. Your choice and decision will have a massive impact on how successful you will become now and in the future. Read on to discover how to Find a NICHE for Affiliate Marketing that Works

What Niche Should I Choose?

Be sure to scroll to – Questions to Ask – below in this Article

Remember to base all your niche searches on the following criteria here within this post. I’ve used these very steps and logistics behind finding all of my niche markets and have always been successful.

Identifying the right niche is in essence the key to your very success here online. It is the most important action you will ever take in building your online business.

Your going to want to select a niche that can generate the amount of income you are wanting to earn. A six figure per year earning potential will require a niche group or market that exceeds 50,000 prospects you can access. It means unless you want a part time income you are going to need a huge market of prospects you can target.


A Large Niche Is Not Always Better

Often times a Large Niche will cause you more harm than good. You’ve probably ran into serious competition from tons of advertising from individuals marketing large niches. 

The competition is huge and even though you can eventually make progress and move to the top, you will be in for a battle of skill and time. Larger niches mean you can spend years reaching the top.

However, if the niche is JUST large enough to support the kind of income you are looking to make, then yes, it is a good niche. But what if your niche you choose has only a few thousands prospects? You would not be able to make a six figure income, unless the group had a few products which would allow you huge commissions. 

If you see that your niche has around 3 to 5 thousand prospects, keep searching. You will never earn a six figure income with these limitations.

However if you are looking for part time income, say $400 bucks a month…maybe you can target this group and then move on to another small niche market. Many marketers have dozens of niches once they get going and do not try to move to a larger niche market.

In my research…At least 50,000 plus is what you want to look for. Take a look at this lesson here on Niche Marketing.


How to Find a Niche Market Online

You can start out using Google Adwords to see how many are connected in this way. Bing is another great tool to use as well as Google Search. I use the Jaxxy Keyword Tool and have found it the best way to take care of finding out the results I need when I search for information and keywords relevant to my niche search. Not a very expensive tool for what value I get from it. Read My Review on Jaxxy Keyword Tool


Hungry Niche Markets

The market needs to be hungry and accessible. Meaning they are waiting to hear of your solution that will satisfy them in one way or another. You really don’t want to choose a niche that is not consuming or wanting information and products.


In fact, The Market Place Should be a Mob!

John Carlton says, What you are looking for is a large audience flush with cash. The niche needs to be large and support your income requirements.

There needs to be excitement and movement within this market place. They should be foaming at the mouth for your products or services. Like an addict. Look for addictions within your market. Is there one?

Just like how internet marketers constantly crave more information, more solutions, more products to speed up their operation…This is what you are looking for.


Niche Accessibility

Can you connect with the fans there? Do they have a forum or Facebook Group? Is their group having big get together where they interact among themselves?

Your market also needs to be flush with cash. Are they in fact spending money on products and information? If they aren’t, then you’ve picked the wrong niche.


Searching For a Profitable Niche

  1. Is the market large enough to support my business.
  2. Does the market have an appetite for the types of products I want to sell?
  3. Do they congregate or group together within points I can access?
  4. Does the market constantly invest and are they hungry for more?
  5. Whats the competition and are their other marketers advertising to them?
  6. Does the market have cash to invest for solutions or better ways of doing things?
  7. Can I access them like through a group such as Facebook? Or a forum group?


Niche: Important Questions

  • Do you have a level of affinity with them? Are you interested in this niche? Do you understand why they are there in the first place and what they are doing?
  • What is the gender domination or is there one? Can you relate and communicate professionally with them? Like man to man? Or could their be an issue where they’re all females and you have no clue what they are saying, or even thinking?
  • Is the market trending and in what direction? Does the market appear to be on a downward trend or is it stable? This has lots to do with longevity of your business.
  • Do the products fit well within this market place and go hand in hand with the needs the prospects have? 
  • Is the market coming and going and always having new members you can market to? Or is it stagnant and the same members are always there with no new ones coming in? No movement indicates a possible limited consumption.
  • It is much easier to market to new members coming in then it would be to market to a member that has been unconverted or unchanged for months and months.
  • What is price sensitivity? This makes a huge difference in how much you can earn from products. Is the group able to pay for premium priced products or are they expecting to be saving money and getting the cheapest solutions?
  • Are their any regulatory issues which you might face in even working a promotion of some kind to them? Are their legalities in promoting products to this market?
  • There are plenty of markets that have these type issues in dealing with sales and such. I recommend staying away from this type market group.
  • Is the market a seasonal one? Where in the fall you make a killing but the well dries up throughout the rest of the year? Are you prepared to work 12 hour days during the peak and then live off leftovers the rest of the year? Basically working part time?
  • A renewable Market place. Is the life span of the market renewable? Of is your product a one time sell and then there is nothing more to promote? Does your niche have a continuous appetite that never ends?


Conclusion to Niche Help

I hope this has helped you to understand all the many factors that go into picking a niche to earn money form.

Most people think you have to be passionate about the niche in order to understand all the working components. I disagree. In fact, being overly passionate about something could easily cause you to leave money on the table. What I mean is you could so easily sell for less and even give away your profits to enjoy interaction.

Trust me, there are some that love what they do and forget about doing what it takes to make their niche really profitable as they would have liked. It is one reason to think about the niche you choose very carefully and consider all the facets.

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To Your Niche Success!



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