Is Money Magnet A Scam – Review 2014


Money Magnet – If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…


Money Magnet Costs You Money!
Money Magnet Costs You Money!

You see claims with every click of the mouse on the Internet:

  • 6-Figure Profits in Your First Month!
  • Become the next Internet multi-millionaire!
  • Learn the secrets not even the most successful Internet marketers know!


Oh, and of course, all of these sites have the ever-present pictures of the guy next to the Lamborghini, next to his mansion, beside the beach in Maui. As the old saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Enter Money Magnet.  A program that says you can make money online. The program has been around for a while and makes some really outrageous claims.  Like how to get almost instantly rich on predicting the future swings of commodity trading and Binary Option Trading.

Today in make money online reviews, we’ll explore the too-good-to-be-true claims of Vince Hunt, creator of Money Magnet software, and we’ll clearly show the high-stakes risks of following this “system”.
The Overview – What Is Money Magnet?

  • Product Name: Money Magnet
  • The Guy Behind The Scenes: Vince Hunt
  • Price: Free
  • Upsell: $250 to actually use the product

Rating – 5 points out of 100.


Is Money Magnet Legit or Scam?


Trading is high risk!
Trading is high risk!

Vince Young wants you to believe that he’s making millions of bucks in Binary Trading using his proprietary Money Magnet software. And that he’s done with the working day 5 minutes after he wakes up.

And he wants you to believe that his system is so unbelievable that he’ll have you making thousands the first week and up to a $1 Million in your first year.


Again, if it sounds to good to be true – IT IS!

The only redeeming quality of Money Magnet seems to be the over-the-top and arrogant nature of Vince himself. His videos can get quite hilarious at times.


Getting To The Heart of Money Magnet


Mr Hunt aside, let’s get to the core of Money Magnet and what it is supposed to do according to the outlandish claims. As you know, the “making money online” Internet sector is awash in get-rich-quick schemes that prey on innocent people and the idea of getting money for nothing.

Case in point, Vince Hunt and his Money Magnet program. Here are a few of the “too good to be true” claims and images his program shares with other easy money schemes:

  • You don’t really have to work for it. You can get rich quick
  • Cars – always the promise of exotic sports cars
  • Yachts – You have to have a really big boat
  • Mansions, of course
  • Skills – who needs them?
  • It only takes minutes per day to get rich using our system

Unlike the Money Magnet Scam, click on the 4 simple steps to a legite program on the page you land on. It is working for thousands.  While there click on the tiny blue icon that says, “See the 4 simple steps.” Other wise keep reading about Money Magnet.


How Money Magnet Supposedly Works With Binary Option Trading



Scary Stuff if you ask me.
Scary Stuff if you ask me.

Let’s take a quick look at the dangerous world of binary option trading and how Money Magnet is supposed to help you manipulate the markets. Binary option trading gives the investor exactly two possible outcomes – Win or Lose.

You can either predict an option will have gained or lost a fixed value at a fixed time. So, in other words, at some specific point in time before the close of trading, you are betting the option will have either gained or lost value. The expiration time could be an hour before closing or 10 seconds before closing.

A practical example: You purchase an option at $200. You pick a strike price of $110, and you think it will be at $117.50 at 3:59 p.m. If the option is valued at $117.57 at market close, you’ve just won your bet, and you bring in double your money minus the cost of the trade. However, if the option hits $117:46 at 3:59, you’ve lost all of the money.


How Can Money Magnet Predict So Many Market Variables? Quite Simply It Can’t


If you’ve ever invested money into markets, you know that predicting simply whether a share will go up or down is challenging enough. Predicting precisely where it will be at a given point in trading adds layers and layers of complexity. Yet Vince Hunt is essentially saying his software can accurately predict markets.

It’s a scam! If you developed a piece of software that could reliably predict the value of the market, would you be hawking it for $250 on the Internet? I don’t think so. And if you believe it, you would be way better of TAKING YOUR GREENBACKS TO VEGAS than believing in the Money Magnet Scam.


A Wrap Up On The Money Magnet System


Hoax and Monetary Mirage – Money Magnet Is A Scam!


There are better ways to make money online.  With less RISK.
There are better ways to make money online. With less RISK.

Let’s say you had a meeting at 10 a.m. in a large downtown office building. At 9:50 a.m., as you approach, you see dozens of people bursting through the door and running in every direction down the crowded city streets.

Furthermore, you look several stories up and see plumes of smoke and flames billowing out of the windows. Would you confidently proceed on through the doors of the building and on to your meeting?

Probably not…mostly likely, you would RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

Think of the Money Magnet Scam in the same way. Run for your life. It is not an instant, get rich piece of software. It is a mistake you cannot afford to make. It’s inventor, Vince Hunt, may make good bucks selling his hoax to unsuspecting victims on the Internet. But I can guarantee you neither he nor the people he’s suckered into the system are making the millions he promises.

Again, remember. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Money Magnet is a scam!


Name: Money Magnet


Price: Free BUT $250 To Begin Using It

The Big Cheese: Vince Hunt




Overall Rating: Something’s Rotten In Cyberspace – 5 out of 100


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