Is Project Payday Scam Real?

Project Payday


I've failed to make money at it!
I’ve failed to make money at it!

Project Payday is definitely an online course that explains how to utilize Incentivized Freebie Websites (IFW) to make money.  Basically, IFW is kind of an affiliate web site. The websites promote companies’ products and makes commissions from them. Is project payday scam real? 

The difference from other affiliate websites is that it offers some rebate to the customers; should they refer others to the website and take the offers.


How Project Payday earns money


They have a deal with the firms providing the offers and obtain funds for the quantity of referrals they offer. When you first join Project Payday you are required to order at least one trial offer. If you do not desire to sign up for an offer you receive the choice to cover a $34.95 dollar fee to become listed.

Yet that is an associate marketing plan which essentially perks you directly into finishing an offer and after that lets you know you can cancel it within 3 – 5 days. Which the business enterprise whose product it is gets ripped off.

The business is losing profits as it is paying the affiliate and you also for doing something that is simply underhanded and deceitful. The answer to any sort of question regarding Project Payday will definitely often feature the expression ”no it’s not honest. ”


Project Payday Review….


Looks Like It Works?
Looks Like It Works?

I joined a little over a year ago. I spend a lot of time on Craigslist and had seen this offer again and again. As somebody who is always trying to find the next, new way to generate income online I thought it was a good sign that I had seen these ads for a while.

It convinced me Project Payday was not still another fly by night company.

I was a little leery since I had to complete an offer so that I could join. However, after signing up I obtained an email saying that if I completed an offer I would be paid $50.00 dollars.

I started looking through the different offers. For one, I was not impressed at the total amount of offers available, most of them I was not enthusiastic about and many of them had fee’s to participate even though they said free trial offer.


I’ve Tried For a Very Long Time To Make Money


You need more then action to get money from this program.
You need more then action to get money from this program.

Many of these offers kicked me out before reaching the end of the method, hence perhaps not giving me my points even though I had subscribed to the trial period. I don’t know if it was a problem with my computer and don’t want to make any rash judgments; nonetheless it did seem awfully fishy that I kept getting kicked out just before the finish of the procedure.

After attempting this I did not reach the goal and did not have the $50.00 dollars. I was pretty frustrated that I enrolled in all these offers, and failed to make money.  I ended up looking into the affiliate side of this program as well, and was disappointed to find out that the affiliate commissions were only $1.50 per a referral. That is when I gave up on the program altogether.

Many say Project Payday is a scam. While I don’t believe that Project Payday is entirely a scam, I really do feel that this is a dishonest solution to make money. This program hurts both the people attempting to make money and the companies providing the offers.  In my opinion, this isn’t a sustainable way to make an income online. Not now, and not ever.


Fake, Scam, Fraud, Rip off stampsMy name is Rick Bell, and even though I sometimes have others writing my articles, I feel that if a program says you can make money and you do the best you can to do so….and you fail to make a revenue that is anywhere near what the program promises you….it is a big fat SCAM!  And I’m here to let the world know this.  Because I have fallen victim to program scams as well, and I would like to change this for as many people as I can.

I am the founder of Downhill Money and would like to offer you my take on a program I personally found does work.  So head on over and read this Wealthy Affiliate Review. So far, everything this program offers is above board, and there are thousands of members making revenue’s there today. That are substantial. So this is a real money making program that works. If you are interested, check it out.


Leave any comments below if you have questions or want to know how I do with selling on eBay, and with my websites on affiliate marketing.  I will respond quickly.


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  1. Jame Mckibben

    I’ve heard of Project Payday before but never got around to researching it to try it. I’m honestly not surprised that it’s a scam. When I was looking at the format, it just didn’t feel right to me so I just left it alone. Plus, I wasn’t too keen about handing over $50 of my hard-earned money not knowing what I get in return! Thanks for taking the time out to review these programs and break down the pros and cons and if it’s worth the time or money, not too many people are looking out for others like this.

    • Rick

      It is always something fishy in these programs when you read them. I’ve trained myself to catch these things and share it with others. Part of my job here is watching out for everyone and trying to help them keep their money in their pockets.
      You should try Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been successful with this program and I did not know anything starting out.

  2. Dawn Brotherton

    I appreciate your honest reviews and accurate information. Some of these scams just seem like they are preying on people. It’s so hard to know until after you spend the money.

    • Rick

      Thanks for the comment. I hope you find success out there in a great program such as Wealthy Affiliate.

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