Is Commission Titan A Scam?


Can Commission Titan be a Scam? You tell me.


commission titan a scamIf you believe Raaj Menon, the creator of Commission Titan, then you may also believe horses fly.

Generally speaking, anytime a program comes out with tons of flash, bling, bells, and whistles and of course a perfectly done high definition video…or two. 

Watch out!  Is Commission Titan a scam? This I feel is a perfect analogy of an eagerly promoted program that offers many things, and delivers on very few.



What Does Commission Titan Do?


It is an Affiliate Marketing training program which allows you to become successful, so it says.  And, we can make money online from affiliate marketing.  This is true.  But not this way.  By helping generate huge amounts of traffic, and earning you big commissions over a short time?  Making you successful almost over night? He says this just to get you in the door.

Normally this program offers you a super deal start up of only $47.00. But, if you close the ad, before subscribing you will get a second offer which is discounted to $17.00.  That is the one I would choose if you are still interested.

  But read on and you won’t be.

Modules you get with Commission Titan.


So how do the training modules make you a success?  Below are a list of them:  Do these sound like you are going to get wealthy?

 Or need to pay for them?

✓    Module 1: Niche Research (You can do this yourself on Google)

✓    Module 2: WordPress Workshop (Free with most programs)
 Free Lesson!   

✓    Module 3: List Building Mayhem (huh?) Does not make any sense.

✓    Module 4: Free Traffic Explosion (Free he says, but there is no such thing)

✓    Module 5: Paid Traffic Blitz (Great.  A traffic Pile up, never has happened)



Commission Titan – The Video?


commission titan scam review
$10,000 in 30 days? Do you believe this B.S.,

First of all the video says:  
How would you like to make $20,000 dollars in the next 60 days from the comfort of your own home.  And all you need is 30 minutes a day. Really? A video can say anything you want them to say. 

Why is it so many believe that if someone spent two weeks making one, that it now deserves credibility?  Would you not also work for two weeks, just one time and make a small fortune while it plays repeatedly forever?


My Opinion On Commission Titan.


I am myself am an Affiliate Marketeer.  And I see promotional videos and advertisements on Affiliate Marketing and how someone can become successful overnight.  Please! It just does not work this way.  See below what Affiliate Marketing really is.

We actually use some of the program information he talks about and it does work.  And basically what this guy is selling you, is a fundamental program that helps you to create a website.  Just like many programs do. 

Then they go over a few steps you need to start bringing in traffic.  But these steps take a lot more time then you think or believe.  And this is where he will convince you to spend more money! His video makes Affiliate Marketing seem so easy and they aren’t quite that easy.  There is no Pie in the Sky.


Bringing in Traffic


Well, you may not know this, and think it is easy to bring in traffic, but it is not true.  In fact most programs will charge you extra fees just to get you some “paid for traffic,” which is absolutely useless.  It targets the wrong markets. 

And that is what Titan does. Traffic is something you build over a period of time with good quality content, and within a niche that is relevant in today’s society.


His Claims:


✓    $20,000 in 60 days. Or at least $10,000, working 30 minutes in 30 days.

✓    A sneaky method to siphon huge amounts of traffic.

✓    WordPress loopholes.

✓    Million dollar Niches.

✓    How to build a website so Millions will show up.


How would you like to make 10,000 in 30 days with free traffic?

Let me just ad something here for you: Traffic takes some time to build, and does not happen in 4 weeks! Like the Titan man says.


Or how to pick a sexy hot million dollar niche?

And let me just say, this is true to a degree.  About one in one billion are able to come up with a million dollar niche once every few years.  And really become wealthy online. Saying this, we do need a niche that can provide a good revenue though.  So check out this lesson on finding your own Niche. 


How to Build a Website So millions will show up?

A website itself has little to do with how much traffic it will get.  It is the content within the website that makes all the difference.  And he does not provide this.

One of his sites says he has been an “internet hack” for longer then he cares to admit.  And has chased after many of shiny objects in his day.  And we can assume this is just how he learned himself, to create this well laid trap.  He got caught giving someone his money.  Now that he knows first hand how it works, he uses it himself time and time again, to get yours.


My Opinion, after researching Commission Titan


Nothing this easy ever works for anyone.  Ever.  I myself have gotten caught up in the shiny objects and easy money program scams in the past.  And I can now spot them with ease.  I should be able to…I’ve spent thousands on trying each one, it seems!

Not only can I assure you this is a scam and a perfectly good one in his eyes.  I consider it an abomination to the Affiliate Marketing World of which I am a big part of.


The Dream Of Making Money Easily


commission titan false promisesWith easy to apply techniques and an automatic door opening device.  He says anyone can do this. Right? I think he means anyone can pay him program fees for very little in return.

And be charged even more later on once you join.

 Once you join, and you can, if you still want to, you will find out nothing is working as well as he says. 

This is usually the time when these program Scammers try to take an even bigger chunk of your money by selling you extras within the program assuring you this is all it will take for you to break ahead of the pack, and start making you thousands of dollars in only 30 minutes a day.

A dream is what Raaj Menon hopes you will be excited about.  And it would be exciting if in fact the program he was selling was legit.  

Commission Titan is a big sounding name and it comes with big bells and whistles to make it as attractive as possible. 

Grab your attention videos that won’t let you turn them off before they reach into your pockets one more time to get your hard earned money.

  His program information is just a teaser, with content to match.  All a tease.

Programs like this make their money because they ask for small amounts.  People generally do not go through the hassle of ever trying to get a refund. When a program such as this asks for very little, many just write it off as a loss. 

So basically by asking thousands of folk for just a few dollars, most of this money he is able to keep without ever having to do anything.  That is his automatic part he speaks of.  Him automatically receiving your money along with thousands of others. 


Scam Programs use Legitimate methods within


Not everything being offered in Commission Titan is too good to be true.  There are several methods he uses which do work, creating a serious legit feel to this program.  Your senses and what you may know or have heard about Affiliate Marketing may seem spot on in many ways.  And people get deceived by this. 

It happens all the time.  

So as a Affiliate Marketing person myself, I can assure you that you will never succeed in this short of time and make this incredible amount of money.  And I’ve talked with hundreds of affiliate marketeers.


My Verdict About Commission Titan Scam


With closing I have to put this in the fraud department, based on my knowledge in the field.  Programs that up sell, sound too good to be true, offer quick success, and no work…well, It just ticks me off is all.  And it upsets people who really do need to make money from home.


How to avoid scams online
Don’t fall for online scams



What’s Next For You?


Maybe you need to join a real affiliate program and stop getting scammed.  Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you can easily see a difference between the programs,  just by reading any of their reviews. 

Wealthy Affiliate offers you a free start up, and all the support you could ever want.  It tells you a great deal about their community, and their first class learning methods.

So, if you are still looking to get into a decent program?  Check out the review on Wealthy Affiliate.  

Of all of the programs out there this is one you will surely be amazed by.


I’m Rick and I’m here to help newbies train to become successful at internet marketing.  If you have any questions please leave a message in the comment box below.  I will get back with you within 12 hours.



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  1. Tia Scott

    Thank you for pointing out that Commission Titan has some legitimate aspects but is indeed a scam. I did my homework on the company awhile ago and almost got sucked it into it. I’m so glad I didn’t because it seems like it would have been a headache to get out of. Thanks!

    • Rick

      Yes it is a terrible way to promote online programs by not having information that will help anyone. I try to make sure I let as many people know about them as I can. And I hope others pass the word around as well.
      Thanks, Rick

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