Is Five Minute Profit Sites Legit – Or Is It A Scam Exposed?

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As an affiliate worker for Five Minute Profit Sites you’ll actually find you have to work, work, to find them traffic. The algorithm is not all that it is said to be! Which is entirely a very difficult thing to do unless you know how to get traffic in the first place. And they say it is easy with their method. Ha, everyone has a method now. Read on to find out how this really works and the results thereof.

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Now when you take a look at the 5 Minute Profits Video you’ll see that you give you a free license as they say they do. And they do. Yet…Yet you don’t get in on to their site without first obligating yourself to pay for their software, even at $7 bucks a month. Normally $37 as advertised.  It’s not free folks.

And you don’t make money within 5 minutes like they say you will. And not because you will spend the first several hours registering at click bank and learning what all they want you to do. Stop! Stop!

Thinking you can make money doing anything in 5 minutes unless your good at you know what! (I did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky).

And with click bank you will see many low start up programs available which I’ve basically tested over the years through my on Solos Program where I had up to 40,000 subscribers all looking and wanting a great product or training. Those that did sign up and purchase a product from click bank quickly got a refund shortly after.

Reason being is most low income sites where they say you make thousands but in reality they put you in a place to where you are working for them or you are working some low level program, is, there is very little money to be made.

What Is 5 Minute Profit Sites About?

After enough research I’ve found that the Profit Sites is more about you making the founder money more so than making money for themselves. The video keep showing how much they have made. And they make money from regular people who want to make money. So if they make the money. It means we would not be making very much. 

So what happens when you go to their check out page? You can sign up for $37 dollars if you like because you have 60 days through Click Bank to get a refund. Or you can click away from their site and they offer you a 7 day free trial with a $7 dollar fee that will kick in after 7 days. Afterward only pay $7 dollars per month. For their so called million dollar making commissions system.

Which is called a trip wire product sales page they use. If they find you cannot afford $37, or think that too much they got another shot by only asking for you to pay $7 and they still make money off of you. Basically an offer sounding too good to be true…Normally is, always.

Now would this be some one you want to work for? First trying to get you to pay almost $40 dollars per month, then offering the same package to you for only $7.00 per month? Not a place I would want to even do business with.

And they do speak only of how much they are bringing in. Which does not include us! But a huge red flag is the email that you get which reads below… 


Will you give 5 minutes of your time each day to provide feedback, in return for free beta access to a cutting edge online profit generating network? (It will go on sale in your country next month for $497)

Click here to claim your free license. 

You can see a live demo of how it works and what is required of you, as well as how much you can make daily (hint: it’s hundreds per day). 

Click here to check it out. 



Which means that they add up all the dollars they make from the affiliates they have employed for $7 dollars a month and collect that income. So yes they can afford to give you a website template and pay for hosting it. It is that simple. 5 minute Profit Sites is a Scam. Other wise they would have no need to try and trick you to have you sign up. 


Special Alert!

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