Instant Cash Solution Review – Newbies $300 Cash Daily!

Today we review the Instant Cash Solution product by Rich Meyer who talks at length about helping online marketers. My review for Instant Cash Solutions will explain how to become a Bronze, Silver, Or Gold member to earn profits.

Product Summary:

Instant Cash Solutions is an program designed to have you purchase classified ads to promote the very program called ICS . It is legit. However it is not recommended as a real business model. Find out below if it is worth the effort to even try it out.


Rich Meyer



What Is Instant Cash Solutions About?

Instant Cash Solutions is a member type sign up program which allows you to promote the 3 different levels inside ICS, of which have to sign up to one of the levels. 

By posting ads they give to us we promote their website itself within online classified ads and social network groups. However when we signed up to pay the $29.00 one time fee, it said there was no refunds.

The then learn about the website and how it works from the Instant Cash Solutions website, and either join level 3 and pay $100 to whomever you sign under.

And once you have your own ads you will then receive $100 if someone signs under you at the Bronze level.

instant cash solution bronze package

  • Pre-Written Ads (The Same Ads We Use Every Day)
  • Classified Ad Headlines
  • Email Swipes
  • Classified Advertising Training Course
  • ICS Marketing System (Capture Page & Auto Responder for emails)
  • ICS Members Area (Amazing Training & Marketing Resources)
  • Personal ICS Website {Hosting Included}
  • ICS Quick Start Action Plan
  • The ads are pre-written and proven. ICS says if you follow their simple instructions you’ll be on your way to making hundreds of dollars per day.

    You earn what your level is at. If at Bronze you cannot earn your first Gold level commission as it is sent to your sponsor.

    Silver package you can earn any Bronze or Silver level commission however. 

    If you went all in for $329 for the Gold package and then found out you could not make even one sale…You would be terribly disappointed. As their are NO refunds.

    instant cash solution silver package

    You do get more once you purchase a Silver Package for $200.00 However Facebook I believe will not allow these ads any longer…

  • Everything Included With The Bronze Membership PLUS
  • Facebook Image Ads Ready To Go For Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • 24-7 ICS Sizzle Call
  • Instant Cash Solution (ICS) Banner Ads
  • Pre-Written ICS SMS Text Messages
  • Resell Rights To Both Silver & Bronze Membership
  • However we do see ICS as more like the model of an MLM. Except the person you signed up under would only earn a commission one time from you when you sign up. After that the commissions all go to yourself. Less cost of your paid ads…of course.

    When you buy Bronze however, you cannot get a commission of $300 when someone signs up as a Gold member. Reason being is you’re not a Gold member so you would have to give that commission up. 

    Whoever your sponsor was, would get that commission. So the product here is set up to try and get people to buy into the Gold. 

    Instant cash solution gold package

    Warning! There are no refunds when you purchase this product!

  • Everything Included With The Silver Membership PLUS
  • Facebook Marketing Training
  • Craigslist Training
  • ICS Training Video Library (Excellent Online Marketing Training Videos!)
  • On Demand 24-7 Instant Cash Solutions Webinar That Explains & SELLS This Amazing Program
  • Extensive E-Book Library
  • Resell Rights To ALL Instant Cash Solution Memberships (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
  • You will be paid through your PayPal account whatever balance level your customer signs up on, Bronze, Silver, or Gold.  

    Once the money is in your PayPal account you wait for another visitor to come by and you allow the website and Rich Meyer to talk them into joining. 

    It is certainly similar to a copy and paste system. However we all know that all classified ads are published differently. Many will not allow your Classified at from ICS to be posted. 

    Is Instant Cash Solutions A Scam?

    Not it’s not. Yet we feel that it is closer to being a pretty much full blown spamming type money trick developed to deceive. Is Instant Cash Solutions a Scam? Not really a scam…More like Spam. 

    We all see these type ads pasted all over classifieds and even Craigslist where people are trying to make money off of other people. 

    Basically if you don’t offer something to people that is common sense type work, where they can be challenged and learn and grow, and earn more…

    Then again we talk about these situations being more like spamming. 

    The founder Rich Meyer only makes the $29.00 dollars off this offer. The money you spend to work this product goes to the person who you saw the ad for. 

    Perhaps you found this however and the company itself promoted the ad. That means the founder Rich Meyer is your sponsor. 

    And we see a lot of that happening here. He seems to be earning more income than all members put together. 

    Ask yourself why that might be? Easy question. He wrote this program so he could make money himself. 

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    Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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    How Much Does ICS Cost?

    When we signed up we paid a cost of $29.00 via credit card. This is the one time set up and registration fee required by Instant Cash Solutions. 

    After that depending on what level you buy into. You will need to spend $100, or $200, or $300 more dollars to work the program.

    And depending on what level you buy into, you will earn only that commission. You will be paid between $100 – $300.00

    You cannot buy in as a Bronze member and earn the Gold package or Silver package level commissions. You would have to be Gold from the start, or you can upgrade to Gold later.

    • Bronze Package: $100 one time payment
    • Silver Package: $200 one time payment
    • Gold Package: $300 one time payment

    instant cash solution bronze package

    What I Liked About The Training

    The Instant Cash Solutions is unique in its setup and delivery methods. The instructions we found perfectly simple and most anyone would be able to understand them.

    Rich Meyer does a good job covering the instructions within the website page and we feel most everyone would be able to understand what they have to do and the type of work expected to earn revenue from Instant Cash Solutions

    As a full time marketer I’ve seen way more complexity in many programs that did nothing to help secure your feelings about payment options or how things work. 

    So Instant Cash Solution is certainly a simple program to follow.

    Review Note: We found an Older Instant Cash Solution Website offering a $500 dollar Platinum Level as well…

    However the website we were on did not offer this level and longer…

    Perhaps they did away with it recently….Buyer Beware.

    You may no longer be able to sign up for the Platinum Level. 

    instant cash solutions video3

    We can promise you that if you go by the “Time To Work Is 20 minutes per day” You will not do so well. This posting classifieds will take most of the day.  

    And then tomorrow same thing. You will work weeks full time to even pull in just one sale!

    We spent hours working this program to see if it would grant us one member. Just finding two top classified companies that would allow us to register their post ads took two days!

    The time frame you will need to work to make your first sale could be more like 4 to 8 hours per day or at least 20 to 30 hours per week, instead of 20 minutes per day! 

    And for perhaps zero to one sale per week. 

    Are you willing to work full time for $100 bucks per week less the money you spend on ads?

    instant cash solutions menu

    What I Did Not Like About The Training

    If you’ve ever searched the papers for employment you will get the feeling of how this all works. Difficulty and frustration is bound to set in pretty darn quick. 

    The reason for that is you will need to scout dozens of local and online papers that you have to register with to post ads, and also prove you have a legit offer that is not just spamming their customers.

    It is actually hard work and our first week we showed no buyers. We did start to build a list however and we did try to contact visitors who left their information via email.

    It’s hard to convince someone to spent money they do not have. And it is why this program does not work the way it suggests it does.

    instant cash solution banner

    Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

    The training already seems to be outdated. The sections about posting and pasting digital ads in social network groups is in many cases not even allowed. 

    So it is a waste of time to try to earn income on these social groups. Most will not allow you to post such ads. 

    If you do post ads on your own Facebook Page, be prepared for them to eventually close your account.

    The training leaves out the fact that most places will not allow ICS ads. Craigslist is one of them. If you do get an ad in Craigslist it is just for a smaller town or area.

    And what happens is many visitors will spam check your ad as being a bogus opportunity. And CL will remove the ads. 

    instant cash solutions income potential

    The money you can make suggested here is just if you earn only the Bronze level buy in. And I know Rich says that the majority will go in all the way at the Gold level, making you $300.00. 

    However we did not even make one sale for our efforts with posting in 3 different online classifieds. 

    So we are unsure that you could get someone who definitely needed money fast, to spend $300 dollars they really did not have to spend.

    Will The Instant Cash Solution Help You Make Money?

    This will definitely not work for most. Now if you do decide to spend more money and use paid ads you will have a big better results.

    Classifieds that are free are packed with so many opportunities it is hard to find your very own ad You yourself put in. Much less someone else’ ads. 

    You can spend more, make your ads bigger, stand out, border them and circle them to get more attention.

    But it all costs so much more money to buy paid classifieds that you might just never break even or go into profits this way.

    instant cash solution paypal demo

    We find the Instant Cash Solution to not really be the perfect solution after all. These type programs will literally side track you forever in deceit and confusion of how to really earn income online.

    Would I Recommend You Buy Instant Cash Solutions?

    We don’t recommend it. We ourselves did think there was a possibility of it working. However once we purchased the Bronze level as a test we discovered no sales and no leads to get future sales as Rich Meyer suggests can happen.

    In our recent review tests and audience participation we find that most do not want a simple click and copy or paste method.

    It is too boring and over time will likely not be enough of a challenge to want to continue doing it. 

    What we find works for most of our marketers is real live Affiliate Marketing. Where they can make real money promoting real products that people buy everyday.

    There is no quick solution to make money online.

    Even though there are thousands of people taking advantage of the internet not being policed properly, and they market just about anything they can think of to try and get your money. 

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    Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

    Check out my #1 Recommended product which will teach you how to build an honest online business, CLICK HERE

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      • Rick

        This works to take your money and keep causing you to spend more thinking you will earn more. Does not work like that. Did you miss how I help marketers make money online without being scammed? If so you need to contact me.
        Rick B

      • Rick

        It works by you giving them cash money that you cannot afford to give. Then you never get it back. Nor do you make money. People are so skeptical about sending money on the internet these days that no one but a few dummies join. The company makes money but its members do not. Why would you want any part of it? It’s a scam that makes them money but does not make you money! Obviously you didn’t read the review very well. Now if you can listen and understand please get away from trying all the different get rich quick things here online and start learning the fact you need to know to have your own money-making business. Not someone else’s. Go to this page and read it in detail!

      • Rick

        I didn’t write a review to help you join. I wrote the review to warn people not to.

    1. joe

      It’s funny. At the same time it’s a shame. You write a bad review about ICS then come out with your own program. Now that is bad business. First of all you should have placed some solo ads along with Craigslist As far as does it work yes it does, hands down. I spend an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. I have ads in traffic exchanges, and do solo’s. So why trash one program to promote your own.?

      • Rick

        We did test this and we lost our money which was allocated for such. And when we lose we try to help others avoid losing as well. We don’t trash software companies as you say. We explain why they are not working for the average person and then try to help them get a real start on educating themselves to avoid such programs like these and to learn where and what works so they can earn legit income from home.

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