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So You Want Online Writing Success?

Many of us have the abilities to write online before every realizing it. Most of us write like we would talk, normally speaking of course. And that is what it takes to get your message across. How to Write an Article online is as follows.

First step is to get the education you need so you can! This means whether free or paid, you must know the skill and tools used to make writing online work. Definitely, if you are wanting to make money you will need to start with finding out what works and what doesn’t.

Listed below you will find several links that have helped me find writers for my websites, and pay them fairly, while helping them get their start as a writer online. I can help you as well so don’t pass up this opportunity to learn a great skill and an income as well.


How to Make More Money Writing Articles

Writing for a website, or you’re on site it is critical you know SEO. I do not have room to explain SEO here… Search Engine Opptimization. So please look it up! What this means is you will need to have traffic find your article, right? We do this by using low competition keywords. For instance, the image below shows the very title I have picked to write about here. How to Write an Article Online. I’m using Jaxxy, a keyword tool.


how to write an article online
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What is My Favorite Writing Tool?

As you can see the title I’ve researched in this Jaxxy Keyword Planner Tool. It is the same title you see I’m writing today. Click the image above to look at important numbers. You can go to this Jaxxy tool and sign up for free to learn why it is of such value. Many online writers use a tool such as this to compete online. In other words, you see the numbers representing the title above, right? This is your competition of how much traffic will see your article once you reach and rank on page one of a Google search.

Any position you end up with being on page two or three or even further back, will result in no one seeing your article. So having the right tools is essential in marketing anything online, whether an article, a product or a program. You need to use keywords and no which ones.


content marketingWhy Write Online Articles For Money?

Why write an online article in the first place? Because, it’s an easy way to earn extra income or make a living!You should already know the benefits of that, and it may be why you are here reading this article. But for those who don’t know. We are able to sell products and programs using articles, blogs and social media. The result is we make money and we love it! Content is King online. We give relevant information through writing that people are searching for and we help them, and ourselves as we go.

Like The title:

How to make money online by writing articles? If you type this into a google search you will get plenty of advice about how to write articles online, and what it takes. Just as I’m helping you here, understand there are some things you need to learn first before just jumping out there with content and earning a buck. You’ve made it here by finding this very title somehow, right? So this all works. You merely need some skill and the right tools.

For instance, I’ve shown you a much needed tool to help you along, called Jaxxy. So I am helping you learn what it takes to make money online through article writing. Jaxxy is a tool I have all my writers use so they can find the right keywords to add to their important content. Without the tool you might end up on page 5,6,7… or 21 of a Google search and not even people researching their own content search back that far! You article will not be found. So it does you no good.

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We Need Good Writing Lessons

Here is yet another program many of my students sign up for to learn a few free lessons on writing online. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate. You can see my review here: Wealthy Affiliate Review. You basically learn to create your own website and how to promote it. Through creating a small online business and website (FREE) you learn what it takes to write “cash paying content” online. I got my start there myself back in early 2013, and now have written over 200 articles which are ranked on google searches bringing traffic to my websites, enabling me to earn cash online from home.


How to Write an Article Fast

There are some easy to follow courses on writing. Especially this one here, which I’ve checked out myself and sent my students to learn from. Dennis and I go back a long time, so he is legit when it comes to offering training and programs which will truly help you. This mini course here is one I recommend. I’ve had great success using both the Article Profit Formula, and  400 words in 7 minutes.

The Article Profit Formula Will Give You More Traffic, More Sales and Establish Your Expert Status Within Your Niche Market… (click on it)


How to Write a 400 Word Article In 7 Minutes Or Less… Including Research & Proof Reading!

What works, is this quick lesson course on writing quickly. The difference between writing and writing quickly is you make more money the faster you write! If you learn to write even twice as fast as someone making $20 dollar per hour, you have now made $40 dollars per hour putting out the same amount of work! So dig into this course to make yourself faster. The course pays for itself the first time you learn to do this! Click the link.


400 Words in 7 Minutes


How important is it to learn article writing that works online? Very. In fact, below is an ad I have created to bring in writers of all types. Once you learn how to write articles, you can also generate income through creating the right ad copy. We get traffic from many different places. Check out the ad below to see where I’ve generated huge traffic from a free ad. I train writers myself through the use of many online courses, and eventually pay them to create articles on many of my websites. In fact, you too can do this if you like. Write for me once you are ready!


how to write an article online
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Learn From Me and my Experience 

So learn from me, by commenting below. Or on skype at rick.bell30. Sign up for the program Wealthy Affiliate above and I will give you one on one training to get you making money online. There is no simpler way. I’ve helped dozens of members to be successful online and I can surely help you reach your writing goals as well. Check out this article from one of my writers who learned from me. Launch Formula.

To Your Writing Success!

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  1. Doug


    Thanks for the great article about writing online! I wondered how much one can expect to be paid for writing a 1,000 word article?



    • Rick

      Thanks for comment. It depends on who you write for and your skill level going in. I pay $15.00 for an article and it has to be as long as needed to get everything down in writing. I know a friend of mine who would charge 50 dollars to write 1000 words, but he is a professional.
      I also train writers here at WA as well and help them, to earn $15 dollars an article by writing for me. Normally 800 to 1500 words. As they get better, I pay $20.

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