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Karat Bars International: Sign up Karat Bars      

Founder: Mr. Harald Seiz & CEO

Program Cost: Free to join

Rating: 4 out of 10


Gold, Gold and more Gold is what we hear about, yet very few can afford it, really. Well Mr. Seiz came up with a way to help people buy it for less than it costs! Great you say? In reading many Karatbars International Review you will find out the truth. Is Karatbars International a scam? Or is it a real and legit program you can get actually use to mine Gold with? 

One program I use instead of KB is Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to read the review later, book mark it now. My #1- Wealthy Affiliate Review

I found that most are calling Karatbars International a scheme, scam or Ponzi. My Honest Karatbars International Review will show you it is not a scam, but a simple way to buy your Gold at a great discount. Which allows you to purchase and then invest this Gold, changing your currency into a much more valuable and secure investment commodity.


I signed up for it myself last year and spent about $135 dollars for the Bronze level. I did not get me a gram of Pure 999.9 Gold though, because you won’t until you buy into the Silver Level. Way over priced just to buy Gold as is, and even more costly to ship it, but that is why they have a vault you can store it until later when you can ship more of it, just once.

What the program does is help you earn discounts on the Gold by getting others to sign up to the program, too. Of course you pay more initially to get started, but later on as these members you gain, have others by under them, the price of your Gold gets cheaper and cheaper.


Is Karatbars International a Scam? Or is it Legit?



Gold has been around for 5 thousand years. And it has even been the world currency for 2,800 years! Now, I myself applaud them for coming up with such a unique and quite marvelous program. Yet I find that their are too many naysayers around to earn money using this system and promoting it because people are unwilling to even look into how Karatbars International really works.

You can buy Gold any time, but the key is to work the program so you buy it at a discounted price. Gold even with a discount is sometimes more costly than many can afford. Of course as I said ,the key to this is have others become a member under you. It works like a pyrimad program works, basically. Have you heard of MLM? Same thing here. And because of the MLM or multi-level marketing aspect, many online review writers call Karatbars International a scam even before looking into the program and the way it really does come together and make sense. 



Your First Month

The main point is to invite and partner with just 3 like minded souls. Thats right. You will never have to try and get a bunch of people to join up. This is where people imagine you will need hundreds of members to join. 

Now, once you have enrolled 3 individuals you must make sure they are into this program and the progress each will be responsible for. That means they must each find 3 more like minded people with the same resolve and tenacity!


Is Karatbars International a Scam


Month Two

This is also I figure, where the chain reaction breaks down considerably. Month 2. As the three people you have may be too busy to devote the kind of time to the program you have declared you would. Now that is the main dilemma with Karat Bars Internationl and the same thing that happened to me.

I signed up and worked on getting members to agree to doing the progam with me. Yet they did not perform as well as expected, so it reflected on my success. Not being able to like minded members under you, leads to not getting the great prices on the Gold. This problem is the only problem I’ve heard from others while working the program.


Is Karatbars International a Scam


 How Much Does Karatbars International Cost?


If you are not scared off by the fact that like minded people to follow you are going to be hard to find, then let’s see what it will take to get you started. I believe they still have the 12 week plan and the 52 week plan. One plan gets you going faster to earning gold with just two member sign ups at first. You can probably figure out the 12 week plan will get you there faster, yet will cost more up front, but is what many choose. Check the chart below for prices. 

Their Gold starting out is a little higher priced, but you are buying into an Affiliate Program, and they insure and say you get the purity which is non-contested with their firm. Buying it from someone else may be at your own risk. And you may not get exactly what you buy! But they have a guarantee that you get the real deal and exactly what they say you will be getting.

Of course buying it each week would put me in the poor house! Well, depending on how much I bought. But once you were able to get rolling with the program and are able to reduce your price, recruting members,it will be beneficial to continue and buy more each time you can afford it.


Is Karatbars International a Scam


The Karatbars International Opportunity


The program of course is not a way to earn commissions from sales, but to have your gold you want to purchase discounted as you build your team. Gold’s value will always increase, unlike paper currency. So the more Gold you can get now, the better you will be fixed for the cost of life later on.

And of course, the larger your team, (or members under you) the deeper your Gold discount is. Now it sounds really easy to do this I know, I signed up for it and worked very hard to get 3 like minded souls to go along with me and store up Gold for themselves as well. One guy lost his job so he quit. One lady could not get anyone worthy to sign up under her. And the other individual decided it wasn’t for him.




The Key to Making Most Anything Online Work, is Hard Work and Persistence.


What happened is I finally quit as well. People do not really understand the good of owning Gold. They know very little about how much the dollar has shrunk and that our paper currency  loses value even more every day. It is not just hog wash! It is true.

I quit working the program to go on and find easier ways to earn online. But one day I  will start the program over and invest in as much Gold as I can gather!




Conclusion to Karatbars International and my Review


It’s a great idea and a great way to build a retirement of Gold. Before long they will have a machine that takes these grams and returns cash to you. They’ve already got them in other countries. Yet it is hard to change the common standard we are used to using and a change such as using gold once again is out of the question at this time. But, saving it is a good thing, and using the system to reduce the price when you buy it, and even better idea!

I doubt the program is a scam even though I did not succeed in doing it and socking away dozens of grams of Gold. Like I said, MLM or any program that has to do with using a pyramid is frowned upon here on the internet these days because so many people have tried to take money from others this way. So Karat Bars International has mixed reviews.

If you are looking for a way to earn money, and even be able to afford the Gold talked about here, I can show you what I finally found as a way of earning my living. Read just one last review. My #1 Review, Wealthy Affiliate.



My Comment on Karatbars International


Here is a comment I left on another website who did a review on KaratBars International.  If you have any comments about Karat Bars International please leave them below. I would be glad to talk with you on the subject. I hope you enjoyed the review and please feel free to give me your two cents worth in a comment.


I have to disagree with the first part of your article when it comes to Gold. I’ve done extensive research myself. Starting out, you mention Gold to the extent it sounds as if you have not done much research.

At least, in as far as its true worth. Gold, based on world statistics will never lose value as the supply is limited. Which ensures a strong, steady upward increase throughout time. Sure, it is possible they could find some on mars. But there is only so much of it on the globe! And as long as that is truth, Gold will always remain high in value.

And also, compared to our paper currency, it far exceeds the value there, and has for over 100 years! 

As with paper money there is now very little value as inflation has shrunk it to a portion of its original value. If you watch some of the information from Karatbars they show us just how little value paper money has now compared to when it began, and Gold now.

Our dollar bill has shrunk Big Time since the 1900’s. Gold however, has remained valuable, and even in depression times does much better than paper money. That it increases over time has made Gold one of the highest favored commodities in the world.

John, it is funny how you compare the 9.999 Gold to making Jewelry. You say it is no good for making jewelry? Not that we would be using our investment Gold for such, but if so, the 9.999 Gold is perfect, and it is exactly what they use in the process of making jewelry.

They add other metals to it depending on how strong they want the finished product. They add the other metals to it in order to guage the strength and quality as a measurable amount like in the Gold becoming 10k, 14k, 18k or even 24k jewelery. Depending what we desire.




KaratBars International is an MLM program like you say…

Now I have to admit, being a member of Karatbars myself, I’ve had time to research the program and have bought into the lowest Bronze level to get started with it. I know some things that others do not. Some good some bad.

Karatbars is mostly as you make it out to be, or as you have said in your article. The program is MLM. Not something you want to be a part of unless you are good with people and can talk them into following you.

Making money is difficult at Karatbars as you mention. But there are many factors that cause this. One is that the dollar has shrunk so badly that many can no longer even afford to buy gold as an investment! And due to the majority not having enough money, they will not join a program where they have to pay more for it than they can afford.

That also means if you won’t do it yourself, (spend money on Gold) like me, how would you expect others to want to join this program? The first thing people say is, it is marked up too high! And yes, KB then says you make up for that by getting members, so the members you get reduce your cost way below what you would pay for it on eBay even. That is if you get any members! I didn’t have much luck.

Getting someone to buy it and join the program is like trying to sell someone a  fallout shelter during peace time. Very hard to do as I can atest to that in trying the program myself. Anyone want a gram of Gold? Cheap?

I have yet to pick up a single member underneath me in over a year of trying different modes of advertising.

And again, I myself can get the Gold at a discounted price compared to new members, but it is still over priced at that point, like you said, and probably due to their own overhead costs in promotional adverts and the percentages they earn. Their Gold is much higher than going to ebay and buying a .999 pure ounce. Which is the same purity as KB sells. They just make it sound like you can trust them, and may have difficulty trusting someone else when buying their Gold.


Gold Ingots


So thanks for bringing this KB program up. I enjoyed reading and commenting on it.

I would suggest everyone stay away from KB, unless you have more money than normal to invest, and you want to invest in something. I would definitly invest in Gold if I could afford it! Even using the KarateBars International program to do it!

Gold is still the greatest commodity to invest in, in the world. And, probably will remain as such.


If you have read this far, remember to check out my review at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a real way learn and earn money online, and there you have no risks to contend with. You can build your own business and exchange your service or products for real cash! Or even do what I do, Affiliate Marketing.

Leave a comment if you choose about my honest review called “Is Karatbars International a Scam-Karatbars International Review.” I’d like to hear from others working the program and having success!

Rick Bell

6 Responses

  1. Josh

    One does not need a package to purchase gold, and the original comment was about the gold being overpriced, which it is not if one makes the effort to do even a bit of research on the subject. Just compare any company which sells gold by the gram which is LBMA certified and has the security features on it. UBS, for instance, sell their 1gram gold bar in fact at a far more expensive price than Karatbars – and they are a tremendously reputable company. Compare the price with PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, Argo Hereus, and such companies and you will find they are all in the same price range as Karatbars.

    What you have said however about the business packages is correct in terms of how the price of the packages help to pay commissions to affiliates. I have no problem with that, the packages come with some useful materials like brochures, flyers, some gold, as well as discount cards that give a 3 percent discount off the price of the gold for a year – and access to the larger compensation plan. It’s an investment – and like all investments, there is a cost to start one’s business – one cannot offer these materials for free. But I would say overall what you are receiving in return is a good deal.

    The company also generates funds to pay for affiliates in other ways besides the business packages – they also advertising materials for affiliates, cosmetics, perfumes, sunglasses, and other merchandise.

    • Rick

      Gold is sold here and the package and the affiliate program is all added in the cost you pay. Sure you can earn more and make money, but the problem is people don’t have enough extra money laying around to save or spend on this gold. It is why the program does not work. And yes if all you want to do is get shiny gold bits in the mail, or save it under their safe. Then fine. But the program itself has not worked for anyone I’ve heard from and I know at least 400 people who have tried this.

      The key to making money online is knowing what you are doing. Not buying into every other program you see online. Shiny object syndrome. Basically jumping from one opportunity to the next which just takes time and costs money. Go with something where you can promote it and learn from it at the same time. Wealthy Affiliate!

  2. Debi

    I disagree that Karatbars is a scam or an MLM or a ponzi. The reason that it is not an MLM is because new members signed up by your sponsor will fall below you. You can earn a business package in the first six weeks if you sell at least three of their beautiful 3D metallic gift cards. These gifts don’t depreciate like most gifts. It actually costs less than Wealthy Affiliate which requires a $47/mo. monthly fee for Premium membership. At least if you buy gold you have gold in a free offshore gold savings account. The extra cost goes to commissions and development of a system for being able to make purchases with participating businesses without having to convert back to cash in the event that we ever have a currency crash in the future. Karatbars is very misunderstood, but it is a great concept. They have a lot of free support which many people likely don’t use. I’m new to this, but don’t have trouble getting people to understand the concept. Most people just don’t have the money to really take advantage of it. That’s the whole reason why Harold Seitz started the company. He truly wants to address the wealth distribution problem. Getting help from upline sponsors is the best way to learn how to sell people on the concept. It’s almost impossible to lose money because you always have the potential to sign people up. It will take some people longer, but if you put in the effort you should at least get your money back. Affiliates just need to get the right help and target the right people.

    • Rick

      Sure its misunderstood as well, just like you say. Yet the crowd here online is searching to make easy money, not spend it on overpriced gold. YOu have to admit the mark up is incredible due probably to the cost of high end advertising as well as marketing. You are a new member who is just now trying to promote it. I was once there as well. It is not easy so it is not recommended to make money this way online. If you believe in the company then you can go on and promote away and see if it works for you.

      If you come back in six months and show great results, then you could comment on it here and perhaps help others join. Problem with people talking about how great their program is they still never show any success in finace. They do not make money yet they are willing to put their name on the line. But whats in a name if nothing is working? The program has to show it works to many people before new ones come aboard. That simple. When you show us your results of making lots of money and collecting Gold as well…I will even join you! Just show me what I need to do! LOL

      Ps. One program I’ve recently stumbled onto that I’ve made $2000 in July and look to make as much or more in August 2015 is Commission Miner! Free to join as it has a 30 day trial period.

      • Josh

        The gold is in fact not overpriced, but priced properly for its asset class. First, its wrong to compare the price per gram sold by ounces or kilograms, for the price of a gram sold by the gram. Many people when looking at gold prices online, are only looking at spot price – which applies to gold sold by larger quantities. Like any product, the more you buy, you get a volume discount.
        So that is one factor that has an influence on the price – the fact that the gold is sold by the gram alone. This aside, the gold is LBMA certified – which has international recognition, and LBMA certified gold is always more expensive than non-LBMA gold. The gold also comes with many security features that save time and money when you want to sell it later on – this type of gold is called a kinebar. It was introduced by UBS bank in 1993. Kinebars are usually out of stock because they are in high demand, and again, are more expensive. Finally, the gold is privately issued, not government issued, which gives it better security against any government confiscation in case there is an economic crisis.

        You need to compare KAratbars gold, sold by the gram, to gold in the same asset class. Many companies sell a similar product – like UBS, Argo Heraeus, Pamp Suiise, and Credit Suisse, and if you make the price comparisons – you will find that the gold is properly priced for its kind. Please do proper due diligence when looking into these matters, as there is sensitive and technical information involved.

        • Rick

          Yes very good answer. Visitors who are looking to make money online are looking for quick payoffs. Not so much the intricacies of gold prices in pure form compared to overpriced marked up or marked down gold.
          In order for Karatbars to be able to pay others commissions from other purchases, the packaged material has to be over priced. Other wise they would not be able to send someone a share of the profits. Got it?
          So yes in this way the company has inflated the prices in order to allow affiliates to receive extra income when new prospects join. Think about it.

          Thanks for the interaction.

          Rick Bell

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