How to Make Money With Solo Ads

Why Start a Solo Ad Business / Looking to Start a Solo Ad Business
There are millions of people seeking ways to earn money online.  How well they do varies a great deal.  Tens of thousands or more do it because they need a job but in the current economy solutions can be hard to come by. Most get online in order to extend their business into the online realm.  
To some it will come as a revelation that it is difficult to develop an online business based on solo ads, without proper training, or use of a skilled mentor.
The market for solo ads is enormous.  While the technique can be used by big businesses, small merchants and individuals can really benefit from solo ads the most. in proportion to their effort.  For the small merchant, solo ads make marketing effectively, an easy proposal.  
For the big guys, it is just one of many options and strategies. As Direct Marketing has been with us for decades.
Results may or may not be proportionally, but way better than expected. There is always a disclaimer when it comes to internet marketing. Most fail due to lack of commitment, not ability or learning. Especially if you are use to not having much results on the internet thus far.
If you invest in the software and create the best ads,  and even offer a unique gimmick, you will go far.  If your follow through is fantastic, then your results will be great. 
If you desperately need income then you should try something traditional but if you have $100 $500 to even $1000 to play around with each month and are wondering if there is a way to earn money online – then the Solo Ads Business Model could be for you. I’ve seen newbies online learn this system of earning money and start making upwards to $10,000.00 per month, by the end of their first year.

Tools You Need As A Solo Ads Vendor

Of course, there are a few things you need to build a solo ad business.  You do have to have a computer and Internet access.  The more money you can afford to invest the quicker your succeess of making more. You will need some tools. Buy a cheap domain or two, some hosting, and also very much needed software such as a tracker like Click Magick.
Also an Affiliate Products Program like Cash Network. You need something that sells well, so you can earn money even when buying clicks from others to build your list. More importantly the information on the web in this area of Solo Ads is not that great. Researching free information on the Internet is often incorrect at best.
In order to get customers for your solo ads you will need to have a huge list, at least 3000 subscribers strong starting out. For long term success,you will want to get to know and trust several other vendors to buy from. Always enlarging your list of subs so that you can scale up to the next level allowing to sell more clicks than you buy. 
In order to provide your customers with this service, you will need to build your list constantly at first, refreshing subs that unsubscribe.  If you already have a large list or lists, that is great – you have already accomplished some of what people are going to have to do just to get started.
In either case, the biggest thing you need to know is that selling solo ads does cause you to lose subscribers, commonly referred to as subs.  It just happens. Because of that you will have to replace them every so often.  For those who have carefully cultivated organic lists of friends and business contacts, this may be challenging at least in the beginning.  
For the rest, when you first learn to build lists, just accept from the beginning that there will be subscriber turnover.  



Solo Ads List Building

The key to solo ads is the list and a good reputation.  This is a little more complicated than it first appears but not much. There is more than one way to grow an email list.  In order to be useful as a solo ad list provider, the people contacted need to be open to and responsive to this type advertising – check out this article–Home Business Solo’s. 
Ultimately, what those who buy solo ads are searching for are paying customers who have products that convert well with this type of traffic.
Offering ‘clicks’ means that as a list owner and vendor you promise your customers that at least a certain number of people will click on the link and check out their product or service.  Often people start with buying 100 clicks for about .35. Or often referred to as $35/100.
Now only so many subscribers will sign up. This normally averages about 40 percent. So you are paying about $1.00 to get one subscriber look at your opportunity or product. However you get to keep this subscriber you’ve captured and promote to him through the use of a funnel and often get him to buy later.
According to at least one European expert who broke through into upper middle class earnings thanks to learning the solo advertising business together with a mentor, it is more important to spend the time growing a good list than it is to get product out there or to start selling solo ads.  
The biggest reason for this, he explained, is that people can easily ‘burn out’ their lists if small. Jane or Jim sent too many links in too many broadcasts and  many unsubscribe. Where as a larger list spreads out the emails sent to just one person.
The other major words of warning are about buying clicks from someone you do not know.  You will want to see good feedback from vendors before considering paying them for clicks. The real quality being sought is responsiveness and a vendor willing to work with you to make things work between you. A good vendor will often help you with your squeeze page he sends the traffic to so you will get a greater conversion rate. 

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Selling Solo Ads

Get a mentor to learn the skill you need in this area before thinking you can just learn as you go.  Because having to spend cash for your own list growth is an investment you want to make sure you do correctly.  Normal product rates and prices are $35 to $50 for 100 clicks at a vendors website or sales page.
Conversions will vary.  Just because you charge more does not mean your quality of subscriber is better than someone else’s. The person buying form you must have a good squeeze page that gets subs to sign up.
The normal conversion rate just to get someone  to a product is about 40 percent. Sometimes you will see it as high as 55% conversion rate. But other times you might see it as low as 30%.
If and when it goes well and the list is growing rather than shrinking and customers are buying as well as going to the websites, then prices can be slightly raised and the number of clicks per list can also be raised. You will want to be able to sell $35/100 clicks per day easily for a good while before considering raising the price to .36, 37 or .38 per each click.
One must be able to receive payments from customers who buy Solo Ads and be able to accept their link information. Mostly done through PayPal. You will want to also be able to take credit cards. So you need a third party service such as SamCart, Stripe, or any of these type services.

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Solo Ad Emails

The means of communication between your Solo Ad customers and your list members are email messages.  As a result, the quality and content of the emails you send out to subscribers is an important part of your Solo Ad business.  Many can write these well enough for themselves especially if they get to see some good examples of how it is done, first.
Email swipes of this nature can be purchased or even someone you work with could help you out in this area. 

Inserting Solo Ad Links

Within the body of the list email, the links of those who paid for Solo Ads are to be included.  This is a common area where people fail to convert well on. Reason being you may have learned to build a relationship with subscribers. But for Solo Ad Marketing, it is much different.
The targeted audience often referred to as biz-opp or business opportunity seekers, are not interested in getting to know you…Just seeing the product you offer. Whatever context you place them into,  posting the links into the email to send to the list is another important part of the business.  

Conclusion To Making Money With Solo’s

Solo Ads can be a perfectly effective business once you get past the learning. The internet world has been effected by their rise in popularity as lots of others are getting onto the band wagon.   Running a successful Solo Ads business does take considerable up front effort and patience.  And cash to invest.  
Like every other job, once one learns how to do it correctly and get use to implementing each step the right way, the work itself consist of sending out a short email once per day.
The highly successful Solo Ads marketing business leaders – many of whom really did start out from nothing, make a great income. Is it possible to make $20,000 dollars per month? Yes. The other great news is that most of those who achieved the best success help to educate and train others through mentoring and sometimes they offer private lessons as well.
That means many of us are giving back and paying it forward.  If you want a mentor or Solo Coach. All you have to do is leave a message below.  Of course, you are welcome to try this biz on your own. But it is not recommended. Most will spend up to two years learning this from free information and through trial and error.




What next? FREE Maybe?

Often times people just do not have the money to invest and scale a business such as Solo Ads. So I recommend learning the basics of Internet Marketing. You can even start out for FREE, below. Because if you have some time, you will then have plenty of opportunities to make money online in many different areas of business.


Working from home is a great way to enjoy life. You will be able to make money on the internet while at home; giving you the freedom most never know. How to make money with solo ads is just one way of doing business that will help you build a huge list you can always market to, endlessly!

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