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 img05It is time for you to think about learning internet marketing… for free. Forget everything you’ve ever read or heard about working online. Because most of it is not true. In fact you need to clear your mind on and about anything you wish to take a step toward. Mentally see yourself as the successful person you want to see standing there. YOU.

There are a few things you need to do first though. Did you know Internet Marketing is huge! People are becoming wealthy each and every day. I myself am one of these people as I have three affiliate marketing websites, and two eCommerce Stores where I sell products. My earnings are now substantial!

Think of today as the first day of the rest of a great journey you will be taking.  Writing, talking, sharing information to thousands upon thousands of people on the web. The technology is Here. You are here.  And if you want to change your life around, you can! Just believe it and you will be on your way to running a successful business. And from anywhere in the world.

Take the necessary action! If you do nothing but read this article you become a failure at internet marketing, at least for the moment.  Even if it is to scribble out a plan of action, you need to head in a direction!

Without action their can be no results.  Believe that you can, and you will succeed.  Start out by reading a short book on being positive.  Napoleon Hill, “Think and grow rich.”  Is a very good one. Once you get into this frame of mind where you feel you can do anything…then you are ready to start!


 Affiliate Marketing Is Successful Marketing


square_FirstStepsFirst Steps…  You can read the articles here my website on how to start in Affiliate Marketing.  With the program I use, you are able to do anything you want. The first step after getting the mined right, is to actually take that step, like I said above…..

Think about what it is you would like to talk about, write about, build a website about.  Guess what? When you can picture this, you are on your way. Free Lessons will get you there. And your dream of being what you want to be will materialize just like mine, even if it is something different than everyone else is doing.



What Kind of Service or Product to sell?


Second Steps…You may have decided you want to do reviews on products and not have to ship them, or mess with them in any way. That is affiliate marketing. Just decide what product or service you are going to sell. Which will be your niche. And this is easily figured out when you sit back and think long and hard. What is your interests? You need to pick something you like very much and have a possible passion for.  Something that you find yourself thinking about all the time.

Once you decide on your niche, or subject matter, then the rest is as easy as pie.  Just follow the steps below to get started to your own self made success!


Building Your Business


Real-Wealth-is-a-different-Third Steps….We know there are many more things that come with starting and growing a business. There always are….but you have to start somewhere. You will want to come back to this site once you do get going so you can read more and discover what I’ve done in the last few months myself. I will be here to help you along the way with tips and pointers to keep you on the fast track to your success.

So, if you only make one step today, and that is to start, you have already done more than 98 percent of the rest of the world! And you will be able to start telling family and friends that you have your own business and are a success! In fact, start doing this now to confirm your thoughts and become more confident.


Don’t Quit Your Job


Now if you are working, please, do not quit your job. Becoming an online internet marketeer may eventually allow you to become the boss, but working from home and just starting out, can also take time. Some people learn faster than others, and some slower. Some also take the wrong approach by trying to do too much too fast, and fail. This is exactly what millions of people do. They think two websites are going to double their success, so they create two or even three at once.

Wrong. Start with only one website and grow it until it is bringing in revenue and you only have to work a couple of hours a week on it to keep fresh content in. Then you can consider creating another website.




Now if you do not have a job, and have plenty of time. Think about this. Internet Marketing and the technology is here and can make you wealthy.  It is here today and it is where you will want to be. 3d word SolutionIf I were you I would learn internet marketing for free. I would suggest you spend your time, checking out all there is to know about online marketing. Take in all the free training you can and fast! Check out the links here on the website, and my Wealthy Affiliate Review Page. It explains even more about internet marketing and how I became successful.

When working from home there are a thousand things that can take you away from starting a new business. So, pay attention to these things, so you won’t get caught up in something that distracts you.

Send me a comment or questions if you have any and I will be their to help.  You can also call my personal phone over in the contact page. Build your internet marketing online business today!

Cheers, and good fortune to you and yours!

Rick Bell

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  1. Randy

    Hi there Rick… just wondering if you could recommend a good motivational book to kind of jump start the juices? Thank you for some great direction here!

  2. Jen Langley

    Hi. When writing a plan of action, what do I do if I can’t figure out what my interest is? Does Wealthy Affiliate help with that?


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