Is LionBridge.Com a Scam or Legit?

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Is LionBridge.Com a Scam or Legit?


Founded: 1996

Headquarters: Waltham,
Massachusetts, United States

Revenue: $489 million (2018)

LionBridge Review: Scam or Legit? 

Rating 50/100 because it does not yield a full time income nor are there any full time positions for at home workers. Find out if it is Legit. This big company, with regular direct deposit, has support. Find out what My LionBridge Review says – Is LionBridge a Scam or is it Legit?

Naturally, people want to avoid scams online. This can be easy to do both online and offline, by researching. But it is always best to learn the signs for scams. In this review, the reality of the opportunity and its limitations are explained clearly. 






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LionBridge is not a get-rich quick scheme.  So not really a scam like many programs online programs we run into. It can be a part time work at home job for many some. So are you looking to work from home and be your own boss?

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The LionBridge organization appears to be huge and you CAN make money, but depends on what you like doing and what you are looking for. Surely it would be a safe, and legit place to work. Is LionBridge.Com a Scam or Legit?What is LionBridge – Can I Work From Home? 

LionBridge is an online organization (see Lion Bridge that specializes in improving the rankings and displays of companies and other organizations in online searches.  They provide translation services, interpretation, online marketing, global content management, and application testing products.

They are a big business with over 5000 employees and more than 10 ground locations in multiple nations.  They are a USA based company.   The CEO is a man named Rory Cowen. 

The company brought in over $480 million in revenue – this includes both income to pay off company costs which accounts for most of it, and profit.  Some profit is buried into ‘costs’ but that is another matter entirely.

They only offer one online work position to remote employees which is that of an assessor.  In this role, independent contractors acquire and assess information for the company to use in relation mainly to ‘application testing products’. 

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The position offered is labeled ‘independent contractor’.  That means that you will not get most of the support associated with being an ordinary employee at someone else’s company.  However, there is support. 

If you can handle the limitations, then LionBridge does offer a structured money making opportunity that is not entirely dependent upon your own creativity and manufacturing and selling. 

There is significant preparation to be able to work for LionBridge.  It is not an opportunity for everyone.  LionBridge sends out a 200 page long PDF and then accepts applicants.

Those who have been hired as well as those who have tried and failed reported that it took a good 40 hours of work to prepare for an entrance examination at LionBridge. So if you ware wanting something that gets you on the road much quicker…take a look at the program Wealthy Affiliate below.Is LionBridge.Com a Scam or Legit?

 5 Opportunites to Earn Money with LionBridge

There are 5 different online opportunities for online workers based in the USA and other opportunities for workers in other nations, including Canada and Europe.  Two of the 5 options based in the USA are for those fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English.  The other 3 require English language fluency and nothing else. 

To access these opportunities simply go to the corporate website and check into global crowdsourcing & work-at-home opportunities. The process is fairly long, but the first steps are easy enough. 

The application process for assessors does require preparation and taking a qualifying exam.  The job is actually considered as a specialization and a real position hence requiring preparation and training. 

There is at least one testimonial from someone who felt it worked at the company’s website, and other locations online where it is easy to find people who failed the entrance application exam or who passed that but did not really like the job. 

The details of payment in exchange for specific results or hourly are explained during the recruitment process, according to their website.  Payment of employees is made via Direct Deposit. 

There are no tricky ‘membership fees’ or anything of that nature with LionBridge.

 More About the LionBridge Opportunities

With LionBridge workers can have the security of working for a well established, large company.  This can be a relief as so many work-at-home opps are with businesses that sprang up within the past few years like mushrooms after a rain.  Some are even shadier, having just a website home page and address in a giant city but no names of the company leaders are even available to the public. 

The LionBridge opportunity for people working from home, is a part-time, independent contractor position.  While there are opportunities in many nations, it may not be possible to hold the same work position if one relocates, especially to a different country. 

The opportunity is best suited to people who have another means of earning if they are seeking a real full income or for married women and college students who only need part time jobs.  Of course, it may suit some people who would rather live very humbly while only needing to work part-time. 

The work-at-home positions are only suited to people who like or are use to using the Internet rather more so than not, and who are able to navigate and be somewhat tech savvy. 

 Is LionBridge.Com a Scam or Legit?

 Is LionBridge a Full Time Work From Home Opportunity?

The Lionbridge work-at-home positions are all part time positions requiring that workers have their own computer equipment.  Prospective employees have to study and learn and take a test to be able to start.  People should expect to spend 40 hours preparing for and taking this test. 

LionBridge work online jobs are mainly part of their global marketing department.   While global marketing does have openings in multiple nations as of the end of April 2015, they are mainly recruiting for 5 positions, 3 requiring only English fluency and 2 for the lucky winners who are fluent in both Chinese and English. 

High speed Internet connection and familiarity or willingness to learn about social media are mandatory for these positions.

 LionBridge is Not A SCAM

The great news is that this opportunity is not a scam, but the bad news is that it is really only a part time job.  There are no benefits with this job.  It is only hourly-pay in some cases.   It will not suit everyone. There was no definitive description at the opening page of the website nor in online chat forums about exactly how much or how well the position usually pays. 

There is no cost to get the job. But there are other opportunities that are free as well, and might possibly get you further along the internet highway as far as working from home. That is if yoiu want to be your own boss! One of our best programs we have going at this time for building a business and working from home to make money is My Wealthy Affiliate. Read this review to see if it is a good fit for you. 

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10 Responses

  1. Wenny

    I received a one time project from Lionbridge which is called Voice Recognition wherein you will record your voice and describe the image that you will see. I was able to finish the project and informed them but they never paid me. They are scammers.

    • Rick

      I’m sure there was an explanation on this. Reason being one small job may not have enough earned to pay out. So please check back with them and perhaps do more than just one job! Keep working at whatever you are doing and the pay will come. The more you help others the more money you will make. Our sole job here on this earth is to help others when we can. That is our job. Either through working for others that are helping others, or working for ourselves, and trying to help others. I write this to you so that you don’t give up…But that you keep moving forward. Karma is a great thing. Only though if you are positive with it.


  2. Anonamoose

    I’ve been with LB for nearly a year now. A year in March, to be exact. I love it. I clear up to $500 (give or take taxes) every two weeks depending upon how many hours I work. My job (until last week) was as an English Transcriber. They bumped me up to a Reviewer this past week. The pay has not changed but I’m not looking for a huge payout, only considering this as secondary/supplemental income. I have a 401K plan through LB with Fidelity. The positons are part time at this level (somewhat like entry level, really)… and we’re not permitted to work over 24 hours per week. This is data entry and as a freelance copywriter, where my regular clients come and go, LB fills in those financial blanks. The work can be stagnating, yes. However, I work from home, in my pajamas if I like, according to my own hours. The pay is minimal but not minimum. However, again… I spend no money on gas, no eating lunches out, etc. None of the costs associated with working outside the home are an issue. The above poster mentioned buying equipment. I can’t speak for the year in which that post was added but, I bought nothing. I was hired by LB as I’ve been hired by other companies in the past. I sent a resume, HR contacted me, I was interviewed, took a test (pretty standard transcription test; timing, accuracy, etc…) and was hired that week. I had to fill out paperwork including an NDA. Protecting their clients is paramount, as it should be. Having done contracts for ghostwriting, I understood that. It’s my understanding LB’s past transcribers were contract workers but that this was recently changed. Those positons are now listed as P/T employees, I believe. The studying is daunting but nothing that can’t be achieved. Simple understanding of the English language and its grammatical rules is all it is. It *can* be ambiguous at times but, personally, when I can’t figure it out, I open the guidelines and search for it. The answers as to punctuation or capitalization, whatever it may be, are usually easily found. If not, I email the PM and am most often quickly answered within at least that same day. The PMs are all pleasant and eager to help. I’ve never had an issue with any of them. The work can be inconsistent. As a transcriber, there were a few times (one stretch lasted about 2 weeks) where there was no work at all. Nothing. But, the PMs sent emails keeping us abreast of incoming work and I found that very helpful. The work since then has been consistent for me. I begin my day between 8:00 and 9:00 and end around 2:00 or 4:00. I use my own PC, in my home office. I bought nothing from LB. Their payments to me have been consistent and timely. No issues there whatsoever. I like LB and would recommend them for anyone looking for supplemental income. If you can get past the testing and studying, it’s worth it.

    • Rick

      Thank you for the in-depth review. It may help others. I’ve taken the entry-level course myself and failed it. So you must be pretty darn awesome at grammar and learning. My hats off to you! And thanks again for the reply and the information. Good luck to you and God Bless.

  3. sheila

    Hello Rick,

    I am currently on process to work for LB as an Internet Adds Assessor, I am brazilian and I am trying to believe something I’ve read or misunderstood from some info on the FAQ document they sent to me…

    “payment will be made 60 working days from the billing date for your initial payment” […] “Payments subsequent to this will be made 30 working days from the billing date”

    I would like to understant it betterr… 60 working days is equivalent to almost 3 months… I will be working for almost three months without any salary, just hope?!

    After 30 working days I understand because they say on their papers they pay according to what you have done… Apparently I will need lots of patience at the beggining… right?


  4. Camille

    I have worked for Lionbridge for over a year as an internet assessor and yes you have to study alot and take a test before they hire you but they are legit. I put my hours in when I want between 10-20 hrs a week and sometimes they let you put in more. They pay every month like clock work and they answer my emails in timely manner. I am very happy I found them, it gives me a little extra income and I don’t have to leave home.

    • Rick

      Yes some are very happy to work hard from home to earn a living. I have succeeded in just writing reviews from home. If you want to be able to do this…you can join the program where I learned it. Join for free. At Wealthy Affiliate

  5. Bernard

    LionBridge NOT a scam? Honestly, after having worked for them once, I almost choked on my bacon when I read that! I hope that LionBridge did not pay you for this article and that, out of of respect for the honest stay-at-home mothers or disabled people who really need to be able to work from home and make a living, you will publish my post even if it disagrees with your theory.
    Disclosure: As a professional translator/editor with more than a decade of experience in Medical and Clinical research translations, I was approached by one of LB “project managers” (con artists I should say) and this is my own real life experience with LionBridge… Ah yes I have the written proofs of the fact stated here under:

    1- First rule of thumb with Lion Bridge Do NOT believe the reviews, if LionBridge is paid by other companies for manipulating the audience by posting fake reviews, WHY won’t they do that for themselves? A little commonsense please….

    2-Do NOT believe ANY of their marketing offers or sales pitch (you pay upfront for the software and they provide you with customer service and a platform where you can market yourself and you can expect a bunch of contacts and $$$, blah blah blah.). Once you have paid, you realize that you are on your own. They don’t help you market your services at all, Lb has a website and you do your marketing yourself like everywhere else, except that everywhere else, it is free of charge. So basically the ONLY thing they are after is your subscription money and your signature at the bottom of the contract which guarantees that no matter what, your money is theirs for at least a year PERIOD. You are as alone as you were before you signed up except that. now, you are tied and you have to pay them monthly. If by chance like me something goes wrong right away and you realize it soon enough, they make it next to impossible for you to resign (you never get to talk to anyone in charge, the supervisors are NEVER available, they “don’t receive your emails” while they were receiving them just fine before the problem, they “don’t know who you talked to”, they drag their feet etc etc, you know the drill, right?) and past the trial period, they have your credit card information on file therefore you WILL pay early resignation penalties if you want to go ( you find stories of that all over the net in a few clicks) . These penalties are the equivalent of one full year of subscription minimum. Even if they did not do their job (and they WILL fail you because they have by far the worst tech support I was given to encounter in my 30 years of adult life) and the fall out is 100% on them, even if they made you lose one big chunk of business being obligated to be on their techs’ backs to wake them up from their hibernation and get them to fix the problem they created in first place (this is what happened to me; I lost clients because they sent me a corrupted link and their support took WEEKS to react. While I was obligated to call the customers service in the middle of the night -they were in EU, I am in CA- and fight them beak and nails so they would at last do their job, I was obligated to delay other clients projects and several of them left), they WILL take the money from your bank account and will refuse to grant you a free resignation. 3 days before the end of the trial period, for them to acknowledge receipt of my resignation emails, I have had to threaten to get them served if they were uttering one more time that they could not find my file and resignation emails, . Yet I cancelled my credit card by precaution. If you don’t put your foot down as strongly as that, they will give you the run around until the trial period is over and you will have to take them to court if you want your money back (and no one pays $3000 in attorney fees to recoup $800, that is how they get away with it).
    3- I kept the cherry for the end; if you are late on a project because LB lame support did not do their job, LB “project Managers” WILL refuse to intervene (we are not the same service) BUT they will charge you penalties for late delivery (your problem with support is not my problem, they are in EU, we are in the US, it is not the same branch, and we need our projects to be on time. Penalties apply PERIOD.) . Bottom line, they will keep the penalty money for them, bill the client an outrageous amount, you will spend hours compiling THEIR statistics for them (how fast you work, with which accuracy, how many times each word is repeated so that they pay you only for one time, etc) and you will be happy if you get $100 for 2 weeks of full time work.

    Besides,on a strict professional standpoint, the translation database I had to work with was FULL of beginners inaccuracies and the level of what they deliver is WAY below average to my opinion (and again I work with major research entities as a reviewer/editor for now a long time so I have a bit of experience behind me to back this) which is quite common when profit at all costs takes over quality and service. Long story short, I have made it clear on my translators profiles on professional websites ( Translator cafe and ProZ) that I do NOT wish to be contacted for any project with them. EVER.

    So RUN. I concede that it may have the appearance of an honest business but do not judge a book by its cover, their income is made on marketing themselves as the best thing after the sliced bread, while they perform under average ( they don’t check people’s credentials so what do you expect?) and they increase their margin by elaborating strategies so that they can fleece their employees/contractors.
    Now if you want to try, by all means try; but consider yourself warned.

    • Rick

      Thank you for the exhausting comment you made. Longer than the review I think! LOL


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