Is Affilorama Legit or a Scam? Pretty Legit – Pretty Pricey


Affilorama Review – Be Prepared To Experience Serious Symptoms Of Sticker Schock


is affilorama legit or a scam
Mark Ling – Creator/Owner of Affilorama

Let’s face it, out of all the internet training programs and other products on the market today, most of them are scams. The Affilorama marketing training program is created by a well known marketer by the name of Mark Ling.

Given his strong reputation, you might expect that his program would be a bit different from most of the others, but is it?

In the opinion of this Affilorama review, Mark Ling has created a legit program. Having said that, I also do not think this would be right for everyone. There are certainly much better – and cheaper – options for people looking to make money through affiliate marketing online.

Our top program, for example, will give you more training and allow to keep most of the money you would otherwise be spending on this program.


Affilorama Marketing Training Program Overview:


is affilorama legit or a scamThis program was started about the year 2005 and it includes not only the training program, but also a community that is dedicated to training and discussing the topic of affiliate marketing. The Affiliorama marketing training program does have a ton of information and training included.

This alone probably separates it from about 95 percent of the marketing scams out there today. They also do have at least the intention of evolving and bringing updates to the system. However, I would have to say that the program really fails in several areas which are woefully out of date and decidedly not updated.

The Affilorama program does have a number of easy to use and follow training resources including videos and software applications. The community platform does enable you to interact with the community and there is even a free option that will allow you to explore the resources before deciding to invest.

The basic program includes videos that are meant to take you through the affiliate marketing process step-by-step. You will also find a number of software tools to help in the way of site ranking and analysis.

There are higher levels as well. The premium program provides extra videos for training along with interviews of successful internet entrepreneurs. There is also actual content which has been created for your chosen niche, much of which is in the form of PLR (private label rights…more on this in a moment). Then there is the Afillorama Jetpack, which includes pre-made niche websites, included content, email swipe files, and additional content.


Affilorama Complaints:


1) The Real Purpose of The Affilorama Program

One of the major knocks against this program is that it seems to have been created for the simple purpose of Mark Ling being able to train his own affiliates. Of all the Affilorama complaints seen, this is not only the most pervasive, but perhaps the one with the most truth behind it.

It seems a bit disingenuous that someone would create a whole platform with multiple products and ways for training simply as a means of helping his own affiliates become more successful, while at the same time profiting from both ventures.

2) Expensive Upsells

Another of the biggest complaints about Affilorama are the Upsells. Sadly, this is also warranted. The Premium level will cost $67 per month and is really the heart of the program. Anyone even considering this program would do well to take advantage of the 30 day trial for just $1 before deciding if it is the right decision for them.

Upsell #1 – Affilio Blueprint $ 197.00: The first upsell you will be hit with is a program that provides a step-by-step training course for new marketers. Supported by 13 lessons and 85 videos,  Affilio Blueprint deals with the subjects of Niche marketing, Traffic Methods like SEO, PPC, Google Content and in particular Affiliate Marketing. It also includes a premium WordPress theme.

Upsell #2 – Affilio Jetpack $997.00: This package is geared to make you a “Super Affiliate” and includes:

  • is affilorama legit or a scam5 Niche Packages (you can choose 5 out of ten available)
  • 3 e-books per niche
  • Access to AffilioTheme
  • Graphics for each niche
  • 20 PLR Articles (beware of duplicate content)


Positive Affilorama Reviews:


Some positive reviews for this program do highlight the fact that the training is pretty good. I agree, you receive some good affiliate training, just as many Affilorama reviews highlight. The problem is that you pay through the nose to get to this information. Plus, there are a number of techniques which are extremely out of date here and could end up destroying your business if they were put into practice.

Affiliorama DFor starters, using PLR content is a bad idea. Private Label Rights content is pretty generic articles and other content.

Most of the time is just very basic stuff thrown together simply to pad out a product that needs some extra help in order to sell.

Sadly, everyone else gets the same PLR articles which means most people are going to stick these up on article sites and possibly even their own websites. Google and the other search engines will see this as duplicate content and it is a big no-no for your website.

The next out of date technique advocated by the Affiliorama marketing training program is the use of unnatural backlinking. This is something which Google has said point blank will no longer be tolerated.

Yes, the tactic might have worked a few years ago, but not today. Sadly, it is just another example to show that this program is not updated as frequently as it needs to be.


Who Should Try Affilorama?


Honestly, I cannot see a scenario in which someone should really consider using this program. There are just too many other cheaper options available right now. If you were on a very tight budget you might want to try the free version, although it would be very time inefficient since you would need to pick through hours of training and video content to find the hidden gems…and even then, as a new marketer, how would you know if you found something worthwhile?

The best approach is to stay away and focus on something that you KNOW will be effective. There is no reason to spend all that money on Affilorama.


Is Affilorama Legit or a Scam?


The bottom line question is whether or not this program is legitimate. Indeed, you would be hard pressed to say that Affiliorama is a scam. However, there are many small issues with this program that really bring it down a notch. While it is possible to obtain support, this mostly comes from the forums and community of users.

It can take days, or longer, to get answers to your questions or help in how to work the program. Bottom line, Affiliorama is legit, but stay away and focus on something that has proven itself to work better, like our top-rated program –  Wealthy Affiliate (read my review here).




If you ask Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama, I wholeheartedly say, Wealthy Affiliate.


8 Responses

  1. Jewel Carol

    Hi Rick

    Thank you for yr review on “Is Affilorama Legit Or A Scam”.

    I really like yr review and I totally agree with what you said. Indeed Affilorama program may look very promising for someone starting an online business from scratch but it certainly has a number of upsells which can be quite confusing for the newbie. 🙂

    Although Affilorama may be one biggest online communities revolving around affiliate marketing, and I can join for $1 with the 30-day trial, however, it seem yto me that the costs of thia program ultimately can prove very expensive as soon as I begin adding in the upsells.

    As such, I don’t think I will want to join this program as I don’t think I want to pay the costly upsells $67 monthly premium level membership. 🙁

    Thanks again for yr great review on Affilorama. If not, I could easily fall into another scam program. 🙂

    Jewel Carol

    • Rick

      Thank you Jewel for the feedback on Affilorama. It definitely confuses me and I’m sure is something I would rather not try to figure out. I’ve already seen first hand how well Wealthy Affiliate takes a person from knowing nothing to learning everything they need to know in the internet marketing game. So I’m trying to get people to sign up for that program instead. I’ve seen some success with Affilorama but I wasn’t sure how long the members were there that had the success and how much they knew going in.
      Thanks for the comment and your thanks!

  2. Katie

    A good over view of affilorama and I would agree with you there are other programs offering equal or better training for less

    • Rick

      I’m sure Affilorama is an okay program because I have not read a whole lot of bad reviews, and only then would I suggest staying away from it. Through research it does appear to be somewhat over complicated getting started and for the newbie to affiliate marketing. Yet Wealthy Affiliate is not complex at all as they lay the learning out for you in steps and tasks that have to be completed before you can go on to the next. It made a huge difference when I first went through the course. I knew very little and it was a basic step by step stairway that I took to the top! To your Success Katie!

  3. Hari

    I agree affilorama is no doubt a good platform but what one can get with Wealthy Affiliate is unmatched.. 🙂

    • Rick

      Yes I can see you are certainly a Wealthy Affiliate member! Good for you. As Wealthy Affiliate delivers in its training and the simple courses it shows you. The whole outline of how to start and gain momentum in the online world is clear cut and concise to its readers, whether new or not. Thank you so much for bringing this comment about.

  4. Todd

    Hi Rick,

    Great article. I’ve heard of Affilorama as a legit program, but not the most up-to-date training and an expensive price tag. After reading your review of Affilorama, I would have to agree that the back linking and duplicate content aspects of the training program are absolutely horrible advise to give to a new student who is trying to learn about affiliate marketing.

    Having been a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can attest to the quality of training and resources that they provide new students. And I too, give WA my full recommendation. When you compare the cost and quality of training, it’s not a hard sell comparing WA over Affilorama.

    Great review Rick, thanks for the info.

    • Rick

      Okay buddy thank you for comment. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a great program. But people are so skeptical even when I send them there and talk about it they still don’t want to sign up! Most people think they can find all this information just laying around on the internet, and that is not true. Or else you can find it, but the time it takes searching is ridiculous! Who has that kind of time. So I tell them to pay for the training! Get ahead and get in the fast lane of making revenue!

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