How to Make Money Online for FREE – With No Scams!

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 I’m going to take this article to a whole new level on helping newbies understand first, why they fail to earn income online starting out. So, let’s get started on how to make money online for free, with no scams. Take action today…

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Making Money Online For FREE – No Scams

People either take the wrong action. Fail to take any action, or… If not the wrong, then they take none to very little action. And if not no or very little, they take the wrong action!

I’m sure you are anxious to make money online, and for free. And, with no scams, in fact. As a seasoned marketing professional I can tell you that you will not be scammed. Least not here. So follow this article through and read every word, if, you want to make money online. Then save this to read one week from today. 


how to make money online for freeTraining Required – A Learning Curve Ahead

People just expect after hearing someone say you are going to be able to make $13,000 dollars this week if you log in to my program and start promoting my product! Wrong. First of all, you would not know how to market, nor would you know that that person would even be telling you the truth!

Secondly, without being taught and learning the skill of marketing, you will literally fall flat on your marketing face!


How Long Will It Take?

This is different for everyone. I have seen others make 10,000 dollars more than me their first year. And do it part time. It depends a lot on what you market, how you market it, and how skilled you are at the art of marketing. 

You can learn marketing, or anything else, if you are willing to pay the price to achieve these results. Below is a short message I wrote to a new member at Wealthy Affiliate Training Program.


Cool to hear back.

Hey, listen. Doing many different things part time online, will have you Never Succeeding. It happens to everyone starting out.

In fact I can tell you first hand advise. Stop trying to do more than one thing at a time.

I mean, stop. Literally Stop!

Because, you are working full time at a business already, right? consuming most of your time. (Meaning a job)


You Need My Help – Or the Help of a Mentor

Did I tell you I started two years ago doing this full time and have yet to make my $13,000 dollars per month? And that is full time! Now think about how much time that is in part time hours. At one or two every day.

It throws you into a 4 to 8 year success story at best! Possibly, something you do will generate income…But then you need to grow that income over time. That could be ten years away.

So, you have no time to waste my friend. You need to first figure out one thing to do and then stay with it. That will shorten the time frame of gaining the success you wish to have.

making money with no scams

You see, anyone can make anything work, but most fail to stay with anything long enough to see it through.

That means we are all over the place or can be, for the first couple of years! Wasted time, energy, money and effort!

Sure, some of us that are slow learners could use that time for gained experience and training…More learning of things that fail…like Edison.

Or we can focus, decide what it is we are willing to pay the price for, and go for it, come hell or high water.

Everything online works. Everything! Any product out there can and is sold into the hundreds, the thousands, the millions…!


Focus on One Way or Strategy at First

But not if we jump from one thing to the next and try a piece here and a piece there. WE get full of pieces and explode!

You mentioned your book or a release date? I must say you are doing just like everyone else, and thinking this will be your ticket…?


Any information you have that is just information, should and needs to be given out as free information! That is your lead grabber, your list building tool.

Not your product! Listen. Before I held back certain things that I thought I would make money on. These things are already up for free everywhere else online.

Why try to sell information that is already being given away! Just cause you say or think yours is better…Forget it!

Give it away and start doing it today! Send it all over the web! Then link back to your website or product that is worth selling. Like maybe a Warrior Forum or Jvzoo product you stand to make a ten percent conversion rate on for $7 bucks, $19 bucks.

Say you get 100 percent off their front end, which means you’ve just made $19 dollars today! Or maybe the person buys all their products and you make 50% on the back end of a $150 dollar up-sell.


Don’t Put Off Marketing Today


That is $75.00 plus $19.00 Plus a commission on the other two they may have in their line up.

Forget about waiting! Don’t have a informational ebook or training course ready? So What!

Break it down to end right where it is, and then say More to come, by subscribing to my list!

You see, nothing is ever finished. If we wait til it is we’ve possibly waited for a year or more to get the word out and starting to market effectively.

Whatever you have, start today, and start marketing. I don’t care who you are or how much training you have at the moment. You already know more than some. Or most.


My No Scam Approach – Helping Real People Make Money

We learn the best by doing. If we wait, we are not doing. So start doing something that requires thought and action. By this I mean start today. And take the steps forward that will get your product or your list started…by the end of the week.

Set a goal list and write down what you want to achieve this week, for just one action that includes the action of marketing something!

Even if it is networking or connecting with others to see what they are doing.

Or if it is searching and researching what others offer on their sites so you can do one better!

If you are working a regular job, do this at lunch! Crunch it out! Take the action and start the process of steps, that will carry you forward and get results.

No matter if it is a mistake later, You’ve may learn a valuable lesson that will give you a change of direction.



So, when are you going to start? You can join for free right here by clicking this link. Get a FREE Website Business Started Today.

What are you going to do?

What steps are you taking today to achieve your goals?

Do you even have a plan?

Have you started marketing today?

If you are working full time you’ve just decided its more important to serve others at their company, than your own.


My advice?

Do whatever it takes to get a business of your own started online, today. You can get a free website and get started today!

It may mean giving up stuff, selling stuff, leaving stuff behind. Moving in with a friend…working part time to make ends meet. Reducing your expenses down to where you can afford them doing a part time job.

Giving up the luxuries you now have will be hard. But did you know, if you cannot regroup, and see that you are working for these conveniences and habits you are in now…you may never break away to a having a real business online.

People that are successful all have to regroup at some point in life and either drop out of college. Mow lawns instead of being a bartender full time… Or perhaps eating dry noodles instead of steak.

We have to be determined to pay the price, long before we put ourselves into a real position to make money online. 



Learn how to market, so later you can take a product you hear about, or someone has, and then make money selling it on the internet. You can do this from anywhere in the world! For a REAL CASH INCOME!

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how to make money online for free with no scam

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