Is Google Sniper A Scam?

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What is Google Sniper — Scam Or Legit?


Getting Started


Google sniper is definitely an interesting topic going around town these days. Before I do even consider doing a review, I like to go through the pros and the cons of a program and see where I can help YOU by adding this review. Google Sniper is not endorsed by Google at all, so please do not be fooled. They have no relation to the works of Google. So lets answer the question, is “Google Sniper a Scam?”



Easy to get a refund?  Not every company out there offers you a money back guarantee. Well Google Sniper does even though I’ve heard others having trouble getting their money back. They use ClickBank which has generally been good at giving refunds. Gosh, the Only Pro’s to Google Sniper is being able to get your money back? How interesting.



Not Remotely “Hands free” 

  • Not at all easy like George Promises
  • VERY outdated methods and lessons
  • Methods will no longer get rankings
  • Methods are about 1-2 years old 
  • Their refund policy is problematic I’ve heard


Is Google Sniper Legit?


xxxxxxxsGoogle Sniper is all about affiliate Marketing. Go to ClickBank, select a sell-able product, create a webpage page and get it ranked at the top of Google, then direct traffic to the selected product to earn money. Sounds easy huh?

Well it isn’t!

Along with that they offer 25 training videos, and a one hundred page e-book that teaches you how to make money There’s only one problem. All the training videos and books are completely outdated, and don’t work as well as they once did. Although these videos and books are outdated many people have still managed to make some money using the Google Sniper program.  But is it worth it? No. Not worth the risk in my opinion.


How Much does Google Sniper Cost? 


The product has more than one price unfortunately, making it hard for you to choose the best or correct one.  The first price is $1 which is a 5 day trial that bills $67 monthly that guarantees a refund for up to 60 days. Then there’s the $47 one time fee, with a recurring $47 fee. 

There’s no actual difference between the two purchase prices. Your not getting any more than anyone else. The only difference is how much you are paying. Whatever price point you use to sign up, your pitched several upsells, before taken to the main members area. 


Google Sniper Members Area


Getting StartedGetting Started: In this section of the members area, you will go through the introduction from George Brown and learn how to navigate through the site. 

Google Sniper 2.0: This sections holds the 25 training videos and the GS manual as well as the e-book. 

The Empire Module: This includes all the things you will need to build a site. That includes blog installation, article writing, plugin installation, and back linking for faster search engine rankings. 

Rolodex: In this section you will find additional resources that can help you with Google Snipping, and help you find additional ways of making money online. 

Sniper X: In this section you will find weekly videos that cover the latest strategies, as well as weekly Q & A webinars with George. 

Support: The Google Sniper team is very friendly and helpful and you have access to the help desk as much as needed. 


Need a program you can trust?



 “Click ME”


Is Google Sniper A Scam or  Is it Legit?


Some may call it Legit! I know I will not list it in my legit category, even if some people do make some money with it.  But does it work for you? 

Doubtful, very doubtful….. Sniper is not for everyone, it is only for people who are willing to try their hands at something, with a huge challenge, put in all the hard work it takes, and get help as needed from other sources. Google Sniper is an uphill road and I myself would not attempt it even with my skill level in marketing.


Not A Scam…But Not a Great Program Either


If you really want to put your time and money into something, then why not do what I did? Check out programs which require no money up front, no money to start, and with plenty of time check them out. Of course building a business takes plenty of work, and time.  With the right program…once you get the hard part done, the work gets easier, simpler and more enjoyable to manage.  Plus you have the money part to look forward to.

My name is Rick and I started out with Affiliate Marketing long before ever knowing anything about online marketing.  That is how far behind the mark, or learning curve I was at one time.  So as you can see, I’ve come a long way in a very short time. I’m also helping others do the same. 

Take a look at the program I and thousands of others are using to become successful. Forget about the Google Sniper Program! Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review if you have time.  It will open your eyes to what a real online program looks like and has to offer you. You can also leave a message in comments below.


Rick Bell


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    Here goes George Brown again, he is finding many ways to scam people out of their money. Thank you for the information,now I know to stay away.

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