How to Find the Right Keywords for my Website – Look Here For Keywords

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If you are attempting to use Search Engine Optimization..And find the right keywords for your website. Look no further. I’ve worked this magic for over two years and have great results. Read my article; How to Find the Right Keywords for my Website. Learn How to Build Your Own Website Business. 


Find the Right Keywords

I found the best keywords to market with and put into my own articles to be from Jaxxy.Pro. Often times it’s not the free tools that you can figure out, but Jaxxy gives you the exact keywords you need, and also let’s you try it out for free. Let me help you by giving you a link to my Jaxxy review here. Read this review to learn more about my favorite keyword tool. You can even join as an affiliate and make money from it.

Now if you need training on marketing, I can help you there as well by clicking on the free to join training link below. If you have a website than you already probably use SEO and need great keyword phrases. Let me show you how this works.


Long Tail Keywords

And you need phrases, not just a keyword here or there. Let me help you with getting these keywords to where Google can find them. 

Your keywords need to be in the h1 title. My keyword phrase in this article is; How to Find the Right Keywords for my Website. You see it in the title at the very top. Now my next keyword I use is in the H2 tag which you will see as; Find the Right Keywords.

My H3 tag is going to be the next title down and it is; Long Tail Keywords. Or, you can make that title a H-2 as well. Up to you.


Conclusion – Keywords For My Website

As you see you can also put another keyword within the closing statement of your article as seen here with; Keywords For My Website Conclusion. Most people just put one keyword in or one keyword phrase. I like to target a few so that if one does not get to page one then perhaps another phrase will get me there.

Now it is critical of course to use these keywords in the first paragraph. The middle of content some where, and then the ending paragraph, to get the best shot at being on page one, eventually. And no matter what you use not all keywords will ever work this way. You just have to keep writing is all.

Learn this here after reading my review on Wealthy Affiliate and how to grow your new online business.

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