Is DotComSecrets X a Scam? No Secrets But Lots Of Hype!

Does Russel Brunson’s DotComSecrets X Really Work?


Or is DotComSecrets X a Scam? There are tons and tons of people looking to make money on the internet. DotComSecrets X is one of the programs that have been developed supposedly for the purpose of helping folks like you and me learn all about internet marketing and making money online.

This DotComSecrets X Review is going to take a detailed look at this coaching program and see if it is legit or if it is really a DotComSecrets X scam.


is dotcomsecrets x a scam_ russel brunson_ownerProduct Name: DotComSecrets X

Product Owner: Russel Brunson

Price: $37/month ($1 trial)

Upsells: $297.00, $597.00, $797.00


Rating: 10/100


Russell Brunson – Man Behind DotComSecrets Com:


In order to really get a good feel for such a coaching program, it is usually important to learn what we can about the founder or the person who put the program together. In the case of this DotComSecrets X, this would be a gentleman by the name of Russell Brunson. He seems to be a likeable guy and does indeed come across as a small-town type of person; the type of man you can trust in a business deal.

Russell’s website and internet success started on the back of a silly prank. If you believe the story, he and some friends in small-town Idaho (yes, that’s where he is from and still makes his home) would go out and make these potato guns. Russell discovered a trick to make his potato guns shoot further than the rest. He eventually decided to take this information and build a website, selling an informational report.

I suppose I believe all this, but now Russell is doing a lot more than selling plans for potato guns. And he courses now cost real money. Don’t let the boyish appearance and sly little grin fool you, he knows all the tricks and techniques to get unsuspecting folks to open up their wallets.


is dotcomsecrets x a scam_dotcomsecrets x review


DotComSecrets X Review:


Although I am doubtful that this could accurately be described as a true coaching program, this is what the Brunson empire has deemed his program. This DotComSecrets X product review will focus primarily on the tactics and techniques used, since this is mainly what I find so objectionable.

For starters, Russell has a typically over-hyped and over-energized videos that claims how we can all be just as successful as himself. Heck, he even says convincingly, “don’t pay me until you’re making money”. Yeah right, but more on that later in this DotComSecrets X Review.

It gets even worse, though. He shows an old video clip with Tony Robbins endorsing Russell. Hmm, I bet Tony wasn’t endorsing Russell for this product. Then there is that suitcase. The one filled with hundred dollar bills. The same suitcase that you can have if you will just give in to your base desires, throw logic to the side and jump into the DotComSecrets X course with good ole Russell.

This is all way too typical. This is exactly what every other scam artist out there does to get you to join in their gig or plot. To my mind, this DotComSecrets X scam is certainly not off to a great start. But maybe there is some good stuff inside…maybe Russell really can teach some of us a thing or two about making money on the internet?


is dotcom secrets x a scam


How Much Will DotComSecrets X Cost?


Taking a look at the cost, we see there is a simple 7 day $1 trial. That is a good sign. However, you will only have very limited access to the training. The real price of the DotComSecrets X program is $37 per month on an ongoing basis…that is to say, until you cancel (if you can). To me, this is fairly expensive since it is an ongoing expense. Bear in mind also, this does not include any other required items like hosting, domains, etc…

While you will also appreciate the fact that there are no upsells, be on guard. In fact, the whole training program is a cleverly designed upsell. Mr. Brunson is trying to push you into becoming an affiliate for a number of his products and other courses / programs. This technique seems to be all the rage these days as many so-called internet gurus seem to be doing this, but that doesn’t make it right.

One of these other programs that Russell pushes hard is similar to his own DotComSecrets X scam, except it is disguised as a pyramid scheme. That would be the Empower Network. Folks, just stay away from anything where there are various levels that require you to buy in for higher and higher price points.

This is just a money game. As further proof, you don’t even receive commissions from all those you enrolled in the program. Instead, you only get paid on half of them.


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DotComSecrets X Drip Feeds Content:


dotcomsecrets x scam reviewEven worse, you don’t have access to all the training even after you sign up! Instead, you are only given about seven days worth of training and there is no way to gain access to more or to work through the course any faster. This is all part of the DotComSecrets X game plan.

You are only given a small amount of training at a time. They even try to justify this by writing a number of fake reviews claiming how wonderful it is that you can’t get in, download everything, and then leave.

That’s very funny. I guess they really understand this whole program is a big pile of you know what. They are afraid this is exactly what would happen. So, they want to make it such that you are on the hook and hang around for more and more of the training.

Oh, and that nonsense about not paying until you make money? Forget about it…your card will be charged from the very first day. Yes, you might be able to get a refund, but it will require at least several calls and numerous emails to support who will try and convince you to stay involved.


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Real Purpose Of The DotComSecrets Scam:


There is one deep, dark secret of this program, and many others just like it. The real purpose of this DotComSecrets X scam is to get you to learn how to sell Russell’s other products and programs. Now isn’t that wonderful?

Everything discussed during the DotComSecrets X training is another of Russell’s equally crappy and good for nothing products. The only thing of his I would personally sell is the potato gun plans. That was before he learned all the tricks of how to scam people.

You will learn very little in the way of actual internet marketing skills or techniques. I’d be willing to bet that many of the people who bought into this DotComSecrets X scam, had then read this review first, would have never joined and saved themselves the trouble.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the DotComSecrets X program, the DotComSecrets X com website, and every other place similar to this. It doesn’t even matter if there is any decent information taught or not. The tactics used are incredibly scammy and the only real purpose is to separate you from your hard earned money. Instead, focus on products and programs that actually work and treat you with at least a modicum of respect.


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Conclusion: Is DotComSecrets X a Scam?


Russell Brunson created a product. He may call it a tangible quality product that really can make you money. Technically speaking, DotComSecrets X is not a scam since you do get “a product” for your money. Is it worth the money? No it is not. It is a crappy product and not able to make you money.

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