How To Sell Affiliate Products From Your Website – Or Without A Website

What you will learn today:

How To Sell Physical Products From Your Website

How To Sell digital Products From Your Website

This Video is from my friend who helps his students understand the importance of Selling As An Affiliate
Let Me Show You How To Sell Affiliate Products From Your Website


First off you need the all-important THING…A Website! This Review Here shows you how I created mine in just minutes. Even though I knew nothing about building a site.

Now if you have one already. You are set. AS there are two different types of products affiliate marketers now promote in abundance. Physical products and Digital products. 

If you know which type you are going to be promoting then let’s move on. Skip the part about Website Types below… and move on to how-to-sell-affiliate-products-from-your-website

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There are many different types of websites. You will want to take advantage of the type of website that will give you the best chance of selling lots of affiliate products. Here is a list of just a few types. Which one do you have? click the links to see the definitions and different styles.

  Basic Website Types
  1. Personal Websites
  2. Photo Sharing Websites
  3. Writers / Authors Websites
  4. Community Building Websites
  5. Mobile Device Websites
  6. Blogs
  7. Informational Websites
  8. Online Business Brochure/Catalog
  9. E-commerce Websites

How To Sell Affiliate Products On My Website

Just having a basic Word Press Website will work to Sell Affiliate Products. In fact, here’s an Affiliate Marketing Course that shows you whether to use a website or non-website for selling your affiliate products. 

If you want to know how to sell affiliate products on my website I will show you this here. Now I mostly promote the digital product. But think of a digital product as just being a physical product. The difference is you don’t have to ship them. Only have to deliver them through an email normally.



And since there are many affiliate products today, you can promote both physical and digital! They all require being sold in various ways. Called marketing strategies. Some ways will work better for certain types of product than others. 

Promoting either physical or digital products on your website is super easy once you have a website set up. If you’ve never created your own website before look into this section here: Building Your Website.

If you are promoting physical products you might want to have one of the four affiliates or partners are shown in the video. I know many get their start with Amazon. But it is one crowded resource to have these days. But don’t fret as there are plenty more partnerships you can use. 

Depends on what product it is. If you are selling mountain bikes you will want to research one of the bike affiliate or partnership programs. And then decide if you are going to be blogging about these products or reviewing them in some way. 

Websites Pack Tons Of Information All Under One Roof

Top Marketers Have Product Pages, Home Page, About Me Page, How To Make Money Page, and tons of training and articles all embedded under one domain. Reason being it is packed all nice and neat so that the reader can navigate easily. Of course, Blog sites are unique and a bit different. But you can sell all types of products from a blog site.


Internet Affiliate Marketing Offers

Let me start with the basic Word Press type Website that I mainly use as an Affiliate. The best way to sell affiliate products on my website is through written content just like you’re reading here. You basically write a post or article or review about the product. And a URL to that page, and whamo…it links back to the store or drop shipping company you are an affiliate of.

You can use text links, banners, images, landing pages, squeeze pages, opt-in forms, and redirection through email marketing that help promote to your targeted traffic. You have a much better chance of selling your product if your traffic is on target and within a certain niche market.


affiliate marketing is going niche websites


If You’ve Never Sold Affiliate Products
(Secret: They Are Easier To Sell When You Work Within A Single Niche Market)

Before you jump in and try to do it all on your own…The best and easiest way I found was learning the basics of how to become a serious affiliate marketer. Also knowing about your niche and why niche websites tend to work so well.

Again the Blue text link I left for you above covers Affiliate Marketing and it’s all about How To Pick Your Niche. Also, there is a (FREE EDUCATION Course) shown in the bright blue text below that says Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you need a niche website? That depends on what you are wanting to promote. Learn this information at the WA for free.

It may seem a bit complicated at First…

Starting out, if you don’t know much it is going to seem a bit daunting. But once you understand it you can easily set up a free website and get free hosting to start selling affiliate products.

Not like in the old days when you had to know about code and HTML. Today’s websites are being built in less than ten minutes. Then you just add content daily which is reaching out to your visitors about the products.

And before long your skill which is tied to your Affiliate website platform becomes a full-blown money making machine!

recurring commissions from Affiliate product sells

Utilize Automation Easily And Quickly

My friends, you can quickly and easily build yourself a great passive income that has recurring product sales happening even when you are asleep. This is the best way to sell affiliate products these days.

By using a word press website and having it open 24 hours a day you will be able to make sells on autopilot. The way to do this is using email marketing and some type of funnel set up.

Which captures subscribers so that you can deliver an email to them offering new products, discounted products, more information about the products…All set on automatic delivery. 

You really don’t have to know much about a product to list it by linking to it on Amazon or any other affiliate store. That’s the great part about Affiliate marketing.

But the more you do know about such products, the more your reader will understand what they are wanting to buy and be able to make a decision without guessing or needing more research.

The real key is not what type of platform you use but how much traffic you got coming to your site and how informative your website is about that product.

Lots Of People Get Affiliate Product Selling All Wrong!

You cannot open a store and it suddenly becomes a Walmart or Amazon! Don’t even think you can. These already exist. It just cannot be done by the average JOE. So what you want to do is specialize in one thing and one thing only. Be it through a blog or review website, an eCommerce Site or eBay.

And when you start building your website it needs to be finished completely before you try to start selling anything. People will move on if they see something, anything under construction.

They don’t like it in the real world and they certainly don’t change their mind here on the internet.


  • Websites allow you to keep track of everything very easily. 
  • Websites are like a home base or Internet Office
  • Websites are easy to use, easy to build and recommended by Top Marketers
  • Websites tell visitors about who we are, which helps with credibility
  • Websites are the most popular way of showing your visitors you are Affiliate Marketer in Business


  • No website does not allow people to understand who you are and your legitimacy with what you are doing
  • No website means you have no office to come home to are spread out before the world
  • No website means you probably don’t have everything in the same place that you can reach easily
  • No website means you are less likely to have organic traffic from Google, Bing or Yahoo
  • No website is much like not having an address for your business. Who are you?


There are lots of pros and cons to for Marketing. The sooner you learn to start doing things that all the top marketers do, the better. Especially affiliate marketing and using websites.

Both can be done. Both are being done. But which one do you think is right for your business? 

You can blog your way to the top by writing for someone else. On their website. But if you want to blog and have a foundation under your name.

You will want to create yourself a WordPress website where you can add more things under your domain or name. All under the one roof.

The Wealthy Affiliate Is A Digital Information Product 

How to sell affiliate products from your own website

The products I sell are mostly Digital Information. After all, we are within the digital age are we not?

My website gets traffic organically.  And they see the reviews and these reviews talk about products. Good and Bad.  

Wealthy Affiliate is one of my Affiliate Products that is basically Training Information To Help New Marketers. I use many methods to get the traffic to the website.

But mostly the reviews are found on Google, Bing and Yahoo Searches. 

I also use paid traffic. Meaning I send my Affiliate Links out to huge lists which then sign up and become a subscriber under As a Solo Ads Vendor, I can generate huge Lists of Subscribers.

And with a huge list all you have to do is have several pages of helpful and hopefully valuable content that delivers to it every few days. 

However, if you look at the Social groups you will see quite a lot of Ads and Links to people’s products. Another way of reaching traffic and is called a Marketing Strategy.

With an affiliate website, all you have to do is post on social platforms every day leaving your link on that page that leads back to your product page. You can get others to do the work posting for you have lots of products. 

graph showing 2018 affiliate marketers world



The reason I promote Educational Training Is, its a whopping 4 Billion dollar business these days. The majority being done by other marketers, Affiliate websites.

And their pages, email funnels, classified ads and so on.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform enabled me to create my own website for free, have it hosted for free, and then trained me to do what I do today.  

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you learn marketing skills that will help you create a blog site, review sites or just about any type of website you want to use to promote products with.

The training is both for website owners and non-website owners.  

So if you’re looking for a way to sell affiliate products online. You can learn what the best type of website it is that gives you the best opportunity for selling affiliate products.

 A FREE Wealthy Affiliate-Training-Platform-Read-Review

And as a training tool. It’s how I got inspired myself and became a review writer. And what I do for the income I have coming in is promote this education to my traffic. I also steer visitors away from bad products and programs that are bad for people. You can read the review I wrote for them Here: Wealthy Affiliate Review

By bad I mean they there are programs and digital training that comes and goes over the years and this stuff is bad. Hard on the wallet and credit cards. I try to protect people from them by writing reviews.

And for those wanting to make money. I help them move forward and find a legit and honest way to make money themselves.

Simple Truth Is…I Use An eCommerce Website As Well

An eCommerce Website is a way to go if you want to run a store. A store that can hold thousands of products start out in the beginning with just a few dozen products.

And as time goes by you add more and more and more. I’ve built this type of site before using Shopify and BigCommerce. 

And you post ads on Facebook which features the top product being sold on the internet during that time frame..The ads are very expensive though, and about the only way to make money starting out with Shopify is with spending $1000’s of dollars on ad costs. So it is not for everyone.

It sort of has to be in your blood, because you are going to feel like a servant. If you run an eCommerce Type Store you support for your store and you are the complaint department!

You are the refund guy who gives back a lot of the money coming in. Not fun for some.

Strategies to sell products online through a website

A Review Website Is A Stealthy Way To Promote Affiliate Products

When someone writes a review about a product they are producing information a visitor might need to learn and find out about such. So as a review writer myself I’m able to sell digital information to my visitors through organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is how my articles and my reviews get found. We use keyword phrases that other people are searching for, and then write an article to help them find even more information about it.

However, it does take lots of time and is nothing like just listing a description on an eCommerce Website. 

Traffic IS Key To Promoting Affiliate Products From Your Website

So how are you going to get traffic to your website? You are going to need lots of visitors to your website. Will you decide to buy traffic? Or get it organically through posting and chatting on Social Media Groups?

There are lots of strategies on how to get traffic. And that is the main thing you need to learn and build a skill upon once you find the type of website niche you want to use in promoting products. 

Try not to (Try And SELL ANYTHING) in order for people to feel comfortable buying from you, you will want to become a helper…Not just someone selling. Everyone is selling!

The trick is you don’t want it to seem like your selling anything. You want it to sound like you are freely giving information in order to help your visitors. Which you are.  

If you are targeting cold traffic or visitors… 

To your website, you will need a way to entice them along a few pages so you warm them up enough to finally purchase once they arrive at your website. That means promoting yourself, your products or your website outside the gates of the website itself.

Use A Sign In Form Or Squeeze Page

Many use text links that redirect to more detailed information about your product. Like an email type funnel would work. You reach a large group of targeted traffic, (means traffic that would be interested in your affiliate products) Once you find them you will want them to sign in for something free.

Give Your Traffic Value!

Only those already ready to buy will buy up front in the beginning, which does not happen as much as you think. Your traffic must be coaxed into buying along with your funnel pathway.

Sending emails to them each day lets them know they signed up and who you are. And, within a short time, they know you and what product you are selling. Which is a good thing? 

But to make this work you want to have their email address and use it sparingly. But always and most often send them something that makes sense and is relevant to what you are selling. Show them free stuff as well if you can find anything.  

Now if you Are Wanting To Run An E-commerce Website That Is A Bit Different. Mostly the reason why many of us marketers use text links is that is the less obtrusive way to get someone to start down the path to warm them up for the final sell.

At least if you are selling informational products. Like How To Sell Affiliate Products From Your Website click the link to see if you should get this

Take a look at the text links I have in this article. You won’t see big huge banners trees here or GIANT CALL TO ACTIONS. CTA’s. Which you do see often enough.

Like billboards though they are directed to people in hopes of catching someone off guard. But they don’t work very well with cold internet traffic. 

Affiliate Products to sell on your website

Build Great Marketing Skills First

Don’t expect to sell anything without warming your visitor up beforehand. Usually, someone who first sees a website and products will want to know who you are, why you are here,

and if you really are an authority on the product that they can count on. 

Make Sure You Give Them Something Special!

And if you’re able to funnel them correctly and give them the details they want to hear along the way, you are more likely to sell them a product. Not all products sell themselves.

Salesman do. And here using the internet your Online Marketing strategies play a big part.

Most visitors are researching and simply out to look and learn first off, and until they are ready to buy, they will just not buy. People can research products for days, weeks, even months!

No matter what the price or special offer you have published about the product they’re seeking…You won’t sell it until they are warmed up and get to know you.

They may even need to see dozens of sources to price check and make sure the information is correct. 

The reason behind it is this: People are skeptical of everything online, especially if they have been around for any period of time. And that means most people. All people. Believe it.

Nowadays they will even take their mouse and hover their cursor over the links and look to the bottom left of their screen to see just where they are being redirected to.

With the amount of spam and illegal websites…wouldn’t you?

Text Links Work Very Well…

Take a look at this link here: Wealthy Affiliate-Sign-In-Form Text Link. This text here pretty much tells you what it is. And it takes the visitor to another page by redirecting them.

With text links, you don’t need a website, but only a page with products and information. Try Hovering your cursor over it and look to the bottom left of the screen at the URL address while doing so.

You will see the URL you are being directed to once you click the text link. 

But most links will be more evasive and not really explain where or what they are redirecting you to. But it will be a different place, page or affiliate website. 

Lots of Amazon products which people are selling through use of a blog post, or review site and so on are being sold via text links. But some use images as well as texts on Facebook, Review Websites, Blogs, Forums, etc…as well as different types of banners. All these things can be done without a website. True enough. 

Would I myself try to market without a website? I have in the past in Solo Ads Business, eCommerce where you have more of a store than a website, but it is still considered a website I think.

But I prefer to have a website. 

image for wa sign in form Affiliate website make sales

How To Sell Affiliate Products Without A Website

There are literally dozens upon dozens of ways to sell without using a Website: Video, Posting ads in the classifieds or on other peoples blogs and inside forums are great ways to sell.
How would you want to Sell Affiliate Products without a website?

You really don’t need a website to sell products these days. There are so many people everywhere doing out of the box selling. Actually, even a single page or sales page is considered a website today. But if you don’t count web pages of any type then what about Video?

You can create a Youtube Channel and Promote your Product through the use of Video. Many people utilize this method however many have a website that they can redirect even this traffic too.

But it is easy enough to post a link below the video that goes straight to an Amazon Product page. 

You can create a video and then link it inside forums, classifieds, other peoples blogs, other peoples websites, eBook, Vlogs, Hubs, Chat Rooms, Banners, Word of Mouth, Phone sales,

Talking with people about your product. Which is, in fact, the basis of how Affiliate Marketing actually works. 

So, in essence, you may still be utilizing a page of some type.  Which most marketers these days don’t consider to be a website. So you will find lots of marketers telling you to use Pay Per Click to reach people as you only need one page to direct them to. But that requires a page builder of some type. 

Regardless of Wanting To Promote Products Without A Website

You’ll find that if you are linking your products everywhere you will not be able to clearly create a history of what’s going on. A website would help you stay in control. As a home base, you work from.

The reason most people are wanting to market without a website is the fact they have heard just how difficult it is to create one. But not so much anymore.

If you want to have a real online business you will need to have a website or your own place to conduct your business. Websites are just much easier these days to house everything under.

And of course, you can utilize pages, landing pages, squeeze pages and sign in forms and email marketing all under the same roof which simplifies everything And that my friends is a sure fire way to get to the top.

Affiliate marketing selling products online


Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing From Your Website

Selling products today on the internet is just everyday business for some and super easy when you know what you are doing. Those that have failed to succeed at this only need to go back and read the article on How to

Learn Affiliate Marketing Step By Step.

There are tens of thousands of websites and non-websites all trying to do the same thing. That is to Sell. You will have to decide what to use and how to use it. So get the right training and education before you finding yourself spinning your wheels in all the muck here online.

Don’t be just another one of these tens of thousands!

You must find your uniqueness and be knowledgeable and unique to your visitor. How do you do that? Learn the deep water skills of marketing.

Because, if you become just another person, one of the millions, that just tries to sell here online then you are not going to fair very well. Unless you have such a unique product that no one else is selling it.

I hope this article has helped you figure some things out and you are able to take this information and it helps you somehow. Regardless of which way you decide to do Affiliate Marketing, the bottom line is you need to learn the skills to do it the best way based on what type of product you are wanting to sell. 

Leave me a message about your product if you like and I will help you by giving you the best source of selling it. 

Read My #1 Review and consider becoming a FREE MEMBER THERE. You can learn how to move your visitors forward with product promotions and your own unique style.

Website or non-website won’t matter if you are highly skilled at Marketing. Training and Education will help you move past the heard of marketers just trying to make money.

How to and How Much you earn will be dependent upon your training and marketing skill level. WA helped me start off strong with that and I got the education for pennies! They can help you also. Check them out by reading my review…The TEXT LINK ABOVE ON THE LEFT! LOL

Remember: No matter WHAT, YOU CAN Learn How To Sell Affiliate Products From Your Website – Or Without A Website

If you have any questions leave them in comments…Thank You. Happy Marketing!

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