How To Make A WordPress Website For Free

126522588451117Most people who browse the internet will ask themselves at some point whether or not having their own website is worthwhile. Many people give up the idea right there without even investigating things further, thinking it is too technical or difficult to do such a thing. If you want to learn how to make a WordPress website for free…here is your opportunity.

Nothing could be further from the truth today. In fact, there are all sorts of tools and website builders that can enable you to build a WordPress website for free. Not only are these tools free, but they are also easy to use and it is a breeze to actually get started. Literally, if you can move and click a mouse you will be able to do this.


WordPress-for-EventsI Want To Make A Website For Free:


There are really just a few quick and simple steps to creating your own free website. The first thing will be to find and join a free website builder (see the next section below for some practical recommendations). Just remember to keep track of your own user name and password, since sometimes these will not be saved by the site building application.

After you have picked your site builder, either take the tutorial or just play around with the editing tools and screen(s). These are usually pretty basic, so no worries about anything becoming too technical on you. My strong recommendation is that at this point, you pick a template. Most will be based on categories, so you can pick from a theme you like such as a blog, shop, or maybe even a sports team. Then, start using the editing tools to customize it to your liking.


WordPress – Great For Themes:


Part of why this is so easy to do nowadays is because of Word Press. This platform is the epitome of functionality and ease. You can literally have any type of site you choose, from a personal blog to an e-commerce store, with just a few clicks of the mouse. In fact, many hosting providers also make it drop-dead simple (literally two clicks) to connect WordPress to your website.

There are also tons of different templates that can be used for this platform. WordPress templates can include both free and paid, although most of what you find in the recommended sources below are free themes and free templates. Most of these sources also allow the quick additions of widgets, buttons and boxes that will allow you to add even more functions to your free website.

best-website-builder-reviewsTop 5 Website Builder Sites:

The only real difficult decision you might be faced with when creating your free website will be choosing the website builder that works best for you. With that in mind, here is a run down on the top five website builders to help make that decision a bit easier.

  1.—These folks are among the longest operating of all website building companies in the industry. They are easy to use and have some very strong tools and features. You find they have something that will be appealing to you, whether your site will be for personal or commercial purposes.
  2.—If you want a web builder that rightly boasts of having a huge number of very attractive (and easy to use) templates, then Wix is what you need. They offer a drag and drop editor and hundreds of professionally designed themes and templates to choose from.
  3.—This is one of the most popular free website builders, with more than 12 million users. After taking a look at the incredibly simple interface it is easy to see why. No need for you to learn coding or anything technical in order to having a beautiful site, either.
  4.—A really cool, super chic and sophisticated website builder, SquareSpace is the platform favored by artists, musicians, photographers, and other creative types. The wide range of features and templates can be used to create an online blog, store, or even a portfolio showcase.
  5.—This is a name you most likely already recognize. With the addition of their Website Tonight feature (which they have actually had for a number of years now), you will be able to do exactly that. Perfect for people without any technical knowledge, but who still want a nice looking and easy to navigate website.


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How Can We Create A Website For Free?


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    Hi Rick
    Great information for newbies who would like to get started online. I like the idea of having support, especially when starting something new.

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      Yep wordpress is easy now days. People still think it is tough though to build a site. Heck everything is done for you so I don’t know what people think it is hard. I know there is some tech stuff but there are thousands of helpers out that can send you down the right path when choosing plug ins or themes…and that’s it. So glad you liked the article.

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