Instant Email Empire Review – $125 Daily Or Scam?

The truth about Instant Email Empire is here. One of our research workers was sent this product so we decided to go inside, take a look, and provide you with our Instant Email Empire Review...

We have first hand experience with conducting deep research strategies that enable us to give you legit feedback on such programs. 

You will only have to take a look to find out pretty quick if Instant Email Empire is something you will want to purchase, or if it's something to run from.

Instant Email Marketing presenter Bobby Jones

Product Summary:

We receive this special report saying; See exactly how I make $125.00 dollars per day Sending Simple Emails. That in itself is enough to make you sit up and take notice.

All you need do is duplicate the email newsletter and resend by mass email.

 Signup, Pay $34 bucks for some email leads, purchase a $29 buck Builderall Subscription, and promote Instant Email Empire.


Bobby Jones (Aka)


What Is Instant Email Empire About?

We watched the webinar on this shown here: IEE Webinar. Bobby Jones tells us he's been marketing since back in the days of AOL. So basically he's very talkative and wants you to believe him since he is proving to you now he has been in the biz for 20 years. He continues to show us revenue his earned and his Bentley.

So yes, building an email list is the very thing people are wanting to do these days in order to get traffic to their affiliate product or perhaps some service.

You are asked to join the Builderall.

Builderall helps entrepreneurs and businesses who want to quickly bring their ideas to life with the most complete digital online business builder and marketing platform on the web.

So this much is legit.

You start off by promoting the very sales page 

Your purpose is to use your email list and  ’email swipes’ (pre-written emails) to promote IEE.

He shows us bonuses if we join by giving us 5000 subscribers. Wow! So right now the offer if you start is only $297.0o.

He says they can only take 17 members, and they get 10,000 subscribers. So the other hundreds are shut out.

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Sell Clicks and Traffic to generate cash and make money. Create a profile, copy and paste exactly what they have. Send clicks each day. 

You get paid immediately to PayPal. Make money everyday. He continues to talk about Facebook users, Twitter, Snapchat, and billions of emails are sent every day.

So email is by far the system you want to be using from now on. 

instant email empire video #1

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instante email empire making money

Is Instant Email Empire A Scam?

After all this we suggest you stay far away from programs such as this. Instant Email empire is in fact just a way for them to make money off of new online marketers who believe this huge list of subscribers will some how change their marketing success rate.

We did sign up for one of these years ago and found it to be a ponzi scheme. They also used the same guy as this program is using to promote it.

My Email Mentor.

So here is proof that Instant Email Empire is not a legit system that will work for you. So yes, Instant Email Mentor is a very believable scam.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The prices vary upon which place you sign up to it from. There is a webinar workshop offering it for $297.00.

It is free to join in other promotions. 

1000 clicks per day, you would earn $200 a day which equals $6,000 a month. Just buy a package of 5000 subscribers for $34.

$34 for 5000 subscribers is ridiculous. YOu cannot get subscribers for that cheap and they actually respond to emails. 

Never does happen. So you also need to pay on top of the $34, a $29 dollar payment to open an account at Builderall.

Even though this company is legit. The company telling you that you can make money spamming a list of 5000 leads never works.

First off no one ever replies.

What I Liked About The Training

Actually the training on this is well thought out and they even have a webinar workshop to help motivate you and entice you to follow along. 

It is some of the best marketing I see these days. That coming from so called scams. They do know how to get people to sign up!

And that is how they make their money. Perhaps they are gifted marketing copywriters.

I know the guy is the same guy that was on My Email Mentor and he is very convincing.

instant email empire video #1

However, just because I liked the training, does not mean we are keen on these scams!

What I Did Not Like About The Training

I hate the fact that this training all has to do with getting you to take two steps. Send them money being the first, and then even opening a legit account in order to make it all look on the up and up.

How anyone does this I have no clue! How can you be some scammer and then take hold of a legit company and use them as  a legit prop? 

It makes no sense that the legit company wouldn't see a big influx in people signing up, and wonder what is going on.

Why The Instant Email Empire Is Not Legit

It's easy enough to tell why Instant Email Empire is not a legit company. It only takes a quick look to see the same actors which such scam companies have used in the past. They are the same people!

But the trick is you wouldn't know this. If you look at my Email Mentor you will see the same face. Bobby he is called. 

At that time I was new to email marketing and was taken in by such. And yes, it fooled me and perhaps it is why I was writing reviews. 

To help people like you to learn the tricks scammers use and to learn to go down a different path.

instant email empire image sponsors

Email marketing is difficult when starting out. However I know of one person who helped me. And that was JayKay. 

To take a look at his training you only need to tap into this link and Funnelize Review. His training is spot on when it comes to learning the ways to start a big list of subscribers for you. 

Just take a look at it before you go, and if you like what he shows, sign up for it and use it to grow your business. 

You can do this as well with list Grow, however the Funnelize system is much cheaper, and covers lots more strategies than Mike Dillards' List Grow does.

JayKay DowDall Funnelize

Will Instant Email Empire Make You Money?

Of course not. However, if you want to build an email list and then a relationship with your list so that they buy products from you, all you have to do is click the link below within the box labeled my #1 recommendation.

There you will see that you can build a huge list. And market to it. And grow it to the size of others that have big lists, like Mike Dillard's List Grow

Mike Dillard and Rick Bell

This is me and Mike Dillard meeting up at a convention in Austin Texas. He was one of my first mentors and charged me only $10,000 for over a month worth of mentoring! 

I now help others understand, build and implement successful strategies to their own marketing careers.

Would I Recommend You Buy Instant Email Empire?

Of course not. I'm here to help you understand that growing an email list is important. But there are many other opportunities to learn this marketing strategy and have it work for you. 

As a ex solo provider I had the chance to have two lists. One of which was 18,000 subscribers, and the other which was 32,000. 

It will help you to always build yourself a website which has sign in forms, sales pages where you get subscribers emails, and even pop up forms that help your visitors to connect in a legit way.

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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Happy Success!

Rick Bell

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3 Responses

  1. Christy Liyyon

    I thought something was a little strange about this I have 78.00 tied up in instant email biz alone plus 34 in click funnels but only have made like a little over 200.00 in over a month and was told I cant cash my money out till I have 1,000 in my account.
    Thank you for the valuable information I’m gonna take the necessary steps right now on my getting my money.

    • Rick

      Please undersand most people here on the net are trying to make money off of you. Not the other way around. Very few people are here to help.

      Ask me how to make money and I will help you make money.

    • Rick

      Most people do fall for programs like this because they want to make instant cash. Which is not something that happens here on the internet like marketers are always telling you. In fact most people don’t have a legit program but one that scams people into giving them their hard-earned money so they themselves can get rich. Stop trying to find a secret door. There are none.

      Now if you want to make money. You must be passionate about something and really love what you do. The reason being is, it can take years to start earning income online. And if you are not willing to put in the time that it takes, the money, or the long 7 day work weeks. Then you need to remove yourself from the internet entirely! At least when it comes to trying to make money. It won’t work. You need to learn about what it takes to become a super marketer long before the money ever starts rolling in. There is no short cut. Click this to see what I did to make thousands of dollars over time.

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