Is a College Degree Still Needed For Success – Find Out Why It is Not

great jobs without college degree

They never teach this in school, but millions drop out of college and never finish. Many become millionaires. Over 40, with no college degree is going to be just fine. Let me tell you why. Because the world is changing.

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Don’t forget that colleges promote themselves and are the ones advertising the very need for college in the first place. With their biased statistics and false claims.

I earned almost 60K per year driving a truck! I dropped out and made more than most will ever make attending a 4 year college!


Over 40 No College Degree Needed

They’ve been at it for ions of time! Advertising that you need to earn that piece of paper. While they collect the money. Your money.

I quit college many years back, and became a truck driver earning $56,000 per year. No college Degree After 40 was needed!


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What has been taught throughout history is that we need to go to school in order to have a good paying job…very much true. Yet times have changed. And they will continue to change with or without you.

 In most cases…yes. Now, I fully agree that we should be required to get through the 9th grade. But, 60 percent of college grads looking for positions after graduation tells us this system is now flawed!


 A College Degree is Not Needed

Let’s dig deeper to get to the interest of why people are looking for other ways.  Read my #1 Recommended Review on building wealth online. 

A basic education is desperately and always needed. However, needing college is a completely biased and false claim set up by these school systems themselves.  In most cases…yes we do need education. A degree however does not constitute having a better lifestyle. Only when you see highly specialized training will you see those incredible lifestyles we see on commercials.

Not only is College not needed in the world today, the degree you get is way over-rated.

Today, and I’m talking about 2016, there are over 60 percent of college grads out of work and needing money to pay huge debt that their college training has strapped them with.

The degree is useless! Not only are college students now making payments on something that has not worked out for them, they are not in a position to pay college debt, at all. Many are looking for work as non-skilled workers. You may be in this position if you are here online searching for answers.


Why no College Degree is Needed

This depends on what skills you are wanting to acquire. If you are wanting to be in the medical field. Yes. If you are wanting to be a brain surgeon. Yes.

If you are wanting to be the new CEO of a large firm. Then yes. However, again I must inform you that history even though repeating itself more than not, does not require a college education today in order to generate a good income.

There are way too many opportunities and new ways that work, which have been created by new technology. A skill is required, but it does not need to have a certificate tied to it, nor four years of training.

40 years ago the college degree route would have been the right direction to go with. But with the masses going that route over the last 40 years, slowly the people have outnumbered the job positions which call for degrees.


Not only that, you are now in a position where numbers in the millions are looking for that same position you now specialize in. Competition rules out higher pay grades and any success by over saturating the market with too many employees capable of doing the same type work.

This causes reduced salaries, or lagging salaries. Which are far from keeping up with inflation.

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is a college degree really needed for successJobs with no College Degree

The internet is packed full of ways to earn money and jobs that people are now working from home. Basic learning will always be needed, though. We can now build our skills on the internet. , So, if you are looking for jobs with no College Degree, consider the internet as a viable option. And, for prices much lower than any 4 year college.

Once we learn a new skill and knowledge, we do not even need a degree.

The internet opportunities are vast and do not require you to have any type certifications or licenses.

Take a look at Udemy, as a training platform. You can get specialized training just like in college for pennies on the dollar. Then take that skill you’ve learned and grow your business in record time.

Take for instance learning a quick business course online. Thus learning the skills and basics of creating an online business from home.

You study and complete a short training program as a marketing professional. Research and build up your traffic through new strategies of marketing.

And now, what you have now is an online business reaching millions of people who you now can offer your new service, product or program to.

All within a max of 2 years of training and implementing the internet. Your next challenge, to scale your business to the size of Wal-Mart or Amazon.


You Don’t Even Need College… Just Change of Mindset

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We have been conditioned our entire lives to reach college level and at least get an associates degree. Years ago society built stability in reaching and receiving a college degree, and it worked for a time. Corporations different now. Many new businesses now are moving away from college education.

Sure, there will always be a need for showing a certificate of graduation. 

The most difficult thing a person can do today to become successful is get out of the mindset that we need College and a degree. If you go to college and make it to graduation you are looking at being out of work, and in debt.

Again, 60 percent or more graduates are facing not finding a position that works for them and having to settle for non-degree type jobs just to make ends meet. Are you willing to risk four years?

I encourage you to do some research online using the internet so that you can see the possibilities. Also research how we have been brain washed into thinking the road is one way to a college degree or else. In order to create an income, you can do this without a degree just by solving a problem for others. 


jobs with no college degreeA College Degree is Not Needed

You have a better chance of becoming wealthy today if you seek a different road to success. It’s always been that way. Doing what the masses are doing creates a “get by job that pays the bills”. But no great lifestyle. If you are wanting a $100k annual income then you are going to have to do the type of work that it takes to earn it. It means you need to solve problems others have and then sell or market your product to them.

Digital information is like gold today and it is searched for daily by millions.

Create a informational training exercise for the masses who are looking, and gain wealth almost over night. You will have to study and research, and orchestrate this feat, yet it is a far less time consuming risk than spending the next 4 years hoping to just get by with a job out of college!

In 2013 I quit my trucking job to work from home, and my research online took me to a one of a kind education program that taught me marketing and how to create an online business within 3 months!

If you are here, then you are looking for that way to change your life and your future success.

I ask that you read the #1 recommended way to build a business online and work from home. A college degree is not needed for this type of success. 


Find Great Jobs Without College Degrees

No, these aren’t your ordinary jobs in sales for Sears, Neiman Marcus, Rothschild or even hundreds of smaller corporations. What you find online today can change lives just by learning how internet marketing works. Have a great idea?

Have a desire to create a business? Want to build wealth which cannot be done in a regular job? Find great jobs without a college degree…Or, Create Your Own and start your own business to wealth.

It’s all here within the online world. No more working for others, no more waiting for checks. Once you learn the skill to move a product online, you will forever have a money making position and be able to work from anywhere in the world, at your leisure.

Don’t give up and become a worker ant for your entire life. Reach out and challenge yourself for bigger and better things!


Good Jobs Without College Degree

If you want to you an learn skills like these below in the list. Listed below are my picks good for jobs without college degree


Appliance Repair : $40,000 per year

Requires learned skill but no college.


Paralegal assistant: $46,990

Annual pay is $46,990, or $22.59 per hour 

Computer service technician: $48,900 

Pay is $48,900, or about $23.51 per hour

Electrician: $49,840

Annual pay is $49,840, or $23.96 an hour. 


Respiratory therapist: $55,870

Pay is $55,870 per year, or about $26.86


Multimedia artist: $61,370 

Pay is $61,370, or about $29.50 per hour


Web developer: $62,500 

Pay is $62,500, or an hourly rate of $30.05


Registered nurse: $65,470 

Annual pay of $65,470, or $31.48 per hour


Dental hygienist: $70,210

Pay is $70,210, or about $33.75 per hour


Affiliate Marketing: $100,000 – $500,000 plus..No limit

Annual pay $500k or about $150/$300.00 per hour



The world is changing… If you continue doing what is not working… or limiting yourself to being an employee of servitude, you give up your life as a worker ant…

Or what many are struggling with..You are going to reap these same rewards each day, never gaining momentum.

I ask that you consider rethinking how the job market is evolving and positioning yourself to create wealth using a path less followed. Find one of these new paths online today.

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      Thanks for the comment. I hope others find this so they will take the necessary steps to a new way of life without the servitude we are brought up to deal with. The world has changed. It is changing. We need to either change with it or be left behind.

      An old farmer I know still uses a wired crank phone at his house. He even had it designed so it would work, but you have to crank the handle to get the signal. All added so he can feel at home. Takes him twice the time to make a call as anyone else. But he has nothing pressing, like getting online, or texting, or any of these things we do today.

      And of course his bank account reflects the lack of ambition. If you are content with doing nothing and just getting by, this program I earn money and commissions from, is not for you. Do not sign up at Wealthy Affiliate!


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    Its why we try to get people interested in building a business from home. That way they can make as much as they want and scale their business up to even start branches!


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