Is My Funnel Empire a Scam?

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Product Name: My Funnel Empire


Price: Free to $20/month on Up

Owners: Bryan Winters

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Verdict: We will explore whether it is a scam in this report.


What Is My Funnel Empire Review About?

My Funnel Empire (MFE) is a system that purports to show you how to capture leads for your business. However, the underlying system is designed to be a lead capture system itself. So is My Funnel Empire a Scam? Not outright of course. And not from Bryan Winters.

Members can use MFE to capture leads for the product owner with the hope that those leads will purchase affiliate products (services) from the system. These affiliate products are how members earn money with the system. The overall system is a product on


is my funnel empire a scam is an affiliate marketing program similar to It allows sellers to create products on their platform. They handle the order processing including payments and returns. You specify in the program where the customers receive their purchases (usually on your website).


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The good news with systems like is they require sellers to offer a money back guarantee. So, if you decide to go through all of the numerous steps (and there are many), and you don’t like what you see, you can get your money back, no questions asked, as long as it is within their time period of generally 60 days.

As you can see from the image, you are being asked for an email address. If you just want to see which screen comes after, enter a nonvalid email. If you want to sign up for your own funnel system, you’ll need to enter a valid email. My suggestion would be to create a new email for this in case you want to abandon the system. You need only delete the account and you won’t have any further dealings with this system.

No Credit Card To Join

The company boasts that you don’t need a credit card to sign up and this is true. I did not have to enter any credit card information. The company makes money by convincing members to sign up for various offers which at that point, you would need to use your credit card just when making any purchase online. These offers are supposed to help you with your internet marketing efforts. But do they really?

Pros vs. Cons


  • If you are an early adopter (probably too late now), you may be able to make some money on this system. You’ll need to sign up to several services at a varying cost.
  • Your affiliate link is infused into their system ( You then promote the system yourself and if you can convince others to sign up, you will receive a commission. The amount of the commission will be based on what level they sign up. If they choose all of the products available, you will receive $297 for your efforts.
  • There is some training included that looks like it may help you in your internet marketing efforts. It’s unclear whether this training is superior enough to justify the high cost of this program.
  • Everything is self-contained in the system. All five offers, if you decide to sign up for them, can be managed from your dashboard. They also give you tools to help you sell to others.

My Funnel Empire Bootcamp


  • You will be taken through several different sign-up screens. You will lose track of where you are or what you are even signing up for. This has got to be the most chaotic sales set up ever known to internet marketing.
  • It’s a Copy and Paste system. These systems may work in the beginning (if you’re an early adopter), but as more people jump into the mix, you will all be competing to sell the same products. This makes it much more difficult to make money over time.
  • The Bootcamp training is over an hour long. The system boasts to be one of the easiest for beginners to get set up. If this is true, why does it need a training video that is an hour long? Could it be just another way to try and convince you to sign up for those affiliate offers?
  • These types of systems take you through multiple steps to keep you confused. Each step promises you’ll make more money if you buy the new step. They will make you feel as though you are going to miss out big if you don’t.
  • Any leads you to generate to the system go into their funnel. This is ironic because the system is called My Funnel Empire. Nonetheless, if you decide to leave or let it stagnate, they can continue to sell to the list. They benefit from your efforts and you don’t receive anything for it.
  • Your reputation is on the line. This program is quite similar to Ponzi schemes. While it is not a Multi-Level Marketing system where you recruit several people in a downline, the system pays you to promote their products. The early adopters make the most money as the system will saturate over the long term.
  • Most reviews on this system are going to be positive since they are looking to get you to sign up using their affiliate link. So, they are effectively worthless. This review is more critical as I am not trying to convince you to sign up to get an affiliate sale.
  • Facebook comments are included on the sales page. If you read through the comments, you’ll see a bunch of cheerleaders for the system along with some really confusing comments. In the internet marketing world, you’ll find a network of people willing to pump up each others’ products. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been cracking down on false testimonials. Doing it through Facebook makes it more difficult to catch because it is simply commenting on the person’s Facebook page.

My Funnel Empire Squeeze Page

 My Review: My Funnel Empire

This is a classic case of giving you access to a Copy and Paste system all while pumping you up to buy the affiliate products that exist within their system. What you sell is the system you are buying into. This doesn’t make it a scam, but it does make it more difficult as more people get signed up. We have only so many family members and friends!

The biggest question I have is why even bother paying for the affiliate products? Why not simply promote this as an affiliate through and receive the commissions? Supposedly, you are already signed up for this when you create your account, although you will need to make sure you have a account to get paid. As mentioned previously, when the system becomes oversaturated with all the members promoting, will you still be able to make money with this system? It’s hard to imagine that you will.

So why not join a program that helps you create your OWN BUSINESS?

More people will figure out that they can simply promote the system rather than pay for the affiliate products contained in the system. As that happens, less money will be generated for all the players. The system eventually loses steam. As most will do over the years and then people quit.

Keep in mind that Bryan Winters, who is the program creator, makes money whether you make money or not. You pay up to $397 and he gets a chunk of that amount. Whoever you sign up under will get a portion of that money too. Right off the bat, you’ll need to make close to $400 just to break even. And that just won’t happen here on the internet.


Conclusion: Bryan Winters’ My Funnel Empire

I’m a Bryan Winters Fan and have made Thousands from this program Commission Minor. Feel free to check the article out and find out how easy it works. 

There is nothing technically wrong with the system My Funnel Empire other than the fact that it’s expensive and it’s not clear if you will make any money at all. Why take the chance?

Instead, you can easily see profitable results here from thousands of members at Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Not USE A LEGIT Money Making From Home System

A system that will give you a much better opportunity to create your own successful business. It’s much easier to earn income when you’ve had training that helps you to do that. It is why I recommend it. I was once a Wealthy Affiliate Trainee also.

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