Is My Millionaire Mentor a Scam?

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My Millionaire Mentor Video








Product Name: My Millionaire Mentor


Price: $49 + Expensive Upsells

Owners: Ryan Matthews

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Verdict: We will explore whether it is a scam in this report.

Consider the following scenario: you apply for a job and the potential employer makes you an offer. It’s a sales job which is something you have wanted to do for a while. However, the employer has a condition for you. He says you will agree to pay for a reseller’s license and it’s going to cost you $2,500.

Just to break even, you need to sell $2,500 worth of products. That could take you months, if at all. What this translates to is you are the one taking the risk for the company. That’s pretty sneaky!


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What Is My Millionaire Mentor?

My Millionaire Mentor is a page that contains a sales letter. That’s most of what the site contains. The sales page has a long-winded video where the creator hopes you will get hooked on so you can get entered into his sales funnel. As you will see from this review, not everything is as it appears!

The sales page you’ll be subjected to, tries to push all the buttons on how the product creator was struggling to make ends meet, living in a studio apartment and racking up all kinds of debt. He goes on to tell you about his almost daily occurrence of bank overdrafts, etc. Of course, he does all this to find people having a similar problem (even if he never really did) just so that he can “relate” to them in a way that gets them hooked into believing they will make money on the system. This is the same system (according to him) that he used to pull himself out of this situation and become a millionaire.

Pros vs. Cons


None that can be seen. It’s difficult to come up with pros on a system that does not even exist!


  • You are deceived into thinking there is a system called My Millionaire Mentor. It is in fact, a front for MOBE. This puts into question the lack of transparency. Why is MOBE being promoted in such an underhanded manner? Shouldn’t it be able to stand on its own if it is a good program?
  • The MOBE program is quite expensive. There are several tiers with the highest tier costing $10,000+. There is an Inner Circle membership that costs $97 per month, but this is only for instruction and does not give you the ability to sell the high-end products. If you’re like most people, you could take that same $10,000+ and hire someone to build you a business that has a high chance of making you money.
  • The title of the program makes you wonder if you are making your mentor a millionaire. On the sales page, you sit through a long-winded video, where you are first shown some terribly acted “testimonials” of people claiming to have made serious money on the program. Then, it goes into the sob story about his life and how miserable was his existence. Of course, by the end of the video, he tries to get you to believe his system (which doesn’t even exist) is how he pulled himself out of trouble.
  • When you peel back the layers of this program, this is essentially Matthews’ entry gateway for the system MOBE, which is an acronym for My Online Business Education. In fact, Matthews mentions a guy named Matt that showed him how to get out of the negative situation he was in. It’s assumed that reference to Matt is Matt Lloyd from MOBE. If you click on the buy button (the one that says “Yes… Please Mentor Me!”) it takes you to a payment page for MOBE.
  • What all this means is that this is a gateway page to the MOBE system. When you pay your $49, Ryan Matthews receives a commission on this. Then, you will be led through a series of upsells at increasingly costly tiers. The way you supposedly make money using this system, is to sell these products to others, only after you have purchased what they refer to as a reseller’s license, and hence the $2,500.
  • Do a search online on this product and you will find plenty of complaints. Keep in mind that some complaints can sometimes be from competitors. However, if a program has some validity, it shouldn’t take the equivalent of pulling teeth to find them. The good reviews should not be contrived and they should be in the majority. My Millionaire Mentor simply has too many complaints and not enough good reviews to overcome them.

My Review: My Millionaire Mentor

I am on the fence as to whether to call this an outright scam or not. Anything that appears to be one thing (My Millionaire Mentor) but ends up funneling you to something else (MOBE), should be approached with extreme caution and question the integrity of such tactics.

My Millionaire Mentor Virus Warning

Another reason to be suspect of this program is that my Virus Scanner software pegs the website as dangerous to view. It flags it as loading spyware or malware onto your machine. I suppose we pay our virus-scanning software companies for a reason. This is what they do and why would they flag this company?



My Millionaire Mentor 500 Guarantee


There are too many red flags with this program to make it worthy of consideration. Deception is at the heart of the program. It seems that My Millionaire Mentor is not a program but just a way to get you roped into the MOBE system. The company was offering at one time, $500 guaranteed to view a training video. The catch was you needed to pay the $2,500 referral fee to get that.

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