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Read my Review first about Wealthy Affiliate…Before Joining. You will then fill in the blanks as you see them above.  Many do not know How to find Wealthy Affiliate. But, you can join by clicking on the image above!


Easy to Join Wealthy Affiliate 

More importantly. Wealthy Affiliate is not just a training program. There are thousands of members making money by promoting this program to others. Many in fact earn six figures doing it and I can help you do the same. Earn money that is. Being motivated to earn six figures worth of income each years will be up to you and your persistence.

The program Wealthy Affiliate can be seen below in the video: Watch the getting started page so you can enroll and join to have the interactive help you need getting started. Many of the members there will help you to get started just as soon as you get in the door!


See the Wealthy Affiliate Video!

Join Today to see if Wealthy Affiliate is a good Choice


Take a look at the screen shot below. You will be able to click on the sign in form and go directly to this to join.

Below take a look at what you see there. AS you see, all you have to do is sign up using your name, email address, and then create a username and password. You will click on the link and see the getting started page I’ve put here, as well. 


Click on the Sign In Box Here, to Log In For FREE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

how to find wealthy affiliate
Click The BOX to Sign Up!


I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over two years. The company has been helping new online marketers make money online for over 10. It is a very good place to learn how to market and promote like other top marketers do, and to also promote as well, to make money.

My name is Rick, and if you join under me, I will provide you with help to your questions, and also a BONUS for joining. This means once you are inside, I will connect with you and show you that great Bonus you just earned by joining!

how to find wealthy affiliate

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