How to Make Money Fast at Home-The Secret

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How to Make Money Fast at Home-The Secret
Do these people look successful? Ask me how I know they are!



There is No Secret Formula – You Need a Skill

You need a skill to make money from home. If you are looking for a way to create income from home then I can help. If you know anything about marketing you will know there are thousands of people typing in this phrase on a Google search … “How to Make Money Fast At Home”.

What happens is, if you are looking to make money online you are going to be running into others who want to also. They will give you the wrong advice because they want to sell you something and make money themselves. Believe it. There is no secret formula or solution other than finding someone legit who will help you.


I’m here to tell you something you don’t know…

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This is where I come in. Here is the gist or general picture. Millions of people really do believe there are thousands of ways to make money from home and that is just not true. There are only a few ways that actually work. In fact I can give you a list of hundreds of things that you can try that will fail.

I can sell you 500 programs that will take all your money and leave you with nothing. These things don’t work, even though you will have thousands of people telling you Everything works! Understand? 

How to Make Money Fast at Home-The Secret
Learn a Skill…And learn it better than anyone else.



You Need Skill – So Learn From Someone

So stop buying into the hype. There is no get rich quick formula to success. So forget all the BS and lies! If you are hearing how successful something is then all you have to do is research it through Google to find out the truth. Someone is generally playing you for a fool and has only one motivation. How to make money fast at home… And for themselves! 

Working from home involves the internet. There is no other way to earn money from home that’s quick and easy. Regardless of what you do at home, you will need the internet. The internet is where it’s at and if you use it to market or advertise then you will have to learn it if you don’t already know it.  This is a cold hard truth. And, it is not all that easy and requires many steps of skilled experience and a good teacher. Now if you understand and want to get involved with internet marketing to make money from home, then I really can get you going in the right direction.


How to Make Money Fast at Home-The Secret
My secret formula is Passion! Not passion fruit drink!

Do You Have a Product or Service to Sell?

Do you have a product to sell? Or service? Whether you do or not you will need to learn how to sell or promote one. Even if you do not have your own, you can always start by using someone else’s until you get your own. This is called Affiliate Marketing. Even people who build things at home like crafts use the internet to sell their wares. But they then have a product right? So whether you make things at home, sell things from home, offer some service from home, or dropship products from China, you will need the internet to do this. So do you know anything about Internet Marketing? If not you are in for a big surprise.


How I Became Successful Online

I can tell you what I have done over the last few years online and show you what I’m successful doing.  Now remember, you have probably heard this before. What someone does in one instance does not necessarily work in another. So even if I gave you the keys to the vault, or my success key… That key may not work the same for you. This is one reason why I review programs and help others to see the failings of these programs and why they do not work for anyone!

But I don’t review programs to sell you anything. I do reviews to show you what works and what does not. This is what I enjoy doing and it is my passion. Making money online is a step by step process, sure and there are no shortcuts. So the key to making money for me is in helping you, and having the desire to do it daily.


How to Make Money Fast at Home-The Secret
I can help you commit


The Secret to Earning Money – Is Passion!

There really is no secret other than learning a skill and being passionate about what you do. So instead of talking about what people lack or fail at online and what does or doesn’t work…Which is generally what sales people start off doing just before trying to sell you something. Let’s cut to the chase. Are you ready to see how I earn money? My secret is really no secret.

I help other people make money online as a free service. I choose to show people what I do and they can either follow me or do their own thing. They can learn the procedure I use, and eventually have enough knowledge to strike out on their own and become successful themselves. They normally join under me in a program I use to create my wealth and I make a small commission from them going forward.

Who am I? Read about me here at this link. Rick Bell. I have students who contact me through and I help them with the basics and where to train at. I can also help you as well. Mentorship is a must here online. Whether it be from a guru or just someone who has been through it… You need this wisdom going. The only way to be successful here within a short time, or fast is to have someone show you what worked for them.


What Online Program Should You Use?

I am a part of two proven and legit programs which allowed me to get the training I needed when I started. I have studied under very well know mentors, like Mike Dillard, Kyle and Carson, and Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. They have kept me on the right path. There are so many turns and curves in Internet Marketing, (IM) that without a teacher, or mentor that knows what they are doing… All is but a huge loss of time, money and much wasted effort. Even luck cannot provide you with success here on the internet.

Let’s Get Going… Okay, I just told you how I make money. So is this going to work for you? Maybe, maybe not. Why? Because like me, you will need to find something you enjoy. And I say that because without enjoying what we do, (having a passion) we will never do enough of the needed work to matter. So how will I help you find your passion? Experience!

How to Make Money Fast at Home-The Secret
I can make you successful



Without a Passion You Fail

Remember, I have a passion for helping others and so when I connect with people, I am able to find out what they need and generally through my past experiences be of help by giving the right advice. What happens next? You follow me, continue to ask questions, and learn the steps to success. What I offer is no pie in the sky-opportunity. I teach and offer a basic step by step plan to get you earning online. You will have to see it as a business and reach out each day working the steps one by one while paying great attention to detail.

If you are tired of reading this article and impatient already… Then you have already failed.  You will need patience unlike any you’ve ever known. Slow down and think. You are going to need more patience than at any other time in your entire life! 

How long did it take to create the Panama canal and what were the obstacles? Or what all went on before building the Empire State Building and why is it still standing today? Preparation is one big key to this venture. And if you are not prepared you will automatically become a failure before ever getting through this short instructive article!


science of getting rich
A must read!

Why You Will Want To Read – The Science of Getting Rich

Why should you read this ebook: Getting Rich I will be happy to tell you why. Our mind needs to be a part of the process

of learning to earn. The right frame of mind allows us a vital part that is a necessary component. You will see this when you read the ebook. Without the understanding of what our mind does as we go along, we can quite successfully have the wrong thought process and create our own failure. So once you have read this ebook you will then know the Why. 

Also, download Skype, so you can make a list of questions and send them to me by requesting me at… rick.bell30


Take a look at just three of my websites where I make most of my cash.

You will only need one good website, or one good blog site. But you will need one of these.





How to Become Wealthy at Wealthy Affiliate?

I started out marketing for free back in early 2013. I got my start by wanting to make money online from home. I signed up with a program that gave me the training I needed. And I became a paying member once I saw it was possible. And I even made my first sale shortly afterward. The Program, of course, is Wealthy Affiliate offered by Kyle and Carson.

You can read a quick review here. Wealthy Affiliate Review and Why the program works. Now even with the best training I could find, I struggled initially because I was limited in my knowledge of a PC and how it works. You will too if you are not savvy on the computer! But I quickly learned as I went through the course outlines. My first goal was to create the website Downhill Money as a review website to show online programs that do, and do not work. A review site if you will. While I promoted WA members I also helped get people going in the right direction. And in so doing this started a service. A work from home service helping others.

My second website I created, almost a year later, is which went along with my desire to help others with the needed tools and what works on how to make money. You can do this as well. You need to learn how first, but once you do you can help others by getting information out there and have traffic coming to you like me. You then make money online!


How to Make Money Fast at Home-The Secret
Grab your laptop and change your digital self!


 Where is the Best Training Program Online Today?

I got my start with the Wealthy Affiliate program. This basic training program is a perfect solution. It worked for me and created my first ever online sale and money from home!

Once I progressed I kicked it in the shins and moved on to another program where I sell high ticket digital software part time.  See me at the above url (

  • What questions do you have?
  • What do you need to become successful online?
  • Do you know what Affiliate Marketing is?
  • Do you know what a funnel is?
  • Do you know what Aweber is?
  • Do you know anything about paid for advertising?
  • Do you know just how many online tools I use to be successful?

Learn a skill and take it to the next level. It is how I make money fast and while at home. Connect if you have questions. Get a Free Account!


how to make money fast at home



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  1. Marion

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for writing this article on ‘how to make money fast at home’. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to learn how to succeed online and having a mentor is the only way to go.
    Good luck with your future endeavors.

    • Rick

      Thanks Marion. I appreciate the feedback on this one. I thought alot about not doing it and then I saw thouands of people asking this very question. Not everything can be done on a computer of course. But not everything can be done without one either! Wealthy Affiliate takes new members to a confidense they need to be able to market online. I agree with the mentorship and special training no matter talking about marketing or fishing!

  2. John

    Hey Rick,
    Nice article about making money. Do you know if Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start if you need to learn everything? Or is their a preschool training place?
    I have a friend who wants to learn this stuff and
    I can send him a link. Just put the link here in comments and I will email it to him.

    It appears you’ve helped others before. That is what you don’t get a lot of these days. No one really having the time to help. What you are
    doing is a breath of fresh air really! You will become even more successful because you enjoy what you do and like helping! Good luck and God Bless.


    • Rick

      Hey John,

      thanks for reply. I have here the link you will want to use to go to review site. When there just click on any of the links you find and it will direct you to WEalthy Affiliate. Glad you liked the article and hope to see you soon. I have of course a bonus for you when you sign up and even though everyone gets it, it does
      help you get started. Once in I also have a some helpful tips to show you involving how to navigate the training and lessons. Hope you join and enjoy Wealthy Affiliate

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