Is Copy A Millionaire a Real Scam?

What is Copy A Millionaire?


Not 7 Days! But 7 Years!
Not 7 Days! But 7 Years!

Greetings! Let us take a look at this program and define whether we should give it a try or not. First of all, I saw this–What is meant by, “admin copy millionaire?” This means over 200 people a month looking for a way to sign up for this program. If you go to Jaxxy, the key word tool I use you can see what I’m talking about.  With Copy A Millionaire you receive software, training and everything needed to make that much needed cash.  

Or at least it says so.

Is Copy A Millionaire a Real Scam? It is not some MLM, Binary Trading or Pyramid plan. This program is available and works for individuals in every nation. But does it for real?


My Copy Millionaire Review…


Copy A Millionaire is another course by Grayson Brookshire that allows you to take after his million dollar marketing outline for just $77 a month (you can try it out for 5 days at $4.95). You will receive a combination of several mystery cash making techniques and software along with an orderly plan of methods to get a free cash making site and utilize the mystery traffic strategies and software to send a huge number of targeted purchasers to your cash making website.

Copy A Millionaire says it provides you with a Website Builder and over 25 E-books on a variety of marketing topics, such as SEO and includes landing page templates. You will also receive a video & audio library that will give you some information on social marketing. Which means you will be doing a lot of research, learning and reading first.

Looks Overly Simplified
Looks Overly Simplified

The Copy A Millionaire spins around the idea of ‘Email Marketing’ and furnishes you with all the essential apparatuses and information to make more than $3000 on a month to month basis.

You are provided a traffic library that’s pretty basic and you have an option to upgrade to receive a traffic package that could help generate the traffic flow you need.

Review From The Latest Complaints


“As you can see, “COPY A MILLIONAIRE”  screwed me. After six months I was continuously losing money. At last count around $4000.00 Every time I invested in buying Solos via Safe Swaps I never once recovered my investment. In addition the program charges a fee of $37.00 a month. Not sure what it is for.

He managed to get another $1500.00 for the Commission License that gives you 100% of something so I would generate better commissions. Still not sure what that money paid for! Despite researching through his entire system I could not find any kind of fixed commission schedule so that I could calculate the commissions earned. What a farse! Safe Swaps-A-Weber also charged a fee. Finally, I saw the earnings that the $1500.00 Commissions License promised. None.

So I asked for my $1500.00 back. He responded by threatening me saying he would ruin me financially. He kept saying I wanted to get rich overnight. I responded “No I just want to stop losing my money, and actually make a dollar!”  I then became nervous by his threats. Since he runs an interstate business I‘ve decided to bring his work to the attention of the FBI. Maybe he can threaten them… “


Says easy program to follow…


What a great idea?
What a great idea?

This program says that you don’t have to research items that you plan to advertise. What a great idea or concept! Hardly true though. Not sure if that is even possible in this day and age. This framework in straight forward terms makes affiliate marketing sound outrageously easy.

At least it sounds easy.  And I think this is a point with most programs.  Anyone can do it, even a fourth grader? Sure. The initial step makes you copy your email code and paste the same into the framework. The latter would generate your web address which sticks a crush page. Too easy?

The page can be altered (you can add pictures, change the background shade and so on.) and integrated with auto-responders. Finally you are made to add your affiliate interfaces after copy-pasting a couple of emails!

You will earn an increasing amount of commissions if you send it to a larger number of emails. You can even advertise your own particular affiliate interfaces by adding them to your mails and sending it to your mailing rundown. The center foundation of the program concentrates on earning commissions and building your mailing rundown.

The Copy A Millionaire framework guides you assuming that you are a beginner with almost no web marketing aptitudes. You are just needed to execute this framework accurately. The item incorporates everything that is needed.  And you know why he wants to sell to beginners–right?


Advanced online marketeers would see instantly that the progam could not possibly work. If it sounds too easy to be true….


Need More and More Money for this Program...? Here is your magic lamp
Need More and More Money for this Program…?
Here is your magic lamp

The main issue with this framework is that you are required to pay enrollment charges of around $70 to $80 on a month to month basis to access the framework. An effective online business requires a ton of time as well as attention. The tutorials page of the framework allows you to watch and learn.

But hardly informes you that your success will take as much as 10 years! By using the program, you will learn to be an ultimate affiliate marketer by advertising other affiliate programs and increasing your mailing records with the passage of time.

A whole lot of time!The created framework allows the owner to make cash each time learners make cash without it costing a dime. Or so it says. The more cash you make as a understudy, the more cash Copy A Millionaire founders make.  And we already know this much right?


  •  You receive access to the software and the training related to it
  • Starts with the basics and allows simply anyone to utilize it
  • Access to advance live training


  •  Claims to give the product away for free, but credit card needed to start
  • False client video testimonies to entice you into buying the software
  • Lies about using the software without any training (you will have to learn the system)
  • Fabricated earning statements
  • Resell products offered with the package can be found on the web
  • I don’t know of anyone who has made money from this program.


After looking into the details of the system myself, I must say it appears to be a bona fide program, but with a huge cost. For many looking to leave their day jobs, it is absured to believe in the program or think you can make a living at it. Scam Alert!

Reread the above comment in red if you still want to spend your hard earned money at such a risky endeavor.   However if you are like many of us still searching for a bonified program which has been proven time and time again by thousands of members–take a look at some reviews on the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

There are 200 ways to make a serious living from this one program that you can start off for free to check out.  No hidden costs are up sells.   My name is Rick Bell and my path teaches new marketeers how to actually succeed at online marketing.  

I also can show you how to make money on eBay, Amazon, and eCommerce if you are interested.  In fact I have articles here within the Downhill Money website instructing you on which direction you need to go.


Rick Bell

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  1. Gene Dringer

    I’ve heard of Copy A Millionaire before and always wondered if it was a scam or not. Thank you for clarifying it for me, I’m glad I didn’t fall for it. I couldn’t imagine investing money into a program that may not return my investment for at least ten years! You’re better off buying a CD and letting the interest grow, at least it’s protected. Thanks again for shedding light on this program so more people won’t fall for it!
    Cool site!

    • Rick

      Thank you Gene for replying. Yes, and did you see the other scam programs I have a list of. Please let me know if you would liketo receive a list pdf file of over 150 of these scam sites as well!
      I hope you got a chance to take a look at the program called Wealthy Affiliate. It is one I’ve used for a while now and have been very successful at it.

  2. Dawn Brotherton

    The old saying that “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” rings true here. this program sounds creepy. Glad that you are giving it the review it deserves.

    • Rick

      Very true and I seem to say this more and more to help others realize this. I myself have fallen victim to many of these type programs offering the stars and the moon.

  3. Jen Langley

    Thank you for sharing this information on this program. I can’t believe that he said he would “ruin you financially.” I think that is awful.

    I appreciate the research you do for your reviews, thanks so much.:)

    Jen Langley

    • Rick

      Yes, it is not the only program I have faced with this kind of response.

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