Is Instant Payday Network a Scam?

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Jeff Buchanan is now offering a free way to make money from home. However, is his Instant Payday Metwork a scam? Will you actually make instant money? According to the ads, you could make $408 a day! However, is this realistic? Is Payday Network a scam? Or is it a real and legitimate way to create income?

You have to ask yourself…what is it you want to be doing to make an income each day? Remember you are going to be doing it all day long. Have you thought of a program that allows you to learn the basics of a real work from home business using affiliate marketing?

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instant payday networtk review


Jeff Buchanan and The Instant Payday Network!


The first thing to realize about Jeff, is that you really don’t know anything about him. The instant payday network doesn’t actually state who Jeff Buchanan is. Is he even a real person? Who is behind this program? Can you trust them?


is instant paydey network a scam


It’s easy to create a free account with the Payday Network. You can login for free! What’s next? One big red flag for potential users is that Jeff’s website and information videos won’t tell you. Before you can even find out the most basic details, you have to give him your email address. Are you ready for spam?


Instant Payday Network: Free Legit Complaints


Ok, so you’ve created your Instant Payday Network account, and surrendered your email to Jeff. Is this program legit? What’s next? Well, pull out your credit card and get ready for your instant payday!

Step 1: Use your personal financial information to sign up for programs you have no interest in. Step 2: Convince other people to sign up. Step 3: Get rich? Any complaints?


instant payday network advetisemett


Now that you are a professional affiliate of the Instant Payday Network, your friends and relatives will be thrilled to learn that you can make $55 if they also turn over their financial details. No worries! Don’t believe those sites that claim this financial information might result in unwanted charges to someone’s credit card…. surely, Jeff Buchanan would never do that?


What exactly is the Instant Payday Empower Network???


After signing up for various special incentive cost-per-action offers, Jeff Buchanan will get paid for the credit card information you have sold. Meanwhile, you’ve signed up for some dubious programs, which will try to sell you something like a recurring video game subscription.

If you signed up your friends and family, you’ll get paid too! At this point, everyone might need to cancel their credit cards.


instand payday network _start today_


After sucking everything he can out of you, and paying you to betray the trust of your friends and families, its time to move on to a bigger and better pyramid scheme.

For the low-low rate of just $25, Jeff Buchanan will help you join the Empower Network, where you will be encouraged to pay upwards of $5000 in order to learn how to further alienate friends and family. Merry Christmas!


Instant Payday Network: Free Training


Ultimately, the bottom line is that Instant Payday Network is free, at first, and you can make money. All you have to do is sell your information and convince other people to do the same. If you have a special knack for convincing people to watch internet ads, then this may be your dream job. They provide free training, although the lesson is really simple: spam, spam, spam.


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However, let’s be honest here, Jeff Buchanan is making money by convincing YOU to sign up for free trial offers, and YOU are the one that is being exposed to unwanted credit card charges.

Do you think your friends and family are going to be this stupid? Are they going to be delighted as you launch into yet another sales pitch? Are random strangers going to listen to you, or are they just going to see you as another source of spam?


Instant Payday: Approved by the Better Business Bureau


Face it, you aren’t going to make any money unless you convince other people to sign up, and that takes real work. How much money are you going to spend on a website, begging people to please trust you? What is stopping them from signing up for these free offers, without even giving you a referral credit?

If you are hell bent on making money from advertising products, then do it the correct way. Work with a reputable company like Amazon, and get involved with their affiliate marketing program. Sell products that people actually want, instead of desperately trying to recruit people for the Empower Network.

Check out what the Better Business Bureau said, “Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.


instant payday network review


Bottom Line: If you enjoy signing up for trial offers, and canceling them before you get charged, then by all means feel free to do so. However, you aren’t going to make money unless you convince other people to do the same.

If you really want to do affiliate marketing, there are better alternatives that don’t require you to risk your financial information.Reach out to me if you are really ready for a online training program where you will find yourself earning money from a real business. Read the Wealthy Affiliate Review here.



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